Is Computer Growth A Scam or Legit Opportunity to Make MoneyOnline?

is computer growth a scam

What Is Computer Growth: There are plenty of programs out there promoting itself as a way to make money online and while some are legit, some are outright scams.

Now if you came across a site called Computer Growth, then you fell in the lap of one of the biggest scams for people searching for a legit way to make money online.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news if you dished out money on this. To enlighten you on the legit way to make money posting links, I will breakdown how this site misleads you in every way possible so you can avoid scams like this from hereon.

Is Computer Growth a Scam?

So first and foremost, there is no way to make money online from simply posting links.

This site promotes itself as a way to make money link posting like its revenue earned depending on how much you post an hr. There is no such thing as making money that way.

When someone clicks on a link, it takes you from one page to another.

Certain links go to products that if purchased then a person who placed a link will receive a commission.

These are called affiliate links and affiliate marketing is the process of making money posting links.

If a person clicks on an affiliate link and do not proceed to buy anything then no commissions will be earned.

Now there is a way to make money with affiliate links on almost every product or brand imaginable.

With that said, commissions earned vary since every product is unique and sold at different prices.

Some products can make you a few dollars in commissions, while some can make a few hundreds or thousands.

So there is no way you can narrow it down as if you can make $15 on every link you post.

To understand the process of affiliate marketing and a legit way to get started, look into my Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online.

The second thing to spot a scam like this is if it says it has been featured on Fox News, MSNBC, USA Today, ABC, and CNN.

 It says work from home has been featured on these news networks, but sometimes people are mislead as if it’s talking about that specific course to start an online business.

Third, it never hurts to do a review and see what comes up on the better business bureau. Even if it is not accredited, if it shows up on the BBB chances are it’s a legit company.

If you look up Computer-Growth on the BBB website nothing appears.

This is a straight scam and this has been going on for a while. Sites like this get away with it by changing their names around when they get exposed.

This makes it hard for authorities to catch up with these scammers and shut them down for good. 

It also makes it hard for people to get a review on these illegitimate websites after they rename it.

Before I rap up this review up on Computer Growth, I must mention that there is an oppportunity to make money when someone just clicks on a link.

However, the payout for this is low and requires a lot of traffic.

As that method of earning money online is outdated, people that can benefit from having a lot of traffic and getting clicks on links are website owners and Youtube Creators.

So I Hope this provided clarity on Computer Growth. This is something you should definitely steer away from.

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  1. Thank you for warning us about this kind of scam and also you explained well why it is not possible to earn if we just share some links and do not have an affiliate program like affiliate marketing. I’m sure this article will be an eye-opener for many when looking for a legitimate platform on the internet. We now know that the rise of the computer is a hoax. Thank you for sharing.

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