Gadget Discovery Club Review

gadget discovery club

The Gadget Discovery Club is a new company that launched in 2018.  They are based in London, and the company’s priority is to provide members with amazing gadgets to elevate their way of life. 

As I have tried to learn more regarding this company and specifically a couple of items you can expect, I have learned that they are very secretive and their business model does not allow them to disclose products even to potential customers.  They want you to feel like its Christmas every month as you look forward to the next gadget you will receive from them.

Its like SURPRISE, but what if you are not happy with your surprise? 

Well, there is no need to feel let down as the Gadget Discovery Club gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee.  You can also cancel anytime so there is no risk to join and just try it.

While they can be very secretive with the gadgets they will send, I do know that the gadgets you receive will have a value of between $40 to $60.  The price for monthly membership is $29.99 a month.  This can be a great bargain for tech geeks and people looking to resell for a profit. 

The Gadget Discovery Club is really designed for everyone to benefit from in this day & age of technology and all it has to offer. 

The one product that is not a secret that you can expect is the MiniBoom Wireless Speaker by Rise which has been out for quite some time now.  It was valued at $49, but on Rise official website it is now on sale for $38.  

MiniBoom Wireless Speaker by Rise 

The miniBOOM is the most powerful pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker on the planet. With 1 button pairing, you can travel the world with music at your fingertips.


  • Perfectly sized to bring on any adventure or have by your side
  • Delivers up to 4 hours of tunes on a single 2-hour charge
  • Use the remote camera control to channel your inner photographer
  • Sync with a second miniBOOM (not included) for surround sound


  • Loudspeaker output: 3W
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • Playback time: 4 hours
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Bluetooth: Version 4.2
  • Net weight: 70g


This speaker is sturdy and sustainable.  The MiniBoom Wireless Speaker by Rise is made from a titanium base & upper mesh, with a slick matte black finish. It’s well-built and durable enough for 1,000 journeys.

You can take the party anywhere with the MiniBoom Wireless Speaker.  Despite it being so small, this is a very high-quality product. Here are some customer reviews.

Amanda B.
“I love how small and light it is – great to transport. Surprised at the sound quality”.
Adnaan A.
“I was quite surprised at how small it was but even more surprised by how powerful it is. Nice and compact and good for everyday use”.
Roberto P.
“I’m am super happy with my miniBoom! During these days of self-isolation and working from home, I use it daily to listen to some good music without having to plug in my earphones. The sound quality is great, and so is the volume: I haven’t even tried to put it to half volume because I’m afraid my house would collapse! Definitely one of the best buys I’ve ever made”.


While it can be frustrating for a nosy person like me to not know what gifts to expect if I was to join the Gadget Discovery Club, the MiniBoom Wireless Speaker gives enough intrigue to want to invest.  The Entrepreneur part of me tells me to resell items I don’t want on eBay, but if it comes down to it, it is good to know you can always send it back and get refunded for the item.

The Gadget Discovery Club boasts to be the world’s #1 lifestyle gadget subscription box.  Although this company is relatively new, that statement may very well be true because there are not too many businesses that do what they do. 

I just have to laugh at that part, sound like I was writing a rap.

But in all seriousness, through extensive research, I have only found two other companies with similarities or the exact same business model.

Tekcrates use to be on the market at Cratejoy, but all of a sudden they are closed for business so that knocks them out the box.

By the way, Cratejoy offers all kinds of monthly subscription boxes, so Click on This Link If You Are Interested in Different Types of Subscription Boxes.

Gadget Crate is a business ran by one individual who will send you a gadget every month.  This is also a new subscription box for gadgets kind of business, but not on the scale of Gadget Discovery Club as there is no official website so you will have to get in contact through social media platforms.

It is needless to say that if you are a Gadget Geek or just want to upgrade yourself by keeping up to date with trending tech devices then:

If you have ever joined and have received gifts from them, feel free to share in the comment section below and let us know exactly what you got lol.

Gadget Discovery Club
  • Price
  • Transparency
  • Quality of Products
  • Customer Satisfaction


Gadget Discovery Club offers a great way of keeping up to date with some gadgets that can improve everyday living.  100,000s of customers have been satisfied with their monthly subscription boxes from the Gadget Discovery Club.  There is not much to lose if any at all with the option to send items back.  


  1. Sounds like a good buy. When I am on holidays and travelling from place to place I like something to take my mind of things. Usually I read my kindle but this would make a great accompaniment. well researched

  2. You post made me curious…it would be interesting to see how they carry out their operations during the current lockdown situation. Will they still be able to dole high quality products like MiniBoom Wireless Speaker – Quite informative, I am going to track them from hereon.

  3. Very cool idea.  The last time I got a flavour of the month in the mail was when I had a Columbia House membership for records.  That mini boom speaker sounds like an impressive bit of equipment.

    Does this company build their own gadgets or do they source them from various other companies?
    Do they have a catalog where you can order gadgets from previous months that you might have missed getting?


    • I believe they outsource from other companies as the Speaker is made by Rise.  The only way to know if there are any connections would be if gadgets are continuously received by Rise as opposed to others.  

  4. Wow, this is great timing as it’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day for those dads that are notoriously hard to shop for. Most dads and dudes love a fun new gadget, so what could be better than getting new ones to discover on the regular. These look like fantastic little surprises — either to gift to someone else or to keep for yourself!

  5. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me, I am not really a fan of gadgets but I know their importance and you would never know when one would come in handy..

    I think this company is nice and should be given a trial but I want to know what’s their level of expertise? What’s the guarantee that I would get a gadget that would help me solve my daily or immediately problems?

    • They know that people will not be 100% satisfied with every gadget they send.  In those months you will be able to send it back and get fully reimbursed for that month.

  6. I’m always on the go and I would appreciate them to be sturdy. I like Rise as a brand but reading all this about MiniBoom Wireless Speakers has made me want them even if I didn’t know the company behind them.

    I’ll definitely purchase them and share with you my impressions. Thank you very much!

  7. Awesome! Gadget Discovery Club sounds a good investment. I would like to buy the membership because I love to be keeping up to date with trending tech. I love the fact of if I decide to cancel my membership, I can do it without any problem.

    Thanks for this article! I will share this info with my friends, they will be glad to read this.

  8. Thanks for sharing this, Max. It is very interesting and I would be delighted to receive a “mystery gift” albeit paid by me to me. You know what I mean? The MiniBoom Speaker or a gadget that’s useful and practical would be awesome to receive. Would you be able to share a few other items that have been sent previously? Then, I can decide better in joining this club.

    Thanks again. 

    • Lmao.  I tried calling the company to let me know more but they said they can’t disclose information regarding the gadgets they will send.  I told them I would buy if they let me know and they said no.

  9. This is a new service that I didn’t know before. As you have mentioned in the article, there is a limited number of companies that provides similar services. I will definitely share your article to my colleagues and family who are gadget enthusiast and subscribing to the club would benefit from its services. Great job with the article!

  10. Great post. This is something a lot of people that enjoy tech items would invest into. Imagine getting a surprise tech, like it was a gift. I wonder, can you set the preference of the type of tech you can get?

    For example, I love technology that I can ride, such as electric skateboards and hoverboards. Is there a preferred option or survey? It would be interesting to see how they satisfy all customers with different taste. 

    • The only way to satisfy customers is to redeem themselves with a gadget you would want the following month if you did not like your previous gadget and fully reimbursing for those gadgets.

  11. Thank you very much for sharing this article, Max. It got me curious  and made think of sharing your “mystery gift” idea on my gift store.  It is always a great feeling to get a surprising gift from someone you know even though there is more reward in giving than receiving.
    Thanks again for the idea and take care.

  12. Hi

    What a novel idea for a subscription  service and what man or woman does not like a gadget. I see the monthly fee  covers what value the gadget is, but then a lot of gadgets only have limited  uses. Are you covered if the gadget you get is defective, can you ask for a replacement or will you be given something different?

    The price seems reasonable as well. Thank you for the interesting article.


  13. The fact that I don’t know in what I’m spending my money at makes me a little anxious, but from what you’ve stated, their products are actually really high-quality and the membership is not expensive at all. Have you personally tried getting your hands on one of the monthly membership subscriptions, and if so, how was your experience?

    • I am interested in subscribing as I could certainly use that Bluetooth speaker and some more trending devices for a good price.

  14. I think the wait for the next incoming gadget would create a sought of suspense which would be really nice. I do make use of other gadget companies to get latest gadgets but I think the gadget discovery club is special in its own way. 

    I am loving this miniboom wireless speaker and I have not seen anything like this before. It really gat me intrigued on what other things this club has to offer.

    I also think its monthly payments is very reasonable. I mean where else can one find a deal such as this. Well done by these guys as they are doing a really good job.

  15. Being a gadget buff myself the Gadget Discovery Club sounds interesting. I am always on the lookout for new gadgets. Is it a club just for US citizens or do they also open for memberships for citizens elsewhere in the world as well?

    The miniboom loudspeaker sounds like a great bargain and the monthly subscription fee is definitively worth the price if the gadgets themselves have a normal price between $40 to $60.

  16. Regarding your article, you might want to give more general introduction on what types of gadgets are available at your store. Write posts in which you review each listed gadget, write positive and negative sides, compare with similar products, etc. 

    This post is nicely written, but there is space for improvement. You might want to include the image of gadget about which you write.

    I wish you success in future writing and in your business.



  17. This sounds pretty tempting given the ratio “items’ value/monthly membership” which makes me wonder, as an online marketer, how are they able of making such deals?

    The most important thing is that I could be making money reselling some of the items as well as using them plus the fact they suggest you gifts for Family, Friends or Yourself. I guess paying such a price to put some smile on a face is just absolutely worth it. Thank you for writing about Gadget Discovery Club. 

  18. Thanks for sharing the information. If I had not just purchased new speakers, I might jump in just for that!

    Although I like using technology, I’m more apt to spend extensive time researching to find exactly what I want. And by research, I mean I begin by asking others for opinions and suggestions! I am not as tech-savvy as I wish I was.

    However, I’m thinking that this subscription box concept might be enjoyed by my techy sons (adults). They might even enjoy using the try, evaluate, and resell business model. Is this something that can be set up as a gift to others? Or would they need to subscribe for themselves?

    • You can subscribe and give gifts to your sons, keep for yourself, or send back and tell them to step up their game.

  19. Thank you for the informative review on the “Gadget Discovery Club”. It really can be fun just to be at the look-out for surprises every single month. More so, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if one is dissatisfied with the content. I see a potential investment in this if I can get the tech gadgets sold every time. The idea of having the MiniBoom Wireless Speaker as part of the package is great. My partner is a tech collector and he will be interested in this. However, do you know if the offer is available to people outside the UK?

  20. Contrary to what you mentioned about not liking the surprises in the mail, I absolutely love not knowing what I’m being sent. It feels like Christmas, haha. I really appreciate that Gadget Discovery keeps things a secret because all too often other subscription boxes will send a preview of what I’m getting that month, and that’s no fun. I am always interested in new technologies to improve daily life, so this definitely seems like the box for me. I know you wrote that it’s $29.99 a month. I was wondering if they had a discount for first boxes or a referral code discount, etc.?

    • I’m not sure if they offer s discount for the first month since their gadgets are usually given at a discount every month.

  21. Good review.  I’ve never heard of this company prior to reading your review so I found it very informative.  Do you receive the MiniBoom Wireless Speaker as a thank you gift for becoming a member?  The article states that “The one product that is not a secret that you can expect is the MiniBoom Wireless Speaker by Rise”.  I wasn’t sure whether it was a given that you would receive one in your monthly subscription box or if it was an extra gift for joining.  Could you please provide clarification?  

    I appreciated the fact that you researched and indicated that there were only a couple of other subscription companies that offered technology boxes.  I love subscription boxes of all types but some people may be interested in only one category so you’ve saved them the time by telling them where to get the type they want.

    • I referred to the Mini Boom as one of the gadgets to expect with the monthly subscription.  That might not even be given as the first gadget.   

  22. Hi Max,

    That’s a really interesting Club. They send u gadgets every month. What an idea !!  

    I found a similar concept a few days ago where a website send s you foods and snacks from different parts of the world every month.

    Good stuff. I would like to try the The Gadget Discovery Club as it boasts to be the world’s #1 lifestyle gadget subscription box.  It’s cool and i hope i can convince myself.


  23. Subscription boxes are gaining momentum now with more people staying home. Thanks for this review…I’ve never heard about it, but your post intrigued me. And that’s great that you can return the item if you don’t like it and get your money back. Seems like you’re not stuck or tied into the monthly subscription. They must send out cool tech stuff if they have 100,000s of customers. And like you said, you could always resell on ebay (hopefully more than $30) if you didn’t like it and make some money that way. Thanks for doing your research and checking out other similar businesses. 

  24. Yes Yes I love gadgets and I don’t know how anyone couldn’t.

    I would love to join the Gadget discovery club. Getting a surprise every month is like you said having Christmas come every 30 days. If you pay $30.00 a month and receive well designed products that are over the price of what you are paying then there is nothing to loose. You are only gaining and they also make money because they mass produce to make it cheaper to order and build so you don’t feel cheated.

    I used to make speakers myself so the mini-boom would be a great addition to my collection. You don’t want to either be tied into something like this in case a financial problem occurs so being able to leave when you want is also a important factor for me.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  25. This company looks very modern and promising. These gadgets are really fancy and their design is awesome. I have never subscribed for such a company but I may consider subscribing for this one in the future. I’ll bookmark this page for now. I’d really like to have this mini Boom Wireless speaker. Mine is not very good.

  26. This is one of the most intriguing box clubs I have seen in a long time.  I have read every word and will be going back to read them again.

    This sounds like a great added business venture.  I keep what I like and sell at a profit the gadgets that dont work for me.

    I feel very grateful to find this website.  It is absolutely something I will invest in

  27. There is just so many companies that follow the same idea. I used to subscribe for IPSY for cosmetic that you get the “surprise” every month and also the snacks from around the world. What I find from it though is that I do not need these products every month, but it is fun to open the box and get the new item that you do not expect. I was going to subscribe gadget discovery club for my husband but after reading your review, I am going to pass. I rather join a company that has been around a bit longer. Thanks for the review. 

  28. Good one there!. This business seems to be the best trusted online business individual has to take advantage, even with regards to the decrease of cost on items.This is indeed a great information to read. Thanks
    But to add up to the information provided, i think Pictures of items discussed should be shown to create attraction on viewers.

  29. Well great article, very interesting and I am quite interested in the mini boom. Your layout is good and your review is straight forward. I like the photos and the  way you bring in a little lightheartedness to your review.  I find it very professionally done. No vocabulary mistakes and good discriptions on all the articles you talk about. Great job well done. I will check this organization out and see what it is like. Deborah 

  30. I am very curious about the gadgets they will be offering Do you really think they will be an advantage to have ? Have you ever subscribed to them and did you like the gadgets they send you ? Or do they end up in the back of a closet somewhere lol . Very curious indeed, keep us posted !

    • I eventually plan on subscribing myself just to stay up to date with things that can benefit my way of living and things I would probably not think of getting unless I subscribe.

  31. Gadgets is definitely something that I enjoy finding out about and also with many male friends and male relatives who I could get gifts for this would be ideal. The monthly payment does not seem to expensive providing you are buying the gadgets and if not you can just cancel at anytime which I think is a good thing. The Mini Boom Wireless Speaker sounds right up my street as i am looking for one to replace the JBL that I Have. I could definitely use for gifts for others who will enjoy too.

    A great article and I will definitely look at signing up too so thank you so much for sharing.

    A perfect introduction

    Thank you

  32. Hello. Overall layout of the review is great. Glad you included the star ratings at the bottom. 

    The following are a few things I picked up on. 

    There are no images relating to the article ( except for the main gadget image ). It would be nice to see what the MiniBoom looks like. You can incorporate your affiliate link to gadget discovery club within the mini boom images or text. 

    I was a bit confused on what you were doing a review on ? The description/topic says Gadget discovery club review. However you go on to review the Miniboom, then Cratejoy. So in essence it seems you did a review on at least three things. Maybe change the title to make this less confusing. ( The two best gadget subscriptions out there today or something like that). Or just write about gadget discovery club.

    The static image of the guy next to a car is on this post as well. No link or description to this image. I cannot see how it relates to the article or your website. This is confusing. 

    I hope the comment above has not offended you in any way .

    All the best  

  33. This is the first time I have ever heard of a gadget subscription box. Do you think it would be worth the time to resell the products you don’t want? I guess it depends what items you don’t want and how many you don’t want. I’m also an affiliate with Cratejoy and I was wondering if the conversation rates were good with them?

    • Honestly I’ll probably send it back instead of going through the hassle of trying to resell, but I would be influenced by the value of the gadget.

  34. Hi There,

    I must say haven’t heard from the gadget discovery club but what a great idea keeping all their goodies secret so it feels like Christmas every day when someone buys gifts etc. I love to watch shows on TV on gadgets some of the new inventions are amazing. I liked your website BTW really informative

  35. Hi

    I think if you like to receive gifts without knowing what they are and can outlay the monthly cost this would make someone very happy. 

    This would also be great as a gift idea if you could have a 12 month membership. Is this available?

    I have a question, is the membership a month by month deal or is one locked in for a certain amount of time?

    I look forward to your reply, 



    • Its a month by month basis being that not everyone will be satisfied with every gift.  A rule in business is to keep the customer happy and if you were to invest for the whole year and did not like the items you were receiving you will feel scammed. 

  36. I have never heard of a company that works like this, sending you surprise gadgets every month, not telling you in advance what it’s going to be. I suppose that you probably get really good deals and if you don’t like or need it, you could always re-sell it at a profit. I think that many people probably do that.

    This may be a good investment. Something to think about 🙂

  37. Gadget? I love to see that all new gadget, how it works? its very amazing. But yes it is very expensive 🙂

    Technology now adays help people to earn online like WA. I like your website, it has different aspect and knowledge to help out. Your website is so clean easy to access. But a lot of amazing ideas to learn. Thank you

  38. This was an rather interesting find.  I am into high tech and would like to see more of those sorts of gadgets.  I am glad that it has a 30 day money back option.  I got involved in one that would not let me cancel for a year.   They just reduced the amount of the products in the loot crate.   Are these products from worldwide sources since they are in London?

  39. Interesting article on surprise gadgets. It is good marketing strategy to keep the products a surprise-even to potential customers- create an inquisitiveness around it but without risk to the customer as they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

    The review on Miniboom wireless speaker by Rise is comprehensive with customer reviews included. 

    Love the business model of Gadget Crate and they have brought some innovative approach in online gadget selling. It definitely looks like a good buy.

  40. Interesting article on surprise gadgets. It is good marketing strategy to keep the products a surprise-even to potential customers- create an inquisitiveness around it but without risk to the customer as they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

    The review on Miniboom wireless speaker by Rise is comprehensive with customer reviews included. 

    Love the business model of Gadget Crate and they have brought some innovative approach in online gadget selling. It definitely looks like a good buy.

  41. This is a really interesting concept for all those who are really into tech. I’ve seen programs like this in snack foods (as in, you get a box of different snacks from all over the world and it is a surprise), but not for gadgets. Like others in the comments section have said, this could be a really nice Father’s Day gift. Do you happen to know if it is all entertainment type gadgets or are there some tools for those who like to tinker?

  42. Are there any requirements after you recieve the gadgets? Do you have to write a review or give some kind of feedback on the products? Are the gadgets worth the price? And do they ship Internationally? Interesting concept much like being a member of a book club. The company seems to have great partners from what I can tell from their company page. I think Cratejoy suits better for creative people while Gadget discovery club suits better for people with a digital interest. 

  43. Good Morning,

    Everyone like a site 

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    you have spent a lot of hard working creating your website 

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  44. There seems to be a lot of companies online suddenly offering subscription surprise boxes each month, and even though you don’t like surprises, most people, including myself, do. That is why I think so many of them are so successful.

    If you are certain that the box you receive each month is worth more than you are paying, why not take out a subscription, because if you can’t use it or give it away as a gift, you can always start your own mini-company reselling them.

    You seem to have found more positive reviews than negative ones, so my question to you is have you tried this service for yourself?

  45. I’d never heard of Gadget Discover Club, before reading this.

    On initial reading abour their lack of transparency, how have you found this through your experience

    Is it as you say like Christmas every month? Because a £29.99 Monthly subscription, works out to £360 over the course of the year and for some thats a lot of money

    Reading your overall summary of this, they have only managed 1 5 star rating and that wasn’t in customer service, so for some if not many that can be off putting

    Have you had experience of their customer service?… If so what is it like

  46. Wow, this is really great! I’ve been looking for something like this wherein I can just click on a button for a gift to my friend and there it goes. I hate the hassle of inserting in my already busy business schedule the shopping for items for a friend’s birthday and I see this as a solution. The only problem that I see here is, there’s only three countries in the choices and I have a friend in Ireland which is adjacent to UK, would it be possible for Gadget Discovery Club to accept one for Ireland?

  47. This is a pretty cool concept! More and more of these monthly subscription clubs are popping up all the time. I was actually a part of one of the very first with golf clothing/gear. It was a nice little surprise each month. I do wish this club put out more info on either past gadgets shipped or a better idea of what to expect.

  48. This sounds like such a fun and fantastic subscription service for someone that loves tech and gadgets. I get that anyone interested in subscribing would want to know what they are getting each month but that does also kinda take away the fun and exciting appeal from the service doesn’t it? I love that you can unsubscribe at any time. Have you stayed with them?

  49. The photo tells everything, it shows a million words that can make even non funs get addicted. This is the second time am hearing about this company, first from a friend and now have finally bumped on a review.  Am a big fun of gadgets and hopefully this company will make wonders during my remaining lock down. 



  50. I must say the only subscription boxes that so far came my way were kids’ books and art boxes. Gadget box is quite a refreshing idea to me. I can imagine it would be for anyone wanting to upgrade to the newest gadgets – it surely saves a bit of time researching the gadgets out there. 

    The surprise element is a clever marketing concept. Together with a money-back guarantee, I can see how their customer base would increase.

    I must say I am a fan.

  51. Hi there! the first time I came in contact with it,  I didn’t really know what to expect from this Gadget Discovery Club Box as it is new to us at My Subscription Addiction. I was very pleasantly surprised by the design and quality of this Bluetooth speaker. since I got mine, I have been  really happy with it!

  52. Thanks for sharing a good article to know more about the Gadget Discovery Club

    As I’m looking for a gift for one of my children (young adult), who loves all kind of gadgets, I was looking for a subscription club, I think he would love the idea to get a yearly membership. I’m sure this will be a good birthday gift as he will get a box every month!

    My question is, do they ship to Canada?

  53. It is a well researched article.  I´m not a tech geek but the membership price seems pretty good.  My understanding is that for that membership price of $29 you receive a different gadget every month?  You mention that the gadgets are worth between $40 and $60 so you could make money reselling them at a profit.  I´m assuming that´s the reason many people would take a membership?  Are the members also able to review the products they´ve received?  It sounds like a good deal and well worth a look for tech geeks or any reseller. 

  54. Subscription boxes have become a big deal. It is a fascinating business model. I haven’t seriously considered joining one. However, I personally love a good gadget. And the more interesting, unique, and state-of-the-art the gadget is, the better. So the Gadget Discovery Club sounds like it may become my first subscription club.

    I have heard of Cratejoy before, but I thought they were more of an arts and crafts type subscription. But I took a look as you suggested, and I see that they have a lot of variety in the subscriptions they offer.I’m very interested in their Nerds & Fandom section. Thanks for the recommendation!

  55. Great review, I commend you for it. Looking at the club, I think it will be fun to join the club, due to their secretive way of surprising their members. 

    I will love to subscribe for membership. And get their miniboom, and other exciting gadgets from them. 

    Their subscription fee is pocket friendly, couple with their 30 days money back. This is the company I need right now. 

  56. I’m intrigued.  I love surprises!  I recently enrolled in a monthly “surprise” box for a company that offers eco friendly products for the home.  I love love love love it!  It’s exciting to see what I’ll get next.  I have just signed up for a local farmers “surprise” box.  OK, it’s actually a “what’s in season” box but it’s still a surprise!  Now, I think I’ll do Gadget Discovery Club.  Yayy!

  57. What an interesting concept!  Sounds like just the thing for the tech geeks.  I don’t much like the idea of not knowing from one month to the next what I will receive, but as I do have an EBay store, it would be easy enough to put it on there and see if someone would buy it.

    Of course, you could end up getting stuck with a bunch of stuff you don’t really want.  I guess, since the objects are new, you could always use them for Christmas present.  This novel idea may go a long way, as many like to receive surprise gifts.

  58. This sounds like a very interesting company, and like you I love gadgets and everything. However not knowing what your going to get is kinda a bummer.

    Have you ever thought about reselling the items you don’t want and spending the money on something you do want?

    Also our if all the gadgets you got from the company, which one would you say is your favorite?

  59. I have been searching everywhere for the perfect Father’s Day gift for my step-dad. He is one of those that seems to have every gadget going and every year has got harder to find something that he doesn’t have!

    His mind will be blown when I select a little surprise for him here! Just wondering if I can select a specific area of interest, i.e, wireless speakers or other cool tech stuff etc?

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  60. Hi Max, 

    I had not heard about the Gadget Discovery Club before, so this is an interesting concept. Do you know why they are so secretive about their products? I would have thought that if they told you what you will be getting, that it would entice more people to join as they would want the products. 

    Would one still be able to get the Miniboom Wireless Speaker if you joined now? Or is that a product that would no longer be available to new members? 

  61. Wow, I had no idea such thing exists. Thank you for this review. I love the element of surprise, I have participated in a similar membership but for travelling. I also have one for make-up. SO happy every month when i receive them. I would like to ask you if you are a member of Gadget Discovery Club and what gadgets did you receive?

    Kind regards,


  62. Thanks for sharing this infoemative review on gadget discovery club. This is the first time I heard of this and I don’t really know what to expect from this gadget discovery club box but reading your article has made me realize that the quality and the design of this Bluetooth speaker is good and I will to have one of this . Thanks for sharing once again.

  63. What a clever idea! I’ve always been interested in gadgets, but I rarely have the time to sort through everything and pick out what I want the most… These guys do it for me, which is super cool!

    • I feel the same way! It’s nice to get a package every month without really thinking about it 🙂

  64. This sounds like an amazing deal. Having new gadgets and electronics monthly can benefit everyone in this century we live in. Does Gadget Discovery Club invent the products or sends the newest things on the market? If either, it seems like a good way to keep up to date with technology. Thanks for the informative review.

  65. Interesting club to hear about.  The book clubs were the only ones I ever joined.  This sounds like a fun way to learn about new products even before you knew you wanted them!  The monthly fee seems a bit pricey, but am sure that being on top of the list of being the first to know about new gadgets ii is all worth the investment.  Thank you for the information

  66. I am the sort of person who would deny liking gadgets but secretly like them. There is something quite collectable about them. The subscription idea is an interesting one. I suppose it is a bit like a wine club model where you sign up but don’t quite know what you are getting? I know some people really like this formula and I signed up for a year but they then sent me wines I was not too happy with. The mini boom concept strikes me as a great idea for holidays abroad. There is nothing worse than going into a very quiet apartment for a week so I presume you can connect it up to most devices. Overall a nice idea and it probably looks the business! Excellent for travelling generally.

  67. I like the idea of being in a club where they send you an item each month. $29.99 is also not a bad monthly price either. This could be a nice product review blogging business as well, reviewing the products received and selling them on as you mentioned, if you don’t have a use for them. I will seriously consider subscribing to Gadget Discovery Club. Do you know if there are any recorded complaints and if so, what are the reasons behind it?

    • When they initially launched they were unorganized and people had problems receiving their packages but they have grown to be more reliable now.

  68. That’s great insight, thank you for sharing. Subscription box becomes more popular these days.
    This is the first time I heard anything about Gadget Discovery Club. I will certainly check them out in the near future. I am curious to find out what products they have. 
    The review is very helpful, thank you for that. 

  69. Awesome post. This new gadget could be something I would like to get for a Father’s Day present. I’ve actually been looking around online recently for cool speakers and I am now considering this. I’m also considering investing in the membership as I’m a fan of tech stuffs and updates like this

  70. Such a fascinating business model and idea of how to do things. I actually like the secrecy; I see it as something very unique. I mean, to an extent, doesn’t this make one even more excited about the stuff that he or she is getting? With that in mind, I bet there are some disappointing months when one gets something he or she doesn’t really need or enjoy. But I love the idea of them providing more value than what we’re paying for. That’s so thoughtful.

    I mean, imagine, we’d have to pay $40 a month for a subscription and we’d get products valued at $30? That thing would be a ripoff even if the products were completely unique. And hence, that would never work. But this… This is really thoughtful. Also, love the MiniBoom Wireless Speaker. Sounds pretty promising.

    I will have to look into subscribing to this. I appreciate the insight.

  71. Wow, this company is based in London. I rent a room in London and didn’t even know it. It’s a small world as they say! 

    The famous ‘Inspector Gadget’ cartoon is absorbed deep in my mind right now! Brilliant British comedy series, that i would watch years ago in my early teens. Very funny and much fun!

    Couldn’t resist watching the Disney trailer just now staring Matthew Broderick and Rupert Everett! French Stewart and Elaine Hendrix. Have you seen the Disney Films yourselves?

    The Gadjet Discovery Club is quite a new company and i was surprised to see how secretive they are in their business model. Even ‘James Bond 007’ didn’t have any secrets – oh maybe one or two regarding his private life!

    I was thinking that the surprises should be add-ons, to keep their loyal customers coming back for more! But then i’m not the company director!

    Is the club the only one, for technical geeks in the world then? Reselling for a profit sounds really cool. 

    Reminds me of a great shop in London called ‘CEX’ Ltd. The shop was recommended by a friend. ‘Complete Entertainment eXchange’. Basically, customers sell unwanted goods for cash or exchange them for something they want. They specialise in technology, computing, video games and technology repair.

    The Miniboom Wire Speaker sounds really cool!

    How many members are in the club so far?

    Do you have to sign your life away to be a member? (Just kidding!)

    If i was a gadjet geek, i would without a doubt, be a member by now.

    Thank you for the awareness of a unique, yet brilliant company!


  72. I think the gadget discovery club have got quite a good deal on the table and for such a small monthly subscription fee what you will be getting is quite interesting like a present, presents are all always interesting especially when you not sure what it coming your way. I like this 100% and will definitely see to it that I ty out the programme and maybe I could turn into a tech geek that way.

  73. Hi, I am very interested in this, who does not love good deals? I do!

    The fact you can return products and get a refund is a major plus for me.

    Unfortunately, The Gadget Discovery Club does not say to which countries it ships (did not find that info on their website) 

    I live in Belgium , will it ship to my country as well? Thanks in advance.

  74. Good morning. What’s wrong with your website. I have visiting but it seems your link is broken. Please correct the error because it’s preventing viewers from visiting your website.

    make sure you check and insert the correct link.

    To do so, all you need to do is to copy and paste the correct link.

  75. Interesting article. Worth a look in more detail I’m sure. Very curious as to the chances of getting something of greater value than the subscription fee. And how often are you likely to get sent an item worth less than subscription fee?

    Do you think that the company always works with their own profits in mind or do they just randomly send out gift?

  76. This is so unusual . It’s like a game. You never know what will turn up. I must say though that in this day and age of gadgets, I am sure a member would be pleasantly surprised at what is delivered. The big plus is that you can sell it or send it back. The question in my mind is “Do they do a survey of interests or have members create a kind of wish list?” Would be nice to know

  77. Sounds a great idea. Receiving a surprise every month is exciting. Especially if they know how to pick something for you which is useful for daily life.

    If their customers are happy, the gifts should be satisfactory.

    As you said this company is based in London. Does it offer its services to other countries or jus UK?

  78. This is some very interesting information. I never knew there was such a thing as a gadget subscription club. But after looking at your article I learned there are so many subscription clubs I never knew was a thing. I guess it would be cool to receive a gadget that you didn’t even know you needed. Did you just start as a member and the MiniBoom Wireless Speaker was your first item or have you received other items from them now? 

  79. Interesting new subscription club. I would like to know some of their past gadgets besides the MiniBoom. I know they have a day money back guarantee, however is there a cost to send back the gadget your are not satisfied with. I also am curious if the gadgets come with any kind of warranty?

  80. Hello; the Gadget Discovery Club seems to be good at distributing boom-boxes which is one of the “can’t do without ” by some folks.

     To make this gadget more interesting, the size is easily transported to wherever you chose to go taking it along. What are some other interesting Gadgets that the Gadget discovery Club is distributing?


  81. Gadget Discovery Club sounds like a good deal from what you’re saying. I know you talked about the MiniBoom in your article, but are there other products that Gadget Discovery Club is known to push out? For tech people, I feel like this can work to their advantage. I, too, like to be nosy and see what’s coming. But like you said, perhaps it’s best to take the plunge, invest, and see what comes your way. Great review!

    • Thanks for the compliment and although I would like to know what I am getting there would probably be things I would never think of that is beneficial for me.

  82. This is unbelievable just by subscribing, you receive a gadget, that’s what I think you are saying. How long will it take before your sign up is accepted?  Does this mean after you have signed up and accepted will you receive a gadget every month upon paying your monthly subscription? 

    Great article for those who like gadgets, and can re-sell if they want to.

    • You receive a gadget a week after signing but recent complaints have been about a delay in people receiving their boxes and they responded that delays are due to the Covid19.  

  83. You gave me a great idea for a birthday gift for my partner, who is, as you stated, a Gadget Geek. I have never heard about the gadget subscription box until I read your review. I especially like the fact that you can always send back the item in case you don’t like it. Do you maybe know by which criteria they choose items?

  84. I myself havent experienced the gadget discovery club…its good that they offered a 30 day money back guarantee…its just that they are a little bit secretive but they have good reviews from their 100k satisfied customers ,i think their miniboom blue tooth speakers is a good buy…its handy and powerful.thanks and good day!

  85. Thanks for your review of the Gadget Discovery Club, haven’t heard of this one and yes very interesting that you can return the products for refund, so that limits your risk. I’m in the market for a wireless speaker so might be a good opportunity to give this a shot. Thanks for the intro and review.

  86. This is interesting. I love the features of the mini boom speaker and I’m hopeful to get one for myself anytime soon. It will be a great advantage for music lovers like me. I’m glad I came across this review. I would love to know if the mini boom speaker have various battery capacities. I mean battery capacity greater than 400MaH.

  87. If the products are not disclosed, how will you know what products they offer and if they are legal? Even if they do offer 30-day money-back guarantee, still would like to know details of products offered besides gadgets. The company has been around for two years, still kind of on new side that needs to gain another year of trust. Your review has been helpful, and I will bookmark your review for later signup.

  88. Gadget Discovery Club sounds like a fun way to get some new gadgets and technology around the house. The fact that I can choose the miniBoom speaker is a plus since I love having a good sounding speaker at my house. I enjoy music and having a great speaker is a definite plus.

    I think I am a bit like you; I want to know what I am getting! But with the return policy, it actually sounds like a pretty good deal. I haven’t sold on eBay for several years, but reselling the products might also be a nice way to use the club products.

  89. Really cool idea that they came up with. Thank you for the review. on this business. I’d not heard of discovery boces for gadgets before. People’s imagination and creativity is really impressive! I’m glad to see that they have succeeded and that they offer such great terms, there really is nothing to lose by trying it out! I’m just wondering, is there really much money to be made by reselling them on eBay as you suggest?

  90. Max,

    Thank you for this very informative article. I am a gadget person myself and love the discussions that they create when family and friends come to visit. I have even made a few referrals too!

    That leads me to ask: Does Gadget Discovery have a referral or Affiliate Program?

    That is something I can certainly look into for my online business.


  91. I have never heard of the Gadget Discover Club until your review and am so glad I came across this!  What a great way to be introduced to innovative gadgets.  It’s really a win win situation signing up for this gadget subscription box because the price is very reasonable for the quality of gadgets you receive, you can return the items if they don’t strike your fancy, and hey, you can even resell them for profit as you mentioned which is a great idea.  Thanks for sharing!

  92. Gadgets is a very interesting subject because there are so many in the marketplace that are very useful and helpful. From household gadgets to automotive and sports just to name a few, you will never have a problem finding useful products in any area consumers are looking. Children are one of the biggest fans of clever gadgets and will always be interested and amused at a helpful and interesting product. If a gadget does everything right then people will want to buy it and use it for themselves.

  93. This article made me super curious about what I could possibly get!  I love surprises and subscription boxes!  Do you know if you can gift these boxes to someone?  I know Father’s Day is over but still…husbands are so hard to buy for!  I can’t wait to try this out and come back and tell you what we got and if we liked it or not!  

    Thank you!


    • Yes, there are options to send it as gifts.  I appreciate the support and I look forward to hearing back from you!

  94. This is the first thing like this I’ve ever seen and I think it’s realy neat that you can get all of those things for 29 $ a month

    Do you think that In doing this you could actually receive gadgets you could potentially turn a profit on that would be worth more than what you pay each month for your subscription fee ? That would be realy cool if you could do that and sell the gadget for more money if you chose not to keep it this was a great article very interesting topic keep up the good work wish you all the best-Jonathon

    • That thought crosses my mind if I research the gadgets I receive and see that it is on the market at a higher price.

  95. The most important thing here is the clue on how some organisation operate due to trying to make the consumer feel of scarcity at every point in time, so when the product finally show up like as you said is like Christmas to the consumer, after all, there is another thing i still like about them, that is the money back guaranteed, which means if you are not satisfy with product you have every right to return before the 30 days elapse. Frankly speaking that was informative.

  96. Hmmm wow this is an interesting business concept.

    This is definitely a great choice for people who like surprises and technology items. It sounds very promising that the items we receive are reasonable quality and might even cheaper than the retail pricing. The refund policy is also setting our mind at ease if one decides to go with the monthly subscription.

    I wonder if you could share just a bit more of what we could receive apart from the speaker? It is also fine if you want to keep it as a sweet secret 😛

    Thank you Max for sharing.

  97. Thanks for posting. I’m not really a fan of gadgets, but this time I read your post with interest. I think it’s a new way of doing business, especially since they don’t have a website. Only social media, where the large mass of the population spends their time. I really found it interesting.

  98. I guess if you are really into gadgets, then this is a great club to join. Their marketing strategy is interesting since they are assured of a monthly income from members even if they do not like the gadget produced. In addition, most people do not bother to return an item that they do not like. In such a case, it can be said that the sale has been made. Not appealing to me but all the best to those who subscribe.

  99. This is an interesting business, but I am wary of the monthly membership.
    There are other gadget sites that don’t have a monthly membership like Zazz, Kogan and even eBay.  Then there is the tow companies you mentioned.

    I really want to know Max, this article you wrote a while back, have you personally joined the Gadget Discovery Club?  
    Why or why not?

    • I was going through some rough times since back when I wrote this article, but now that the storm is starting to settle I will try it in the near future.

  100. I love this blog post on Gadget Discovery! I love technology so I am always looking at the new stuff coming out of the tech world. Have you subscribed to this service or just did a trial period? I would be interested to see what other neat tech gadgets that get sent in the packages.

  101. Great article! I did not even know something like this exists. As I am a gadget junkie, at least that is what my wife calls me, I will have to try it. Just curious what else than the speaker you got out of your subscription. Seems like the holy grail for someone like me. Gadgets on a monthly basis. It will feel like a monthly Christmas!!

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