Is MOBE a Scam or Legit Money Making Opportunity?

what is my online business education about

Mobe(MY Online Business Empire) is a company gaining recognition within the online market and network marketing industry.  You have most likely come to this page because you’re doing your research and due diligence to find out whether or not Mobe is worth signing up as a customer or representative.  In this article, I will explain in detail what you would get by investing in Mobe.

BTW… I use to be involved with a multi-level marketing company before getting into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a much better way to market and make money from referring others to a business.  Now let’s get back to this review of My Online Business Empire.

Mobe Review

Matt Lloyd is the founder of the Mobe Business. It launched in 2011 under the name My Online Business Empire and has recently been changed to My Online Business Education.  Matt Lloyd has previous experience working at Lifepath, an MLM company that launched in 2006, which sells tickets at an astronomically high price for personal development videos.  Matt’s goal in starting Mobe was to help people build a business online through his teachings.  Sounds like a genuine opportunity right?  While there are negative reviews out there referring to the Mobe business as a scam, I will not label this company as a scam but instead, explain the opportunity presented.

My Online Business Education (Mobe)


Like any good network marketing company or a hybrid MLM and Internet marketing company, you need good products to market to potential buyers.

MOBE has 5 core programs that will take you through the 5 stages of a successful business, from the beginning (thinking about your business) to exit (selling your business).

Stage 1 is the silver masterclass which aims to build your mental approach towards building a successful online business. In this eight-module online training program, you will learn how to choose the right business model based on your areas of expertise and how to select the right niche and business model that can work for you.  Included are also bonus lessons for starting an email marketing campaign. This course is priced at $2,497.

Stage 2 is the gold masterclass which aims to teach you how to acquire customers and getting them to convert into sales.  Some of the lessons include:

  • The Customer Acquisition Process (CAP)
  • Irresistible Offers That Convert Leads into Buyers
  • Advance Your Sales Cycle With the Right Follow-Up Process ( Part 1)
  •  Advance Your Sales Cycle With the Right Follow-Up Process (Part 2

This sounds like email marketing training which you supposedly get with the silver class.  Bonuses include teachings from a traffic coach who will help you set-up your traffic campaigns and get your business off to a fast start.  This course is priced at $4,997.

Stage 3 is the titanium mastermind which aims at teaching online entrepreneurs how to scale their business to a seven-figure income by learning the most effective and efficient ways to use systems and processes to scale your business.

Here is a line I read on Mobe’s official website, “The Titanium Mastermind unpacks every step in scaling your business to the million-dollar mark and beyond”.  Well damn…If that statement is true I guess it would be wise to invest in the amount of $9,997 for this course.

Stage 4 is the Platinum Mastermind which teaches you the methods some of the most successful entrepreneurs have used to drive wealth and generate consistent cash flow. Mobe states that”here, you’ll discover the same tips and strategies that have powered countless entrepreneurs, business leaders and MOBE clients to the five-, six-, seven- and even eight-figure mark.” It will only cost $16,667 to turn your mind platinum…lol

Stage 5 is the Diamond Mastermind, and in all honesty, the more I write the more I am appalled to think that people have actually invested in this opportunity.  I didn’t want to say that My Online Business Education is a scam, but I’ll leave my opinions as you read on.  The Diamond Mastermind offers you to come to join them for a 10-day, 11-night mastermind in a tropical location where you will learn how to structure your business with an exit strategy in mind.  This final course is priced at $29,997 and the damn price may very well be the price for the vacation and some.

Final Thoughts

It is bothering to know that Mobe is charging such a high rate for lessons that I have learned at a fraction of the price.  In all honesty, if you can afford some of these higher-paying courses you have already succeeded in life and are throwing away most of your lifetime earnings.  Sure you can make plenty of money online and possibly retrieve the money you spent in the long run, but it may take a very long time when dishing out this amount of money.

If you really want to learn how to make money,  I would recommend you to check out my #1 recommended business opportunity. This opportunity provides you with the knowledge to start a successful online business at a fraction of the price.


  1. Are you seriously implying that they are getting away charging thousands of dollars for something that can be learned for a few hundreds?

    • Yes I see you look into my number 1 recommendation. If you start an online business do not get tricked into wasting thousands of dollars. Take your time and research companies like you did and you will find something legit and that is right for you.

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