Easiest System Ever Review: Money Making Machine on Autopilot?

Is the Easiest System Ever A Scam

is the easiest system ever a scam

What is the Easiest System Ever: The Easiest System Ever is a program created by Dev Brown that helps beginners earn money with affiliate marketing. As an experienced affiliate marketer, I understand the inner workings of how the system works. So this Easiest System Ever review will break down step by step what to expect after investing in the program.

Easiest System Ever Review

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you should know there are a variety of ways to promote affiliate products. You can use social media channels like Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram & Youtube. You can run ads on search engines like Bing, Yahoo, & Google.

You can also build a website and learn how to get free traffic to your affiliate offers. Then there is another method of running ads which is called Solo Ads.

Whichever method you apply, the fastest and cheapest way to build an email list through advertisements comes in the form of Solo Ads.

I first learned about Solo Ads from Igor Kheifets who claimed that things changed for him once he applied this method of building a list to promote affiliate products. He now earns well over seven figures from his affiliate marketing business.

So the Easiest System Ever basically provide done for you lead capture and bridge pages to build an email list using Solo Ads. After building your list it sends out emails to affiliate products that will be intriguing to your leads.

Before going further, my Ultimate Guide shows a step by step strategy I use to make close to $2,000 weekly using this strategy with Microsoft Ads.

The Ultimate Guide also goes in depth explaining the differences between Solo Ads and traditional traffic sources like Google and social media.

I also joined the Easiest System Ever so you can know everything you can expect.

What You May Want To Know

While there is a couple of not so positive reviews regarding the Easiest System Ever, there are mostly straightforward reviews that details why the system is not a scam.

However, before signing up people may not be aware that they would need to invest in more than just the Easiest System Ever for it to work.

If you’ve been reading then you should already know that you will need to invest in Solo Ads to build your list and promote affiliate products. You will also need to invest in Aweber which is the email marketing software they use to send out emails to your list.

The Aweber system is free for your first 500 contacts so you won’t have to initially come out of pocket for it. Although the system is done for you, you also will need to learn what affiliate products would be best to promote.

From experience, the online marketing niche does best with Solo Ads. With that said, your ROI will likely depend on the niche for the affiliate products you promote.

12 Minute Affiliate System

The Easiest System Ever used to be referred to as the 12 minute affiliate system. The logic behind the name was that it promoted itself as a profitable affiliate business that you can have up in running in as little as 12 minutes.

Anyone that knows affiliate marketing knows you will need much more than 12 minutes to get a business started.

Although the sales pitch might not be forthcoming on further investments necessary to use the Easiest System Ever, it will provide the fastest opportunity for beginners to make money with affiliate marketing.

It takes time to learn how to use social media or build a website to make money with affiliate marketing.

Facebook is a platform plenty of affiliate marketers have success using to promote affiliate products. However, your account can get banned if you don’t know what you are doing.

Before getting into the how much the Easiest System Ever costs, you should take into account that it would be wise to have an extra $300-$500 to spend building an email list.

How Much it Costs to Have Access to the Easiest System Ever?

It costs $997 to have access to the Easiest System Ever. The total cost is $4,997 but you don’t pay the remaining balance until you are in profit and have your first $5,000 month.

Once you join you will receive the following:

  • Done For You Affiliate Sales Funnels
  • Professional Done For You Email Follow-Ups!
  • Traffic from their trusted Solo Ad providers
  • Ultimate Success Library with some of the Internet’s top personal development training
  • 16 Ways to Get Free Traffic
  • Hot Product Promos that can earn huge commissions of $500 or more
  • 100 Free Visitors that might produce your first sale
  • Private FB Group where members share their success stories
  • Private Group Coaching
  • Free Vacation just for completing steps in your quick start checklist within 24 hours of joining
easiest system ever review

If you are looking for a quick way to make money online without blogging or learning social media strategies to promote affiliate products, then the Easiest System Ever can be a good option for you.

However, as you can see from the list there are lessons provided that would be a good idea for you to utilize.

The 16 Ways to Get Free Traffic can be helpful to learning ways to maximize your earning potential with the Easiest System Ever.

As you become more advanced you can get free traffic and create custom affiliate funnels.

The $997 investment would also be an easier pill to swallow with a free vacation.

This could be killing 2 birds in one stone if you want to make money online and go away in the near future.

I must mention that having a profitable online business can be the start to many vacations.

Personally, I would be upset and want a refund if I can’t get my free vacation, but with a free vacation I would look at it like it like it cost pennies to get started. Not a bad investment for something that can make me thousands a month in the future.

But Wait!!

To make it even more worth it, you will be eligible for the following bonuses by using any of the links on this page to purchase the Easiest System Ever.

The following 10 bonuses worth over $500.

These bonuses include:

1. Internet Marketing For Business People Video

easiest system ever review

There is a huge potential that the internet represents when it comes to earning money. Some online business models are so shockingly simple that they literally involve doing little more than ‘copying and pasting’ an exciting business model to start making it work for you. 

This 10-part video series is an upgrade to Internet Marketing For Business People ebook. If you’ re a visual learner, the video version makes it easier than ever to get results fast and start saving Time, working faster and building a digital empire around a busy work schedule… right away!

2. Facebook CPA

easiest system ever review

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. This is an internet marketing strategy where an advertiser pays for a specific action taken by a potential customer.

Included topics:

  • Intro
  • CPA Networks
  • What CPA Offers Do Well
  • Market Research
  • FB Ads

3. Making Money On Snapchat

easiest system ever review

Includes 6 videos and some of the topics are:

  • Why Snapchat?
  • Simple formula for success
  • Different ways to make money with Snapchat
  • How to build your audience
  • Tips on creating content 

4. How Do You Choose Your Niche

easiest system ever review

If you are into making money online, your first step would be finding a profitable niche where you will have to do some marketing and branding and eventually make profit from it.

The thing is that, finding those profitable niche market is most likely a challenge to many internet marketers in which if you fail to find those profitable market, you will end up failing from your make money online journey.

The good news is that inside this product is an audio podcast from a reputable and successful niche marketer that you may already heard of. Learn more inside…

5. Finding the Best Affiliate Program

easiest system ever review

Learn The Strategies in Finding the Best Affiliate Program!

If you a blogger who wants to make money online through affiliate marketing, chances are you should know where and how to find the best affiliate program that will suit your needs.

You see, you just can’t promote any products that offer an affiliate program but you should also do some sorting effort if a certain product is worth promoting.

The good news is that inside this product is a podcast that you will give you the knowledge of finding the most ideal product that is worth your marketing efforts.

6. Fast Cash Ninja

easiest system ever review

Discover How You Can ‘Flip’ Cash Using A Powerful Software Tool That Instantly Finds Qualified Buyers With Money To Spend! 

It allows you to do ‘freelancer arbitrage’, by automatically finding high paying jobs and matching them with low-cost freelancers, and YOU pocket the difference!

If you want to make more money online ,having this amazing tool in your arsenal is a big plus to expand your online business empire.

7. Video Lab Profits

easiest system ever review

Discover A Simple System That You Can Use Right Now To Generate Consistent Money Working Only Part-Time… Even If You Never Made Any Money On The Internet Before!

The invention of the internet changed the world as we know it. There are now more opportunities to make money than there ever were before, and on a grander scale. You can make money with companies that do multi-level marketing (MLM), you can sell digital products on ClickBank, you can private label physical products and sell them on Amazon or you can sell a service on Fiverr.

That’s just a few of the possibilities that are available today! Yet, the real power of the internet comes to those who understand its global value. The more people you have the ability to reach, the greater your profits.

The internet has created a level playing field for anyone willing to take a chance and do what it takes to make it big. Nowadays, setting up a successful business on the internet can be much more lucrative than getting a college degree.

Take for example a surgeon. This person goes through years of college, and usually ends up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical school debt. Even if they were fortunate enough to get scholarships and grants, when they graduate they are limited in their ability to make money.

8. Membership Site Kickstarter

easiest system ever review

With a membership website you are bringing like minded people together in one place, all under one roof. You are building a community for people who like the same kind of subjects.

They’ll get a long just great and the best par is that You make money! 

All you need to do is think of a niche, create your website, market it, keep your subscribers happy and focus on bringing in as many new people in as possible.

 9. The Ultimate Income Blueprint

easiest system ever review

How To Make 6 Figures Online Starting Completely From Scratch With Almost No Cash!

In this book you will learn everything you need to know in order to make money online, and creating an engaging, responsive, buying and grateful customer base; your email list. 

Because as we all know, the money is in the list. You have probably heard that too many times by now, so this report will not going to annoy you with that. Anyway, the beauty of this book is that it contains the knowledge you need when you’re starting out in order to launch from the ground. 

This book will cover everything from the first step – finding your niche that is – to the point where you only focus on driving as much traffic as possible to your squeeze and sales pages, growing that email list and bank account!

Yes, it requires some work, but it will be worth it. It’s important that you put in the work of building a solid foundation for your online business, and grow everything else off of that foundation.

10. Mailing List Strategies

How to Make Money Online in Your Mailing List!

Everyone is telling that the gold in the list. And the reason for that is so simple. Once you have a mailing list, you automatically have your own personal cache of people you can pitch products to.

Of course, the bigger the more targeted the list, the better the results. And the result you’re ultimately shooting is more revenue.

Not that you’re going to use your mailing list as a permanent and exclusive sales machine. That would be deadly.

How To Claim These Bonuses

Send an email with a screenshot or photo of receipt showing date and time order was placed for the Easiest System Ever.

Send proof of purchase to millenniallifestyle@chancestolive.com and you will receive these bonuses after confirmation.

To Your Online Success

Max Edwards


  1. I never would have had the guts to do affiliate marketing on my own if it weren’t for this program. It is so easy, and even a natural novice like me can be profitable in no time. I can’t believe that there are people out there who still spend money on courses, when this knowledge is free and at your fingertips! I love Dev Brown and his newest creation, The EASIEST SYSTEM EVER. In this program, he walks you through the steps of becoming an affiliate marketer – from the mindset to the technical side. I’m so happy I purchased it!

  2. I have tried solo ads before and lost money. You really have to know what you are doing here before diving in. Maybe this system is a great way to learn about this method, but you would definitely need a budget to get going with this method. There are not many courses that I have seen that actually teach you how to do solo ads properly. 
    However I think this system is made out to be far easier to do than it actually is. 

  3. Thank you for sharing this in depth review on the Easiest System Ever Review!

    I am typically skeptical with these type of things, espcially when they offer done for you funnels and systems.

    Also with the Free trips!

    Have you actually gone on these trips? Or are there testimonials of people who have actually gone on these vacations?

    Thank you for answering my question!

    • They have been giving away trips since it was called the 12 minute affiliate system. I recently got an email showing everything included in the system. From reviews of the 12 minute affiliate system it seems like there were more goals you have to achieve to be eligible which includes the following:

      Get your FREE VACATION! Take advantage of our free vacation contest, and show off your results in the Facebook group! Make just 5 Affiliate Sales with 12 Minute Affiliate (12MA) in your first 45 days of using the system… and we’ll send you to one of over a dozen exotic locations (restrictions apply for those living outside of the U.S. or Canada)!

      If it still remains that way then you can give it try it risk free for 30 days. If you are not ready to invest in Solo Ads and be all in with the lessons from Day 1 then you should wait because you should aim to get 5 sales in the first 30 days.

      If you somewhere close to that mark in 30 days then you reinvest in their traffic. People may get tripped up because they are not initially ready to spend $300-$500 on traffic which will be the only way to get sales. 

  4. Hey Max, terrific post on Easiest System Ever Review, very detailed with lots of information. I was not aware of this system before reading your article.
    There are so many ways to develop an online income. For most of us it can be difficult to choose. Many of them require an investment of some sort up front. There are a few however where the startup is free and once you get into it can decide if you want to invest financially to keep going. This one of the reasons we elected to get started in affiliate marketing using the WEALTHY AFFILIATE platform. Being quite new in internet marketing, WA offered an excellent opportunity to learn and grow our business at the same time.
    I thank you for the education, it is invaluable.

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