Best Pets To Bond With

best pets to bond with

Family pets provide excellent companionship for people of all ages.  Whether it comes as a surprise gift for kids or adults, helping with depression, or adopting animals that are in need of a stable home; family pets can fill a void and improve the atmosphere. I have recently saved my dog (a blue-nosed orange tan pit bull) two years ago when he was already 1 yrs old.  His ribs was touching as you could literally see his bones, and the guy that was offering me the dog saved him from a previous owner that was not taking care of him properly.  I never put much thought into owning a dog before, but I found it as an opportunity to bond with the dog to help get over a recent breakup (and to of course bite whoever deserves to be bitten). I’m just kidding… or maybe I’m not.

Dogs are some of the best pets to bond with, and below is a detailed review of some of the best pets to bring to the household.

pet bonding

1. Dogs-  Dogs are friendly pets that poses the best kind of bond between animal and man.  There is a reason dogs are tagged man’s best friend.  Certain breeds are considered better for family environments or safer for children. I believe all dogs have different personalities no matter what the breed, and for the most part all breeds can be great to bring to the family household.  My pit bull is very friendly and is a favorite to a child I know that use to be afraid of dogs.  I have to correct myself, he is very friendly to human beings as he often seeks affection and time to play tug and war with his toy tire.

pet bonding

2. Cats-  I use to have a cute pair of orange tabby cats that my brother brought into the household.  The cats were very friendly and often sought attention.  Well as mentioned with dogs, cats have different personalities also.  While families may not have the space for a dog, cats are low maintenance as they are self sufficient, clean, and highly adaptable.  Cats are better pets if you have a hectic schedule as you do not have to worry about walking them two to three times a day.  Cats are safer than dogs and are more likely not to pounce on guests or scare kids. Choosing a kitten over a fully grown cat is better for children to bond with.

pet bonding

3. Talking Birds- I have always wanted a parrot or some breed of a talking bird so I can teach it phrases to annoy my guests(LOL).   Many birds can be just as social as dogs or cats, and much more than rabbits. You must do your research before getting a bird as it requires a lot of care and attention. Birds need a large cage with lots of toys and perches, a diet that consists of pellets, limited seed and fresh veggies/fruit, and at least an hour out of the cage for small parrots and several hours for large parrots. Do not clip their wings, let them fly around the house (supervised). They need a lot of time and they can be noisy and messy. With that said, they also form deep bonds with their owners and are very affectionate and friendly if given enough attention. You can train them to do many tricks, such as talking, target training, flight recall, wave, big eagle, play dead and more.

pet bonding

4. Rabbits- Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets as they are adorable and brimming with personality.  Rabbits must be handled with care, and is not advisable for small children to handle such as cats or dogs.  They’re easily damaged by rough handling, so always choose a small breed for young children so they don’t accidentally drop them.  Rabbits can be quite affectionate animals, but personalities definitely vary from individual to individual. Most rabbits don’t particularly care fore being held/picked up, and some bunnies are more distant than others. Understanding rabbits’ unique language is helpful when building a bond with your pet rabbit for the long term.  Rabbits are most comfortable on the ground. So your rabbit may not appreciate being picked up and held.  Sit down on the floor and wait for the rabbit to come to you, then you can gently pet the rabbit.

best pets to bond with

5. Guinea Pig-  Guinea Pigs are ideal pets for younger children.  If you’re unsure whether your little one can handle a rabbit, go for a guinea pig instead. Guinea pigs are very hardy pocket pets and are much easier to handle than rabbits. They are affectionate and gentle and is a great first pet for a kid.  Happiest in small groups, Guinea Pigs are delicate but reasonably easy to care for.  Many people don’t realize this, but guinea pigs have a lot of personalities. Some guinea pigs are shy while others are bold and dominant.

best pets to bond with

6. Ferrets-  Ferrets are like a combination of a cat and a dog. They are very agile and playful.  Ferrets can even be trained to come when called or do tricks. There is a little caution before bringing to a family household. Ferrets and very young children are not a good mix, as ferrets have a tendency to bite if they are not handled gently. With that said, ferrets can make great pets for families with older children provided they are supervised and shown how to correctly handle them.  Ferrets can be costly as they are highly social animals and should ideally be kept in pairs or groups for their mental health.


  1. Great post. We are in the process of buying a pet and looking at our options. This article has given us more options and many things to think about.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Your welcome. I am glad this provided you with different options and hopefully this will guide you to choosing a pet that is most ideal for you.

  2. I love your post. My husband and I have 2 cats (with 7 legs between them) and 2 dogs and they are great company when my husband travels. My cats sleep on my bed where the dogs can’t get to them. We have fur babies rather than human babies.

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