Hilton Grand Vacation Club Review

Hilton Grand Vacation Club Review

Hilton Grand Vacation Club provides members with ownership of a timeshare property.  Experts and recent studies agree that investing in a vacation means investing in your personal health and overall well-being.  With that said, is Hilton Grand Vacation Club worth the investment.  Below is a detailed review of what to expect in the Hilton Grand Vacation Club.


The cost to become a member varies, but you can expect to spend a bit north of $20,000 to become a timeshare owner through the Hilton Grand Vacation Club.  Of course, we are talking about lifetime ownership, and the quirks that come with this are designed to provide you with more than the costs to become a member. Members receive a certain amount of points that can be used to take a month worth of vacations annually.

The Club is a point-based reservation system.  You receive clubpoints annually based upon the type of accommodations and season you own at your Home Resort. Your collection of ClubPoints is added to your account each calendar year. The flexibility of the Club program enables you to access your points well in advance of each year and also provides members with options to stretch points beyond their original expiration date.

Members also have the option of trading their vacation week and unit to book a similar ( or maybe better) unit at another resort in an exotic locale you’ve yet to visit so you can enjoy a different experience.  The weekly exchange reservations enable you to vacation at your choice of more than 4,300 resorts worldwide.

Owning a Timeshare

A timeshare is a property deed to a “vacation home.” You purchase a percentage of a building and pay annual maintenance fees to offset the cost to the owner (in this case, Hilton). In return, you “own” a certain amount of time at the property each year.

A timeshare is something you own forever. You can eventually sell it or pass it on to a family member.

Is It Worth It?

Honestly, even if I had $20,000 to invest I would put it towards something else.  If you travel consistently and enjoy the amenities that comes with being a member of the Hilton Grand Vacation Club, it can mean significant savings in your out-of-pocket hotel costs over time.  Hilton is a trusted name in the travel industry and it is an excellent pick if you want to stick to a trusted hotelier as your time-share of choice. Besides that there is a great way to learn how to save money on your out of pocket expenses on flights over time. Click Here For Details.

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