How to Fix A Damaged Relationship

how to fix aq damaged relationship

Through the ups and downs we may experience with the one’s we love, past events may cause a relationship to be damaged. It is hard to move along in a relationship if your lover has not forgiven you for past mistakes. While it is possible to repair a damaged relationship, like everything in life that is worthwhile it would take time and effort in doing so.

Advice from some may say that when you hurt the one you love, you are susceptible to getting hurt in return. While this maybe true, if you truly love that person you should do everything to address the issue. Your lover will more than likely give you more than one chance to rectify and repair your relationship, but being given plenty of chances is not always guaranteed and can inevitably lead to a point of permanent breakup. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to repair and improve your relationship, the best thing to do is communicate better to have more of an understanding of your lover.

When emotions are involved lovers may lie to one another, hold things in that bothers you about one another, and this is due to wanting to protect and not wanting to hurt your loved ones feelings. Unfortunately the things you hold back or try to hide are usually what hurts your lover because everything has a way of coming to light. If you  are in a power struggle with the person you are with and want to make things better,  it is wise to seek expert advice.

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When we do things we tend to not think about how it effect others because you are caught up in your own emotions.  If you stop for a second and take the time to listen, love, and emphasize with your partner it will be a step forward in a relationship.


  1. I really wish I would have read this a while back. You bring up some pretty good points here, moving forward I need to stop taking my significant other for granted as I have been. Good read, thanks for the tips

    • No problem, I have been at a point where I have matured and I try not to take my significant other for granted as well. I am glad that this article proved useful to you.

  2. I think we have all been there. It’s definitely a good idea to take a step back and consider the other persons feelings. It’s also important to protect yourself if you need too. Definitely an article I can relate to. Thanks, Angie

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