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How to get pins reshared on Pinterest

Pinterest Strategies: I must immediately start out by mentioning an awesome free community that will help grow your social media presence on FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube, and of course Pinterest. I will also provide details on the best practices to get your pins reshared on Tailwind. You can utilize both platforms to speed up your priority to building a social presence.

Bloggers Traffic Community

The Bloggers Traffic Community is a great community of bloggers/ affiliate marketers who help each other grow by sharing content, leaving comments on your pins or posts depending on which social media platform you are using, and following each other every now and then.

I say every now and then because the community works through a moderator that posts threads for bloggers to perform. The most common threads…(will this is in regards to Pinterest since I mostly use the community for that platform), The most common threads throughout the week are for resharing each other pins and clicking on the pins to connect to your site. Two days out the week they switch it up and post a thread for following each other or commenting on your pins or going on your website and resharing a pin from there.

The benefits to all this will not only help on Pinterest, but the purpose of clicking on your site and bloggers spending some time on it will help improve page rankings for SEO. The thing about this community is that it could feel like a job in itself to make sure you reciprocate the love. I use the community from time to time, but it is more convenient using Tailwind.

Another thing bloggers have to be careful about is how much they share pins in a certain timeframe as you can get marked as spam. When using bloggers traffic community for Pinterest, it is best to spread the love throughout the day instead of all at once and that’s why it can start feeling like a job.

Just think about it, would you want to be with your partner trapped in the house all day making love?… Sorry, but that might not be the best comparison if you’re a nympho.

How about this, would you rather work and not worry about more work or work all day? Blogging is not meant to feel like an overwhelming job and while you must treat it as one it is important to dedicate some time for self-care

For the best practices to get your pins reshared on Tailwind, I will provide you with a video for using it along with the great Bloggers Traffic Community.

P.S I am still in the stages of building a following on Pinterest and would appreciate it if you follow me at


  1. Bloggers traffic community will definitely be very helpful to bloggers as well as affiliate marketers in the sense that it’ll help them solve what I take to be one of the most important thing in blogging/affiliate marketing which is traffic generation. Also, I love the advice you gave about not share too much pins at a time, it’s very useful. Thanks.

  2. I think  this site is very relevant and will definitely help bloggers and affiliate marketers who are trying to learn how to master social media sharing and getting their pins re-shared on Pinterest. The Bloggers Traffic Community is certainly a great opportunity for exposure.   Personally, I find it beneficial as I spent hours last week trying to understand the concept.  Your site is well laid out and easy to understand and a great opportunity for blogger success.  

    • I know these are hard times and its important for people to stay motivated and keep striving for success!

  3. Hi Max,Thanks for a valuable post and video. I will admit that I really don’t understand much about how to use Pinterest for profit. I appreciate your introductions of Tailwind and Bloggers Traffic Community. You explained it in detail. For this I thank you. I have bookmarked your post and I expect to refer to it in the future.

    All the Best,


  4. Thanks for taking the time to put this list of tips together. I think that as of now, I have been relying on SEO to try to get the most traffic to my website. However, I haven’t really been taking advantage of everything that social media has to offer in the way of garnering more traffic. I’m hopeful I will be able to use this advice to get more into a market that I am currently missing. Thanks again!

  5. Thank you so much for this. I clicked on it right away. I have just joined the world of affiliate marketing and am now in the midst of setting up social media accounts. Pinterest is on my list and now thanks to you, I have some more invaluable guidance on how to do this successfully. Thank you.

  6. Very good one here. Exactly as an affiliate marketer, nothing beats the feeling of knowing how to do things to increase the engagement of my business on any platform and what you have shared here is quite indispensable to me. I really apprecuaye you for all you have shared. Though I am jystvgetting started with Pinterest but it will definitely be worth it

    • Yes, it is definitely worth the effort, especially for certain niches. Glad this helps and Happy Pinning!

  7. Woooooaaaaah! I’m glad I found your post. When I had to set up social media for my business, having to venture into sharing on Pinterest was the least pleasant. I barely knew the platform and getting to learn about it and start posting was like jumping off a cliff and expecting to build a parachute on my way down. But I think with the two suggestions I will be able to comfortably do that. Thank you.

  8. I was looking to boost my traffic from Pinterest so glad I found your post in search.
    You have a few gems of wisdom here and I’m excited to implement.  The Bloggers Traffic Community is wonderful to hear about, I will use it as you suggest.

    I have tried Tailwind but just watching my costs and focusing on higher priority costs.  So I might try this community and manual pinning for a little bit longer.  But when I have had enough of this or if I don’t get traffic improvements, then I’ll come back to Tailwind.
    Do you think that Tailwind is worth the money?

    • Yes, I have invested for the year and if you’re serious about affiliate marketing you will have to make more investments to improve your business.

  9. Hi, Max

    Wow, I’ve never heard of communities like this before but I can see how effective it can be. Getting that instant engagement will help push your posts to a bigger audience. I mostly use Twitter to engage with people who are active in my niche and it helps to build my audience so I might try to use it for that as well. I’m still learning Pinterest.

    Is it completely free to sign-up? 

    • The blogger’s traffic community is free and tailwind is free as well but some of the features will not be available till you upgrade.

  10. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here on “Tips for Getting Pins Reshared on Pinterest”. I must thank you for sharing this site with me. I never Bloggers Traffic Community has this numerous benefits especially the fact that they posts threads for bloggers to act on. I will try it out.

  11. Thank you so much for this informative and educative review. I am very much aware of how much pinterest does for online marketers but did not know how to use it to my website. I have really acquire all the necessary information to take advantage of the pinterest platform. I have bookmarked this post and will refer to it again when the need arises

  12. Thanks for the post. I was really enlightened to say the least and thanks to your post i am now a member of the traffic community. I am really looking forward to the benefits cos i can see a whole lot more coming from this. I ama blogger and this will really help me in the course of my affiliate journey.

  13. I found this really helpful as a new blogger and affiliate marketer wanting to learn how to share content within different social media platforms especially pinrest.

    pintrest isnt a platform I’ve used that much so I’m still learning the ins and out so something like this sounds great for building a following.

  14. This is very helpful to me. I am new to all of this blogging and pin stuff and was wondering how to utilize it better. this site really helps me out.  Pinterest, Facebook, twitter is all new to me and using it will be a great learning experience. thanks for the post.

  15. Thank you for sharing the info about this bloggers´ traffic community. I agree that, if you use it wisely, it can be extremly beneficial to your online presence. I also find that being part of a community of like-minded people helps you stay motivated on your journey to full-time online marketing. Thanks for the insight on this and I will make sure to follow you on pinterest.

    • Thank you for the support and the community will definitely serve as motivation for bloggers/affiliate marketers.

  16. I am fairly new to Pinterest and have also heard that it is better to pin regularly, rather than do sporadic pinning. This is a very useful article and I was not aware of the Bloggers Traffic Community, so I will check it out. 

    I have used the free Tailwind trial, so I am wondering if I have to subscribe to Tailwind to be able to join the Bloggers Traffic Community?

  17. Thanks so much for sharing, I have a Pinterest account that I have been working on for a few years now and I run into some problems where I have lost so much of my page views which are so disappointing. It seems that with this platform you really need the know-how to continue to grow your audience. Thanks so much for the insight and for sharing these helpful tips when it comes to Pinterest.  Pinterest is and amazing search engine.

  18. I don’t know much about social media. This is one of my weaknesses. I believe social media is something that I will have to outsource. You mentioned tailwind in this article and Tailwind has been mentioned several times within the past 2 weeks so it is something that I have to research and get hooked into. Thank you for this post.

  19. Thank you for a most informative post, and I had no idea that Pinterest didn’t like you sharing your pins to much in a single day. They seem to be getting like Twitter in regards to their rules and regulations.

    I have been looking and thinking about trying out the paid version of Tailwind for a while now. Do you find it worthwhile for what you are spending on it each month?

  20. One of my favorite things about navigating throughout fellow bloggers websites is discovering all the amazing tools they recommend and provide for others to grow their businesses. I have never heard of those two platforms but I’m eager to get on board and see what the potential for both of them are. 

    • I am glad this will help grow your business and if you need any more advice for Pinterest feel free to ask.

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