Class With Jeff Review: Is This The Fastest Way to Become a Millionaire?

Is Class With Jeff a Scam?

class with Jeff Review

If you have been searching for a way to make money online you might of came across a site called Class With Jeff.

In coming to this page you made a wise decision to research and find out if this is an opportunity you should join. When I first searched for a way to make money online I fell victim to a scam and lost a few hundred dollars. But maybe going to Class With Jeff can live up to the hype.

So to know wether or not this is a great opportunity to build a passive income, this Class With Jeff Review will answer the following questions:

  1. Who Is Jeff Lerner?
  2. What You Will Learn From Class With Jeff?
  3. How Much This Opportunity Really Costs?
  4. Is Class With Jeff a Scam or Legit Opportunity for Learning How to Make Money Online?

This is just a brief list of questions this article will cover. So let’s get straight to the topic and reveal if this is worth the investment.

Class with Jeff Review: Who Is Jeff Lerner?

Class With Jeff is a training established by Jeff Lerner that’s supposed to help you make $1000s to millions online. While making money online can be a great source of passive income, Jeff has earned himself a shady reputation within the online community. That is due to misleading claims from businesses he created in the past and to this day.

When you watch a video enticing you to join class with Jeff, you will see a clip of him being interviewed in a morning show promoting Entre Institute.

By the way, when you join class with Jeff, Entre Institute is what you are actually buying into.(More details on that coming).

To “prove” he’s a compelling guy to trust, he’ll tell you he’s made $40 million since 2008, was named in the Inc. 5000 twice, and show you a clip of his supposed earnings. Must say he really makes himself look like a credible mentor for making money online.

However, if you get wrapped up in his offers you will be doing more withdrawals than deposits.

What You Will Learn From Class With Jeff

When you start out with Class With Jeff You are offered The ENTRE Blueprint Training along with other bonuses for just $39.

With this blueprint you would expect it to be the entire offer as he details it as:

“This will break down step-by-step how to transform your life personally, physically, and professionally. This took me from $400K in debt to building a $40M business!” 

However, this blueprint is just the beginning of what he will try to get out of your pockets. The blueprint does not have anything to offer but tips and motivation to get you to buy in to his next offer.

Honestly, this blueprint should be valued at less than $7 and My Free Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online goes over 4 proven steps a lot of successful entrepreneurs take to start making money online.

Now if you decided to buy into the blueprint, you will be bombarded with the following upsells.


This gives you access to a private live video chat with Jeff Lerner.

Every Monday Jeff and other members will go on facebook live and talk about building an online business and other aspects related to affiliate marketing.

The price to become involved in this is $49/month or $348/year. Of course he will entice you with a limited time offer of $29/month or $175/year.

I’m not sure how long this so called limited time offer last. However, if you realize that is the beginning of how he gets you to join the blueprint, but when the time runs out it automatically resets the countdown.


This features basic knowledge for beginners on affiliate marketing which can be easily found on Youtube videos.

They also go into details about agency building secrets and eCommerce business. It’s hard to gauge what you will ultimately learn here to start making money online.

Whether they are going to teach you affiliate marketing with paid ads or a free traffic source? If you pay for ads then you will need to spend at least a few more hundreds.

So,I really don’t know how they are going to teach affiliate marketing because there are plenty of ways to make money with affiliate marketing.

To build an agency or eCommerce website requires actual products or services of your own. If you don’t have a business you are trying to get off the ground, then I don’t know how this part of Entre Digital can be benificial towards your goal of earning online.

The price tag for this is $2,997.


This offer provides one on one coaching from entre institute coaches. This will cost a whopping $29,997.

It is honestly sad to know he makes a good living by fleecing people with these ridiculous offers. There are genuine opportunities that will provide the knowledge it takes to make money online at a fraction of the price it costs to go to class with Jeff.

As if this is not enough, let me get into the final offer.

But before I go any further, if you have already came to the conclusion that going to Class with Jeff is not for you then click on the link below for a genuine opportunity to make money online.


This is suppose to be their mastermind coaching program in which you are going to learn the four M’s…Missions, Money, Mindset, Marketing and Time management. The price of this cost $29,9997.

So in total, if you pay into his grand scheme you will come out of pocket to the extent of $48,208 or more.

Class With Jeff Business Models

Jeff entices you to join by breaking down these offers as if its 3 business models. Business Model #1 is described as the ultimate lifestyle business which helped him get out of a 400k debt. He adds you won’t need products, websites, investing, inventory, or employees.

I’m guessing this is the initial offer at $39 for the Blueprint Training.

Business model #2 is labeled as the ultimate cashflow business. Jeff describes it as the business he did after paying off his debts. This supposedly made him $300 to $2,500 residual income every month. If I was to guess this would be the Entre Digital offer priced at $2,997.

Business model #3 is described as the long-term legacy business that he currently focuses on to make an 8-figure income. If I was to guess, this is the point where he goes all in and try to collect $15,000 or more. Pretty sure he is focused on getting that amount to get his 8 figure Income.

Throughout it all, this is the point of what is suppose to be 1 on 1 coaching. If he is so focused on this hopefully he make himself available along with the Entre Institute coaches.

Ultimately, Jeff is vague in describing what you will actually get out of these business models. However, it makes sense for him to funnel each offer as if it’s 3 separate business models that is necessary for your success and up the price on each offer as you dive deeper into his scheme.

Is Class With Jeff a Scam or Legit Opportunity to Make Money Online?

If you are lead to believe you can invest $39 and be able to earn online, then get funneled into offers up to $50,000 what would you call it.

The Entre Digital package for $2,997 would make this somewhat legit if you learn some real strategies to make money online and redeem some of the costs. However, this seems to be a jack of all trades package that doesn’t narrow down a specific way to make money online.

If you are inexperienced with making money online then you should focus on 1 strategy or learn different methods 1 by 1.

Jeff’s hard-selling tactics include a 20-minute video saying things like:

  • You’re crazy to let this go
  • You own this to yourself to give it a shot.

Jeff will also try to convince you by showing video testimonials of people who claim they are “satisfied” with what Class With Jeff has to offer.

I hate to break it to you, but he uses the same people who vouched for other misleading courses he created like 6 steps to Freedom. So yes, there is a team of hired actors getting paid to help this look more legit.

If you invested in Class with Jeff my best advice is to stop immediately as you might end up with flies coming out your wallet. I know there seem to be opportunities all over the internet advertising a way to make money online, but what I can present to you is a clear strategy you can understand IMMEDIATELY.

Jeff will convince you to join his course without providing any details of what he will teach. So you will be going in his program blind and putting all your trust that he will guide you to the destination you want to get to.

However, at the end of his sales video he puts a disclaimer about having no guarantee you’ll actually make millions, just a few $1000s, but even that is not guaranteed.

When it comes to making money online, there is never any guarantee as it depends on a person’s drive and utilizing the strategies taught.

The thing is, you won’t find a legitimate opportunity that sells itself like you will get all this knowledge for $39. Nor would you see a legitimate opportunity that will continuously try to collect $1,000s from you.

To keep up his scheme, it seems like Jeff renames his courses after being exposed. This is so he can continue taking advantage of people looking for a genuine way to make money online and make it all himself.

I hope this review provided clarity on going to Class with Jeff and if you have invested in his program please feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.

I also will leave a video below regarding Class with Jeff which goes over basically everything detailed in the article.

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