Is Rory Ricord a Scam or legit program to make money online?

Is Rory Ricord A Scam?

Rory Ricord is another program promoting itself as a platform to help individuals make substantial money online.

You have most likely come to this page because you’re doing your research and due diligence to find out whether or not the Rory Ricord program is worth joining.

I am in the position to share this review with you because I was involved with the Rory Ricord program before finding a much better way to earn online. I believe this review will help you into making the best decision.

Rory Ricord Review

Name: Rory Ricord
Cost: Varies
My Score:2/10

Verdict: Rory Ricord places much emphasis on link post blogging, but his methods and teachings will not provide you with the most effective way of building a business on the web.

In addition, there are numerous scam complaints against Rory Ricord and the BBB has also given the company an F rating which is concerning

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What is Link Post Blogging

Link post blogging is something invented by Rory Ricord. In my view, it is a fancy or different way of saying blogging.

If you think about it, you set up a website and post content promoting affiliate products through links you have throughout the content (Hence, you are posting links through your blogs).

With the way he set’s up your website…which I will get to soon- you will have little success with his so called link post blogging.

There are better programs to help build your own brand and guide you step by step towards success within affiliate marketing.

Most companies and websites talk about adding links to their blog posts, but there is no mention of link post blogging. Rory Ricord says link post blogging goes beyond simple linking.

According to this program, link post blogging requires only one website to be created for marketing.

Outside of this explanation, Rory Ricord does not expand on link post blogging. This is a trap to get potential customers to purchase his program to find out more details.

Website Installation

After buying into the Rory Ricord program, you are hit with an upsell to pay for your site to be installed.

The website from Rory isn’t exactly gonna live up to your expectations because the domain name isn’t yours to keep, the function of the site is very limited, and the blog doesn’t really belong to you at all.

Members will get a site that’s already done for you with duplicate content that every other member gets when joining which is terrible for seo purposes.

That will give you zero chance at getting Google rankings and organic traffic to your blog.

Just a little word of advice here, even if you were to overcome all of the SEO problems that come along with using one of his LPB sites, having a domain name made up of only random numbers and letters will most likely never rank on it’s own for free.

The main reason why people new to internet marketing fail with LPB sites is due to the fact that Google and the other Big 3 search engines do not take kindly to websites when their Niche topic is not easy to distinguish what the primary focus is on.

While it will be almost impossible to make money in the long term, theses are a a couple options you can do to make the site a success.

  1. Invest a huge amount of money (1,00o’s monthly) out in advertising fees to places like Google Adwords,  popular social media sites, or really any ad space you can obtain where there is already 1,000’s of daily visitors. To make it work out in your favor you’re going to need a good return on investment and a good number of clicks on your link in order to get the search engines attention.
  2. Get the top authoritative sites in each of your LPB sites niches topics to mention and link to your site as much as possible and using anchor texts that have your site name and/or the keyword you most want to be ranked for. Which, mind you, will still cost you a few dollars. As a matter of fact it would be much more than just a few dollars.
  3. This option is less expensive, but by far probably the hardest to do. Ask a highly respectable, Top Authoritative name, to use his heavy Google Authorship status and bring your rankings right to the top by having him or her put their credentials as the author of your posts and pages.  it may also be ideal to put them down as one of the owners of your site.


A weird and confusing part of the training is how Rory directs you to watch a clickbank video detailing how to make money online after making members watch similar videos from Rory himself.  The Clickbank video makes you feel as if you signed on for the Rory Ricord program and are now unsure afterwards of whether you are suppose to sign up for the clickbank opportunity to get the complete package.  Here is a complaint from a person who joined:

Is Rory Ricord a Scam?

Rory Ricord sells a training program online that includes 1-on-1 support and advice from his team.

This program also includes various resources relating to link post blogging and how to make money off of this system. This program places a lot of weight on its 1-on-1 training sessions.

Rory claims that his staff is trained by him alone and have a great understanding behind the concepts of link post blogging.

These staff people do exist, and there are mixed reviews on the quality of their help provided to members of the program.

Personal Experience

This is the first video I ever posted. I now use a strategy that makes me close to 2,000 a week online which I share in my ultimate guide to make money online.

Not do I only go through steps you can apply right away, but I show much better alternatives to make money with affiliate marketing. Wether you want to start a blog to promote affiliate products, credible done for you solutions to make money online, and best social media trainings that are available.

My personal experience within the Rory Ricord platform was brief as it started off with a bunch of red flags that lead me to research for better opportunities.

First off I wad lead to his program through an ad that did not mention anything about Rory Ricord, but just as a a way to learn how to make money online by just paying $67.  After paying the $67, I then got the sales pitch to join the Rory Ricord program.

I was hit with an upsell to pay for the website to be installed after paying a decent amount for the training.

The name of the site was something like  If you are new to internet marketing then you just got scammed because you just paid a substantial amount of money for a site that belongs to and is hosted by siterubix.

I did not fully understand that at first as I was more concerned about why the name of the site was just a few letters and numbers.  Rory response would be to not worry about that and to get to the training.

After Rory advises me to join and market products for Brunette Marketing, Clickpartners, and a few other affiliate sites, I was then showed a video on clickbank which had me confused.

I was about to buy into clickbank after that but thought to myself , “didn’t I just pay for something like this”.

Rory Ricord eventually guided me to post ads on sites that gets traffic such as,, and a few more.

I guess after posting ads on these sites you hope someone clicks on the ad and buy something in order to get paid.

Lets just say after posting and posting and posting these ads over and over, it started to feel as if I was just wasting my time.

Rory advises to keep posting like I did and did not give any clear cut answer on how many times to do so, but the answer seemed to indicate if you do it a thousand times you might make something.

Will as I mentioned I posted links countless times and did not make any money doing so. With this method, Rory claims that individuals will make money doing this once they master the art of link post blogging.

I almost forgot to mention that after paying for the training, I had to dig deep and reach out to the program just to get started.  It is very suspicous to pay for an opportunity to make money online and have to reach out first to get details on the opportunity.

After that I would eventually get a phone call from someone asking me a bunch of questions that was all about digging into my personal finances to see if I could pay more money for even better training.

That is three red flags if I am not mistaken.  Then the money back guarantee or Rory Ricord’s personal guarantee that if you pay into the program and do not make any money he will personally give you $500…forget it.

I spent like ten minutes on the phone going back and forth with customer service on why I did not want to be a member anymore and getting my refund just to join.

I got refunded for the initial purchase to join but not the upsell of the site which was quite expensive.

Back to the phone call.  The phone call questions alone was the number 1 red flag.  The representative spoke as if they wanted to see how motivated I was because they would invest in my better training based on our conversation.

It made me feel as if I would not get everything I wanted out of the opportunity if I did not have the money for it.

Of course there investment in individuals is b.s. Their questions related to credit score and yearly income seems to be another way to see if they can get more money out of you.

Who Is Rory Ricord

Rory Ricord is an internet marketer who has been around for a long time and also has his hands in various money making programs.

Rory Ricord has achieved a lot of success and has made plenty of money as an internet marketer, but he has done so by misleading individuals to buy products that do not live up to be as advertised.

In his numerous years of experience he has had more negative reviews than positive which is a huge red flag.

Rory Ricord has been brought up time and time again in relation to many different scam complaints with the BBB.

Is Rory Ricord A Scam?

I am not big on labeling a company as a scam, but with Rory Ricord I would be lying if I said it would be a good business opportunity.  Rory Ricord is the face behind a few scam sites which are named the following:

  • The Work at home institute
  • Profits Master Academy
  • Home Job Placement
  • Leads Stream

After one system is caught onto by the public he goes out, renames it something flashy, changes the steps around a bit, and then market it to unsuspected individuals searching for a legitimate way to make money online.

Rory Ricord owns a company called Brunette Marketing and if you check their profile on BBB you will see they are not accredited which does not mean they are a scam.

But there are complaints that Brunette Marketing has yet to respond to  which is quite concerning.  I am suspicious of the fact that 5 positive reviews popped up in one day which leads me to believe it was coerced by Rory Ricord or members of his team.

When it comes down to investing in the Rory Ricord program, paying cash for a WordPress website that’s gonna be absolutely useless when it comes to SEO, and also using an outdated “link posting” method for trying to make money online isn’t really worth your time, effort, and money, in my opinion.

There are far better programs than Rory Ricord that will teach you how to build an online business, and one that can actually be very successful too.

If you want to learn more on how to build a website for affiliate marketing:  Wealthy Affiliate  is my number 1 recommendation for beginners.

Is Rory Ricord A Scam?

WA provides you with step-by-step training on how to make a full-time income online. In addition, WA provides a vivid community of online entrepreneurs who support and help towards each other success.

Another benefit in WA is that you can join for free. Click here for my personal review of Wealthy Affiliates and the path towards online success.

Rory Ricord Program
  • price
  • transparency
  • training
  • website


There is more to lose than earn when investing your time and money into this program. With an upsell and phone calls regarding your financial situation, it is no telling how much money Rory Ricord will try to get out of you. The website created for you will have you confused and even though you paid for the site you will not own it. It was very misleading to begin with when ads leading to his site mentions nothing about Rory Ricord, but instead preys on beginners searching for a way to make money online.


  1. Really informative, I wasn’t aware of Rory Ricord prior but I’ll know to be weary in the future.

    I am aware of Wealthy Affiliates however and you highlight a really good alternative. In your opinion what is the best thing about this ‘program’?


    • The best thing is the help you receive from members in the community and from the owner himself. Besides his training he always answers my questions regardless of how important they may seem. I am glad to inform you and others of Rory Ricord so people will not make the same mistake I made by joining that program.

  2. Thank you for writing this article. I have not heard of Rory Ricord, but his business practices make him sound pretty sketchy! It is becoming increasingly harder to find legitimate sources of online marketing education. Is there some kind of “test” that a person can use right away before signing up for these types of programs; I mean to see if they are legit?

    • The best thing to do with any business opportunity before joining is researching the company. Rory Ricord was definitely a learning experience and unfortunately I did not do my research before joining. I am glad that I did not put much time and effort into his program just to have little results in the long run.

  3. Wow, thank you for this in-depth review on Rory Ricord. I had no idea who he was before reading this article, however, at least I’m one of the lucky ones that landed here before it was too late. I find it funny how we claims to be a money-making “guru” yet he sends everyone to a clickbank video to try and get a sale. I know I wouldn’t trust someone that tried to pull the wool over my eyes. Awesome work here!

    • Yea I was new to online marketing at the time I brought into his program. Unfortunately after realizing red flags after another I did my research after the fact. I hope I will be able to influence others to not make the same mistake.

  4. I wish I would have seen this review, or you had written this review, prior to me joining that program. I couldn’t agree with you more! I have since quit the program and got refunded. I am so happy I didn’t buy any of the up sells they were trying so hard to get me to purchase. Thank you for letting people know so they don’t get ripped off. Great review and right on the money!

    • Damn you too…lol. Well at least we know better now and most likely you have already heard about my number 1 recommended opportunity. It has helped me build this site and now I am earning online.

  5. It is definitely not cool to buy something and realize that you don’t exactly have everything at hand. It seems like one of the most dirtiest marketing tactics out there.

    As far as link post blogging, do you mean that he doesn’t talk much about quality link building and mostly just spamming affiliate links? I hear linking to other quality sites that deal in similar fields actually boosts your websites credibility in the eyes of google.

    • He doesn’t get into specifics but keeps urging you on to take certain steps before getting into the exact method of link post blogging. Of course all those steps leads to him trying to get more money out of your pocket.

  6. When looking for a new opportunity its crazy how some of these people just want to pry your wallet open and can get away with it and delivery poor results or no results becasue you can not finish the program because your broke! I almost invested in a online company that was asking for a $10,000 investment in “MY education” to learn how to be an affiliate! Then I found Wealthy affiliates! As a newbie to this arena, I am amazed at the support in the community! And love seeing the great information like this site is generated by good people! Wishing you the very best and great success!

    • Thanks I wish you success in your online journey as well, and am glad you found Wealthy Affiliates in your quest to online success. 10,000 is a lot of money to invest in any business, let alone an online business. I knew from the very beginning that not having your own site with your own content was wrong from the beginning and did not waste too much time and energy into Rory Ricord.

  7. HI Max,
    Thanks for writing such an honest article. I really appreciate that. I felt the professional restraint in your writing voice in your Is Rory Ricord Legit part. You seem like a real straight talker. That is nice. I like that.
    Thanks for sharing this information with me.

    • Your welcome. I try to get to the point and guide people in the right direction. Hopefully people will do their research before joining the program.

  8. Well well well. I see I have found these reviews a little late. Unfortunately I did join the program. Here is what I have come away with so far. The ability to be able to blog on my own. I know how to reel traffic in. And I had come up with researching things on my own. Such as while posting ads on classifieds for free I noticed other link post blog sites as my own. These had contact emails listed with some of them. So what I would do is send an email to them asking how they were doing and letting them know that if I could help them in any way I gladly would. I guess I must have picked the wrong email to send that message to today. Probably One of Rory’s many email addresses or one of his lackies. Low and behold I got a threatening message from Rory himself. Telling me his attorneys would be contacting me for my so called illegal activities. I did not know that asking how someone was doing with a blog site and offering help if desired was illegal. Is it illegal. I offered my apologies for offending him and assured him I was not trying to discredit him or steal his students from him. And he continued with the attorney threat and telling me that mine was coming over and over again. I only took this for a few minutes longer and then let him have it. I told him that I wanted my refund back and to be discontinued from his program since he stated I was not welcome anymore. And if I was not reimbursed I would be sending the skype transcript to the authorities and would then continue spreading my knowledge of his ill methods. Upon my final answer I have gotten no response from him. So does anyone know if what I had done by emailing someone else in the program is illegal?

    • Im sorry for the late reply I have been on vacation. I have never heard of anything like this before but with my brief experience within the Rory Ricord program and the complaints he has had thus far, it doesn’t surprise me to hear something like this. I do not think that emailing someone should be wrong especially if its another member or if you were offering help as you mentioned. Good luck and if you have time you should take a look into That offers a legitimate way to start earning a passive income online.

  9. I’m like you in so much as I don’t really like labeling people as a scam, but after reading your Rory Ricord review, and then checking out his website — I would agree that his business fits the description of a scam.

    Having made a lot of purchaces online myself, my first priority is complete transparency about what I’m getting into, and Rory Ricord website doesn’t even make good sense when you read it.


    • I was lead to the Rory Ricord program unknowingly through an ad that promoted itself as a way to learn how to make substantial money online for the price of $67 to just get an up sell afterwards to join the Rory ricord program for another fee.  That is a bad start to begin with

  10. Thanks for this article.

    I can’t say I have heard of this product before.
    I landed on your page when I was searching for ‘blogging posts’.

    The ethics he uses will certainly ban websites from Google.

    Out of interest, the websites that are being built are they in the same niche area or can you choose what niche you want to be in?


    • The website is built for you and it has every topic lined up as if its a website you can get anything like amazon.  It is too much to brain storm and the fact that every site is built that way and is owned through site rubix makes it something that you can not call your own online business

  11. There are so many scams that it there, all over-promising and under-delivering. Sorry that you got ripped off by this guy, but the great thing about your review as that hopefully others will see it when doing their research (and everyone should do their research!!) and stay well clear.

    I concur with you with regards to wealthy affiliate. They are wonderful and teach you everything you need to know. The free starter package is an excellent way for people to see if it resonates with them before purchasing the premium package (which I highly recommend). I’ve also heard great things about affilorama but I’m yet to explore their offering.

    All the best to you.

    • For newbies that want to learn more on how to build a site and join in on the success that many individuals have experienced with affiliate marketing: Affilorama, Wealthy Affiliate, and Chris Farrel membership are three top notch programs that provides the necessary training. I hope individuals will do their due diligence and research before getting involved with the Rory Ricord program.

  12. Thanks for this review brother. I had someone try sell me this product through email and right from the start it smelt fishy. Luckily I came across your review and found out that it definitely is a big waste of money. I know I wouldn’t be investing any of my money into someone that’s released scams in the past!

    • It is great that you came to this review before buying into the Rory Ricord Program. Unfortunately I did not as I was indirectly lead to that program as a legitimate way to make money online.

  13. I’ve been thinking about starting an online business and I am glad I came across this post. Thanks for the info

    • You are welcome, I am glad you have did your research in order to know what programs would be best if you decide to start an online business.

  14. I have never heard of Rory Ricord before reading your post, I have to admit I’ve been scammed to the point where I was in major debt, Your article can save so many people from going through the scammers, WA is the best affiliate programme that I have joined, the best training given to individuals, a very good platform for newcomers to affiliate marketing. Thankyou for such a informative post.

    • You are welcome. It is not cool to lose money when trying to do something positive to better yourself. I am glad you found WA to give you the best training to build a successful online business.

  15. Wow I was looking into different online opportunities and I think I came across one of the ads you mentioned in the video. I am glad I didn’t take the bait as it looked suspicious promising you can make money by just investing 67 bucks

    • Yes it was to good to be true as I found out after getting hit with an upsell. That is something most beginners to online marketing get duped with but fortunately I found a program that has lived up to its word.

  16. A well-written review. Link blogging an interesting term used for blogging. What’s he hoping to get out of changing that. The Clickbank video he instructs to watch is that his or someone else’s. Because it seems he doesn’t have any original content of his own. The things you say he tells to do can all be learned on Youtube. 

    • The clickbank video is someones else and if you accidentally buy into it he would receive a commission. After a week, I realized his platform would not provide me the best opportunity in regard to internet marketing.

  17. Thank you so much for writing honest reviews about websites and companies.  Not many people want to focus on the bad ones, instead they focus on the websites that are good and then try to sell me everything on their website.  I totally agree with Wealthy Affiliate.  I actually am a member at WA and thoroughly enjoy it.  I have been a member since 2015 and have felt very appreciative of the fast support that the community has helped with by building out 2 websites.  I highly recommend WA to anybody reading this comment. 

  18. I really just want to say that I watched your Video and hey you can say what you want but in reality your doing the same exact thing that your saying is a scam. I really believe if you actually saw the full side of the Rory Ricord Performance Blogging Community and actually got to know what we do fully then you might see that there is more opportunity there than most can handle!!! I have been here 4 years and am still going strong. I started other opportunities and did not like writing negative comments about others opportunity while I am doing the same exact thing. Putting out content that is not true or not fully researched and talking bad about other businesses I feel is poor business in any circle!!! Unfortunately I guess that is common practice in the online world!!! Well I hope you do well here and I wish you all the success in the world!!!

    • I don’t understand how you accuse me of doing the same thing when all I did was wrote about my personal experiences within the program and informing readers that there is a better platform out there to help you succeed. My personal experience with the program was not good and from your comment, it is nice to know that Rory is actually helping some people succeed in the online world. While I do not think he offers the best training to help people make money online, I will say for him to be around so long he must be doing something right.

  19. I just signed up with Rory records program, had my initial conversation with my 1 on 1 support team and she didn’t ask me much about financial questions, but asked what my goals were, and work history and skills. I did however pay the 97.00 installation with PayPal for the web hosting fee she explained it’s just like “” paying them monthly to use their server. Im still unsure if this platform will work for me. I just have to roll with the punches yet be cautious. I did watch a webinar they host weekly and there were 196 participants which impressed me. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. I may sign up with WA still using Rory’s program to compare and contrast, but your review was very helpful so thank you for posting.

    • Does Rory still talks about link post blogging? I can let you know from my experience that their are better courses out there and WA is where I found clarity and a direct way to build my business from scratch. I see you subscribed to my list as well but did not take a look at my ultimate guide to make money online I sent. It shows strategies you can apply right away. If you look out for my emails I will be sending a ton of content to help! To Your Online Success

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