SwagBucks vs Inbox Dollars: Which Survey Site Is Better?

swagbucks vs inbox dollars

In this review of Swagbucks vs Inbox Dollars I will show how these two popular survey sites stack up against each other. 

Which one can you earn more with from taking surveys?

What Kind Of Offers Can You Expect?

Which One Has The Best Point System?

What is the Earning Potential Between the two?

Which One Pays More for Watching Videos?

That is just a few questions that will be answered in this comparison of SwagBucks vs Inbox Dollars.

So let’s get to the review and reveal which one is better and for what reasons.

swagbucks vs inbox dollars

Swagbucks Surveys

You must fill out a questionnaire to gain access to Swagbucks Surveys. In doing the math, I came up with the average below for the amount of time and Swagbucks you will make for their surveys:

After calculating 28 surveys that are offered through Swagbucks, the average time it takes to complete is 16 minutes and you will earn on average 136 sb points.

So this would result in you earning a lil over $5 in a hr or close to.

Inbox Dollars Surveys

Surveys are updated and offered on a daily basis. You can also opt in to receive email notifications of theses surveys.

When I reviewed Inbox Dollars, there were 10 surveys offered that pay on average $1.03 and takes a completion time of 14 mins/40 secs.

Guess I could have rounded it to 15 minutes which would result in you earning a lil over $4 an hr. 

Earning From Watching Videos on Swagbucks

While you can watch a few videos and earn, SwagBuck’s videos only pay between 1 & 2 sbs.

The average amount of time varies which can also be said about their videos that dives into financial news, news in general, entertainment and sports.

On a daily basis there are about 10 videos added to SwagBucks that you can watch to earn.

Earning From Watching Videos on Inbox Dollars

There are a few videos you can earn for watching on Inbox Dollars but the payout is between 1-2 cents as well. It would not make sense watching videos unless they email you one that is worth your time.

The chance of that happening is low as I have only received offers for higher paying surveys.

Just like SwagBucks, videos are subjected to financial news, news in general, lifestyle advice, and gossip news in Hollywood.

If you want to get in on the news or gossip then you can earn a cent or two for watching. 

If you are using Inbox Dollars strictly for helping your finances then you might want to invest time elsewhere. Unless you just let the videos play while you are doing something else. 

swagbucks vs inbox dollars

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Earning From Downloading and Playing Games Through Swagbucks

There are plenty of options for downloading games and earning points through Swagbucks. However, You can’t simply download games through Swagbucks to earn points.

You must play games that are downloaded and reach certain levels to earn.

There are too many options and different levels to reach to give an exact average on what you can expect for playing games.

With that said, the rewards for reaching certain levels and downloading games through Swagbucks are high. 

It might take a long time to reach certain levels when playing these games, but if you enjoy playing games on your app then you should definitely look into sites like this that give rewards for something you do anyway.

The highest reward I seen for playing games is 5,000 points which has a value of $50 or a bit more depending on the prize you claim.

How Much Can You Earn For Playing Games Through Inbox Dollars

Just like Swagbucks, section is where I can’t give an exact estimate for how much you can earn for playing games.

The games offered through Inbox Dollars is different as well. You will have the option to earn from playing games online opposed to games you can download on your mobile app.

These online games include things like Solitaire, Giant Hamster Run, and CandyJam.

Guess playing games online would be a bit more fun if the prizes turn out to be at least a buck or two. I have a feeling it will be a few cents so I’ll play a game of Solitaire eventually and update this part.

swagbucks vs inbox dollars

Swagbuck’s CashBack Incentives for Things You Might Be Interested In 

Swagbucks offers cash back incentives on damn near every store or brand you can think of.

The only place you might not be able to get cashback incentives for is your local supermarket.

Any kind of big name retailer like Targets, Walmart, Adidas, Foot Locker etc, it is highly probable that where you shop can be a place you can get cashback through Swagbucks.

I was going through the list of stores and brands for three minutes and only was not even through 25% of the page. I’m get to 50% before I go any further.




Ok, yeah it’s about every retail store you can imagine. Next time you go shopping even in a place like Staples you can earn cash back through Swagbucks. 

Cashback options ranges from 1-22% depending on the brand and some of the incentives include an exact amount of cash back for shopping. 

Inbox Dollars CashBack Incentives for Things You Might Be Interested In 

Just like Swagbucks, there is an extensive list of options you can get cashback for. You can also save on basic grocery shopping needs in stores like Targets and Whole Foods as well.

You can save the most by using both sites in combination, and there are other sites like these where you can get cashback for shopping almost anywhere.

swagbucks vs inbox dollars

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Swagbuck’s Long Term Earning Potential

Swagbucks offers swagups which is like a bonus or “power-up” that applies to your account for a certain amount of time. The bonuses that you receive from a SwagUp depends on the type that is applied to your account.

For instance, I currently have a Survey Bonus which gives extra points for taking surveys.

I did not include these extra points in the survey section of this comparison, but If I did the tally that I came up with for the average amount of points you receive for a survey would be even higher.

Inbox Dollar’s Long Term Earning Potential

Some sites like Inbox Dollars offer higher paying surveys or the ability to rank up after investing some time on their platform.

In searching on Inbox Dollars official website, I could not find any details in regards to being offered better surveys for your time and effort. 

However, sometimes they send emails with higher paying surveys compared to what you might see on their official website at the moment.

swagbucks vs inbox dollars


Swagbucks is the winner in the comparison of these two survey sites. However, this is not by a large margin if you take away the survey comparison between the two. 

When you need milk, bread, onions etc, you can earn points with Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars by adding it to the cart, clicking on the cart icon, and submitting the receipt.

I must admit that making and saving a lil extra is cool by using survey sites like these, but there is a chance to make much more money online than what these surveys has to offer.

If making a full time income online is something that interest you, then look into the Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online.

Hope this review provided clarity on what to expect between these two sites and if you have any questions or experience using these sites, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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