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become a freelance writer

When it comes to making money online, freelance writing may prove to be a great option if you want to see results in a short period of time. So If you want to become a freelance writer and make money from anywhere, this post will let you know things to consider before starting a freelance writing career.

Some experienced freelance writers may earn $15,000-$20,000 a month. The question is how can you find such high paying gigs to earn a full-time income as a freelance writer. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of opportunities advertised that are not genuine and will not lead you on the best path for success as a freelance writer.

If you are inexperienced and drive into the field without any headlights you are bound to crash.

Here is an answer to a question that pops up when searching how to start a freelance job with no experience.

  1. Start a blog if you want to learn how to find freelance work. …
  2. Provide samples if you have no work experience. …
  3. Look for low-paying or even free work if you have no prior experience. …
  4. Put your name out there.

Some programs will advertise as if it is easy or how you can start earning big on your first job. While it can be a lucrative venture, it will turn out best for those that have a passion for writing and being creative. The truth is that freelance writing can be challenging which goes for anything in life you set out to accomplish.

For a realistic estimate, you could start out getting paid $25 to $45 for writing articles or blog posts. Some writers get paid at that rate regularly but earning $100 or more will most likely require some time. You may underestimate how long it takes to write such articles as well. Experienced writers can research and produce articles fast if they have knowledge on a subject beforehand.

With that said, for having the best start to a freelancing career I would suggest looking into Writers Work or the Freelance Profit Academy.

The Writers Work is for those that feel confident in starting a Freelancing Career Today, but my number 1 recommendation is to get more in-depth training with the Freelance Profit Academy.

Freelance Profit Academy Review

The Freelance Academy is an 8-week training platform for beginners interested in becoming a freelance writer. Maggie Linda is the creator of this program, and she is a well-established freelancer who rakes in some of those six-figure numbers experienced freelancers make. The best thing about her program is that you also get access to exclusive writing opportunities hand-picked by Maggie’s team to make things easier for you.

Below will give you a breakdown of the 8 week training.

Week 1: The Launch Pad – 8 Modules + 16 Videos

At the beginning Maggie teaches the basics such as…

  1. Setting up your workspace
  2. Time Management
  3. Client agreements
  4. Accounting and taxes

Then she teaches the following list

  • 5 ways you can earn as a freelance writer
  • How to treat your freelance writing as a business instead of a hobby
  • Ways for getting focused and being productive
  • How to set your writing goals
  • How to really establish your hourly rate – what you are worth and not what the client believes you are worth
  • Creating your “Fluid” rate, how and when to use it
  • Creating a business plan to help you progress
  • How to write more in a short period of time
  • How to keep yourself from physical and mental burnout
  • Maggie’s smart “outsourcing” ideas to help you when you start getting busy

Week 2- Get Visible – 5 Modules + 9 Videos

This will guide you on how to get your profile out on the market and prospective clientele. Training for week 2 includes the following below…

  • Creating an attractive website to get in touch with clients – Easily and tech-free 
  • How to attract clients for free ASAP

Week 3: Getting Better So You Can Charge More – 3 Modules + 6 Videos

  • Find out the most common grammatical errors that will ruin your reputation
  • 11 simple fixes to enhance your writing style, impress clients and increase your rates
  • 7 types of writing gigs that you can become a specialist in and make money
  • An in-depth market research technique – the secret method to becoming a great writer

Week 4 : Getting Clients – 3 Modules + 6 Videos

  •  How to get all the clients you will need
  • Great places to find the best gigs
  • How to avoid being scammed
  • How to talk to clients and how much to charge
  • Free tools to automate your job searches
  • Little known places to find opportunities that most writers tend to overlook
  • How to make the best Craiglist Ads with great filters
  • A simple trick to get quality opportunities delivered to your inbox
  • 7 biggest opportunity scams to avoid
  • How to quickly figure out clients who approach you so that you can spot fraudsters easily
  • Maggie’s 4 step system to respond to jobs and ensure you  get it – templates and examples
  • Whether or not you should quote an hourly or fixed fee?
  • Should you offer rewrites? If so how many? Should they be free?

7 Day Trial For $1 – Start now

Week 5: Tripling Your Income As a Specialist Writer –  4  Modules + 6 Videos

  • 3 golden rules on how to become a specialist and earn more money per day
  • The biggest mistake to avoid if you seek a 5-6 figure yearly income
  • The 7 step process for marketing yourself as a specialist writer and  attracting the best clients worldwide
  • The biggest specialist opportunity that pays insane amounts of money
Week 6: Autopilot Clients – 3 Modules + 6 Video
  • The 4 things you must have to earn respect and get seen everywhere by clients
  • The #1 Strategy for getting free clients that most freelancers ignore
  • Highly detailed ways to get a stream of clients on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for free
Week 7: How To Find And Keep Higher Paying Clients – 5 Modules  + 11 Videos
  • 10 platforms to find higher-paying clients
  • Email templates you can deliver to clients to land high paying gigs ASAP
  • How to create professional job/project proposals that will get you high-end clients
  • A freelancer agreement you can swipe and use to protect yourself from legal issues and troubles getting paid
  • How to create professional invoices to send to clients
  • How to deal with your clients so that they keep providing you work
  • How to get previous clients who may have fallen off the radar
Week 8: Quitting Your Day Job And Scaling To 6 Figures – 3 Modules + 4 Videos

In the final week you will discover:

  • A quick review of what was taught in the past weeks
  • A 4 Step Action Plan on how to put things in motion and get rid of any lingering doubts and fears 
  • 7 ways to make more money including passive income opportunities 
  • How to ensure your success after completing the training

The 8 week training is just one of 4 components to the program.

2. Members Only Job Opportunities

Maggie’s team will provide job opportunities carefully selected to ensure only high-quality gigs and no scams. These are picked and posted on your account everyday.

3. A Thriving Community Of  Supporters

You will socialize with fellow community writers with different experience levels. They are there to share knowledge and help you by providing feedback on your work.

4: Monthly Training Events

These exclusive live events are accessible to members only. They are also recorded and written so that you can research them anytime anywhere.

Events cover different topics such as:

  • Writing techniques
  • The next big opportunities in the freelance world
  • Effective methods when dealing with clients
  • Time management skills
  • New technologies 

How Much does it take to Start a Freelance Career and Make Steady Money From Anywhere?

$1 for the first 7 days and if you like it you will pay $29.95 per month.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee which makes it definitely worth looking into.

Start Your 7 Day Trial

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