Best International Dating Sites

Best International Dating Sites

While there are plenty of opportunities to meet a partner in your local area, there are options for single men to expand and broaden there search for a love interest.  There are plenty of sites that we know of to meet a potential partner, and most sites we look into are usually pursuant to people of your race or similar.  Speaking as a man, I know that most of us have once wondered what it would be like to be dating a foreign women.  Luckily there are sites that provide the opportunity to explore the options of dating international women that may very well be your ideal partner.

For me, I like to be able to communicate with my partner and that may not be ideal for a social person like me.  There most likely will be language barriers depending on the site and where your lady is located.  While there are always obstacles we come across in quest of a healthy relationship, it might be time to double down and get the Rosetta Stone as it teaches all kinds of languages.  But for those who don’t care and like that me no speak no english, then forget the Rosetta and go for it.  You can teach her over time….

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With over 15 years of business knowledge and innovative website features makes the dating experience of its users be truly engaging and memorable. Tap into a rich stream of more than 1.5 million affluent Western men who are searching to meet and date stunning women from Ukraine, Russia, Asia and Latin America. is the perfect website for men from all around the world to meet beautiful Asian women. The site is especially popular among Western, Australian and New Zealand men.  The Asian market is one of the fastest-growing areas of online dating, and is in high demand among affluent relation-minded men who wish to date graceful ladies from across Asia. is a hugely popular international dating and marriage project. It attracts tens of thousands of users, each taking advantage of the array of tools and functionality available to them on the website to help meet their future spouses from former CIS countries, Asia and Latin America. is one of the leading websites for Western men who are looking to meet and date women from Slavic and Asian countries. boasts a vibrant community of beautiful and sophisticated single ladies from Russian, Ukraine and China.

These are the best international dating sites to look into this 2018.  I wish everyone luck, happiness and success with prospective future relationships. I will end it by saying that there is no limit in the opportunities to find a potential partner and if you are not most comfortable in your realm then look into something different.


  1. Hello,

    While I am no longer currently looking for my soul mate, I loved the article and really like how you have included some information about the dating platforms.

    I met my partner through a dating site, but not without having to try a bunch of different platforms. Some were great, others were less than expected.

    Dating can be challenging when you have next to no time to go out and meet people the traditional way. A great platform is a must!

    • I know that a person’s lifestyle may prevent them from going out and having time to pursue a partner. Online dating definitely helps in this aspect and as you mentioned some are better than others. I think the potential to meet a partner may be easier international, but of course the distance will be the next step to figure out.

  2. Wow never heard of these sites. My cousin was just telling me the other day that he is tired of American women and wants to even travel to Asia and find a bride. To a certain degree I think it is sad that he can not find a woman at home here because I have dated foreign women before and they have their culture and ways that are very different — this also affects their mindset as well. But to each his own. I will send him a link to this post, he will be very surprised I thought of him in this way. LOL.

    • Thankyou for putting it out there for others who have not come across these opportunities to meet a potential partner. This is definitely for the guys that feel as if they would be happier with a partner that is different from what they are use to.

  3. Although I’ve never used a dating website program, I’ve considered doing so many times. But my understanding was they concentrate on linking people with people in a local area (and I don’t mean a hookup-with-a-cheating-wife-in-your-area kinda site) for the purpose of a relationship not vbeing strained by distance. However, the international thing adds an entirely different element to the prospect. It tremendously broadens the field (apparently) and the possibilites of connecting with someone more in line with a personality and overall match. If language and a few cool customs are the only real barriers, then why not!

    Thanks for the info!

    • I was interested in international dating at a point in time and might consider doing so in the future.

  4. A very charming article. I am not in the market as it were but I can see the exotic attraction of pursuing a relationship across the globe with someone of a very different background. I guess what is interesting though is that in some ways we are all similar – we are all human and prone to similar wishes, whims and goals but at the same time there can be big differences which at times can seem like chasms. I have dated and been in relationships with people from within my neighborhood where I grew up and conversely with one or two people from literally the other side of the planet. Thinking back It was equally possible to have that experience of vast difference with either. I am reminded of a quote from Charles Dickens, David Copperfield – There can be no disparity in marriage like unsuitability of mind and purpose. – and what made that so poignant is that this is a lesson Dickens learned himself – or at least he should have. We live in hope! Thanks for a charming article, Andy 

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