Is Computer Connect a Scam or Legit Opportunity to Make Money Online?

Computer Value Scam (Also Called Computer Connect)

Computer Connect Review-Computer Value Review

If you do a quick search on how to make money online you probably came across a site called Computer Connect. If you are asking yourself: Is Computer Connect a Scam or Legit Way to Make Money Online, this review will answer the following questions you may have:

  1. What Will You Learn with Computer-Connect?
  2. Can You Make Money with Computer-Connect?
  3. Who is The Owner Of Computer Value Computer-Connect?

Before I get into the review, this site was originally called Computer Connect and once I written this review the name changed to Computer Value.

As I have a lot of experience when it comes to making money online, I was once scammed into an opportunity like this when I first started and I will share my experience with you in this review. Maybe this opportunity is different from my beginnings of searching for a legitimate way to earn online.

To find out, let’s get straight into this comprehensive review of Computer Value (Computer-Connect).

Let’s see if this is a Dream Opportunity to make yourself a life changing income.

Computer Connect Review

What You Will Learn With Computer Connect

Computer Connect(Computer-Value) promotes itself as an easy way to make money online by posting links. Now it is very deceiving to put people under the assumption that you can make money just by posting a link.

When you post links there are two ways to earn.

  1. The person must click on a link and buy something for you to receive a commission
  2. You can get paid every time someone clicks on a link.

The number 1 strategy is done through a process called affiliate marketing which is thoroughly explained in My Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online. It goes over 4 proven steps a lot of successful entrepreneurs take to start making money with affiliate marketing.

This site did not mention anything in regards to earning if someone proceed to buy something until I published this. There were just vague details about making huge amounts of money by posting links. They had given off an impression as if no kind of action needs to take place. Just post links and get rich!

Just see how there page changed after I published this review below.

Page After Review

The number 2 strategy sounds easy, but that way of making money online is outdated and will also take some effort to work.

To make money every time you get someone to click on your link, you need to join a site that spam viewers or readers with ads and offers. This happens when someone clicks on a link and get redirected somewhere else instead of the page they expected to land on.

Ever clicked on a link and got redirected to some page you didn’t expect and just tried to find a way out, chances are you clicked on a link that pays per click.

The problem with this method is the barriers people must go through like filling out captchas to land on the page they wanted to go.

Isn’t it annoying when that happens?

If they leave like I would then they most likely won’t earn on that click anyway.

My advice for those wanting to make money online.

“If you want to establish trust with your audience then spamming would not be a good method for doing so”.

People use to make good money online by posting spammy links in popular forums back in the late 90s early 2000s, but with the social media takeover, forums are not as popular as it once was.

Another thing is that most popular websites with a forum have rules on how you can post nowadays and will ban you from posting spammy links. I already tried.

Can You Make Money by Joining Computer Connect(Computer Value)

In having the knowledge I have with making money online, I can tell you confidently that there is 100 percent chance you will lose money by investing in Computer Connect(Computer-Value). Now it doesn’t’ seem bad if you pay a one time fee of $47. The thing is, when I first got scammed I was presented with a similar offer that followed up with upsells. Of course they made it seem like I needed to invest in these extra offers to maximize my chances of success.

What I didn’t know was that I was being scammed to the maximum. If someone can invest $47-$67 and easily learn how to make huge amounts of money, as mentioned before everybody would be doing it. Now there are genuine opportunities to make money online that can turn into easy money if you get the proper education.

With that said, hard work and effort is necessary when starting out to get to the point where making money online becomes easy. If you really want to find out a legitimate way to make substantial money online then click here.

As I know this is not a legit site, anything you are supposedly taught will not help you succeed in your goal of making money online.

Who is the Owner of Computer Connect (Computer Value)?

Another red flag is that the owner does not disclose who they really are. Of course this is done to hide their identity once people realize they been scammed.

At the end, they are going to keep revising their scheme. One day it might seem like a big company called Digital Resources. The next week it might seem like one person created this. When I first published this article they made it seem like an individual named Tracy Carter was behind this.

Now they try to make themselves look like a legit company called Digital Resources.

Most likely this scam was exposed before so they will keep renaming the site and shield their true identity. That is to protect themselves so they can keep taking advantage of people looking for a genuine way to make money online.  

Is Computer Connect a Scam?

If you read this article you know the answer to this question. The message you are being sold to invest in a one time fee of $47-$67 and earning $1,000s online is an out right lie.

If you invested in Computer Connect(Computer-Value), then unfortunately I hate to be the bearer of bad news. There is a reason why you won’t see reviews or testimonials from people talking about this company. So I must expose Computer Connect (Computer-Value) for the scam it is and let you know this is a platform you should definitely stay away from.

I hope this review provided clarity on Computer Value(Computer-Connect). If you have any experience or invested in this platform please don’t hesitate to share your experiences in the comment section below.

And for the knowledge it takes for online success, Look Into My Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online.

I also will leave a video below regarding Computer Value(Computer Connect) which goes over basically everything detailed in the article.


  1. The information you provide have been very informative. I enjoy reading your articles which give me great insight of what to do and what not to do. Great job. Thanks for the great information.

  2. This scam almost had me. With remaining questions and having been scammed many times before, doing some research brought me to your page and I’m glad it did. Thank you 🙂

    • There are legitimate ways to make money online and if you are interested then subscribe to my email list to learn more about how to make a passive income with affiliate marketing. I also have reviews of other opportunities to make money as a social media manager or voice recording. There are plenty of ways to start making money online and just look through this site as I am sure you will find something that interests you.

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