Darryl M. Edwards

Hello, my name is Max and I’m here to share with you a brief background of myself along with advice and tips for a healthier lifestyle.

I have always envisioned one day owning a successful business. I am in a position to share this with you today because I have started my own business through affiliate marketing.  I have had highs and lows on my journey to becoming a successful internet marketer.  What always appealed was the ability to work anywhere and have the finances to travel.  I only have one life to live so it can’t be All work and No play.

I sold Life Insurance, joined World Ventures (a multi-level marketing network), and worked through apps where I can set my own hrs.  The World Ventures and Life Insurance made me feel as if I was harassing people to buy into something.  Although there is an opportunity to make a passive income over time in those kinds of businesses, you have to be very pushy, and multi-level marketing is not set up for a majority of people to succeed.

Working through apps has always been convenient. Just like with Life Insurance and travel marketing, I could work when I chose to work.  Still, I was not living a life in which I wanted for myself as the Life Insurance and World Ventures did not pan out the way I wanted.

With that said, my optimistic nature drives me to different ventures despite past failings.   Every opportunity I have been drawn to was due to the fact that other individuals have achieved a great amount of success. Having the freedom and finances to do what I want, when I want was also a deciding factor.  Now that I am the owner of a successful online business, I am finally starting to achieve my goals!!!

I set up this page to give advice and offers that can lead you to a better lifestyle, whether it is starting an online business, saving money so you can travel almost anywhere… for free, or better exercise or diet habits.

Wish you all the best


Founder of chances to live


contact at milleniallifestyle@chancestolive.com

NY, NY 10039