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what is pro travel network scam

Pro Travel Network is another multi-level marketing company in the travel industry. You have most likely come to this page because you’re probably doing your research and due diligence to find out whether or not Pro Travel Network is worth signing up as a customer or representative. Before going any further, I have to mention:

I am in no way associated with Pro Travel Network, so this is not a biased review. I do not have any financial gain as to whether you sign up or not. I am here to provide you with the details regarding Pro Travel Network so you will make the best decision possible.

I was involved in a similar company called World Ventures before becoming an affiliate marketer.

From experience, I can say that affiliate marketing is a much better opportunity for earning an income by promoting different brands and products.

What Is Pro Travel Network?

Paul Henderson and Ray Lopez are the faces behind the Pro Travel Network.  Both individuals have 15+ years of experience in sales management. They opened Pro Travel Network for business in 2003 and it has been in operation to this day. The company is headquartered in Fresno, California, and Markham, Ontario, Canada. They work with Air Canada, Apple Vacations, Avis, Carnival Cruises Lines, FunJet Vacations, Hertz, Hilton, Hyatt, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, United Airlines Vacations, and Westjet.

Members and consumers have access to discounts and vacation packages on travel through there dealings with the above companies.


It will cost you roughly $350 to Become a PTN Independent Agent

Monthly Costs: It will cost you $50 per month to maintain business

Compensation Plan

25% – commissions on all sales if you have not passed the training and have ‘referred’ your clients to Pro Travel Network’s Internal support staff.

80% commission after you have completed all the training requirements.

You must complete 9 training videos and a choice of online supplier training in order to register bookings as an Independent Travel agent.  You can’t earn your full potential income until you complete your training certification.  If you do get any bookings before completing your training, you will have to refer your customers to sales support and still get a 25% commission.

Pro Travel network offers full training in sales, marketing, product information, and even the business side of accounting is offered. Pro Travel Network has an extensive video tutorial program easily accessed online and taken at your pace and schedule. They follow this up with an exclusive mentor program.

  • Upon completion of your training and $500 earnings, you get your PTN agent Identification Card
  • You have your own business to consumer website
  • You have access to business to business suppliers and travel deals
  • Participation in destination club membership and the PTN points program
  • Potential of CLIA & IATAN card

Final Thoughts

Having been in service since 2003, it seems Pro Travel Network continues to generate additional partners to an ever-expanding system of travel and more.  Surge 365 is one of their partners and has officially begun at a convention held on April 29 to May 3, 2015, in Reno, Nevada.

Prices and deals are not known until becoming a member, and if Pro Travel Network prices are too expensive, then it will be too hard to sell. Also, you will be required to find your own customers so experience with advertising and promoting would definitely be an asset.

Pro Travel Network agents face greater problems in the travel industry.  This isn’t really solely based on Pro Travel Network, but it’s a problem that most travel agents face today. The fact of the matter is that most people book travel on their own now. There are so many great travel websites out there now that travel agents are not a necessity to book travel. Although the potential to make money is there with Pro travel Network, the likelihood of doing so will really depend on how good you are as a salesperson.  If you are still interested in joining this program here is a link to their official site

For the prospect of making a long term potential income, I would recommend you to check out my #1 recommended business opportunity. This opportunity provides you with the knowledge to start a successful online business with a broader option of products to market including travel if you want.

If you are just looking to travel or might be interested in being a travel agent: click here to learn about a company called Dream Vacations..

As always, I welcome your comments on Pro Travel Network and I will be more than willing to discuss it with you. If you have ever joined the Pro Travel Network, feel free to share your personal experience in the comment section below.


  1. I’ve been doing research for a few weeks now to figure out if the PTN would be worth my time. They have access to a large variety of resource so that is a huge plus.

    Another feature i really liked is the huge commission potential starting out is 25% and up to 80%. That’s truly incredible.

    One thing i have been thinking about as you mentioned is if the vacation “deals” are too expensive then it may be hard to make sales.

    But. With some experience in sales and the ability to run an operate a website i think that this would still make for an excellent affiliate program to sign up with.

    I love traveling. I’ve been to 13 countries myself and have had the pleasure of going to a few of my dream countries. I personally love inspiring people to take action in their life and get out there and see the world.

    Thanks for the excellent read and clearing a few things up for me

    • I am also interested in getting into another mlm travel opportunity but it is all about finding the right one. Gaining more experience in sales and marketing has given me more confidence that a second go may not be a failure. I tested the waters with World Ventures before and this is my personal review of the company:

      I love traveling as well and I plan on going as many places as I can in the near future. I am glad you found this review informative and wish you much success in your future endeavors.

  2. I know you mention above the the disparity between having finished all of the training or not, but the difference in commission seems rather staggering. Is there some loophole or catch that makes it really difficult to complete the training and get your full commission? Seems odd to me that they could pay such a high commission for something like travel…How do they make any money paying that much of the overall cost out?

    • Unlike most mlm opportunities, this is more close to being a professional travel agent based on the certification you will receive. If you can make online bookings and do most of the work in getting your own clients the payoff would be well deserved. With monthly costs to maintaining memberships and 350 to start, I think they must be doing something right having been in business since 2003.

  3. This seems like a good opportunity, and the commissions seem high, but take into perspective the same amount of work you will be putting in to make 80% commission, you could do and make 97% to 100% commission of a sale at another travel agency.

    Do your research and you will find that 80% commission is low for the travel industry when working for an agency. Also, ask them if you can take your clients with you when you leave. It will change your mind, the low startup fee and low commissions are not equal to the effort you will put out in making money, when you could be making more elsewhere and keeping your clients for on going commissions, because most people go on vacation yearly.

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