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social boost review

Social Boost is a Plug-In that can be installed on a WordPress blog to enhance your social media presence on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Before getting into the review, there is also a company called Social Boost to help clients grow on social media.

While the agency claims to help clients win big on Instagram, this review will reveal whether or not they hold true to their claims.

Ben Arthur is the founder of Social Boost and he has a background in creating videos on YouTube since 2013, gaining 100,000’s subscribers and 12M+ views in the process.

In 2019, Ben founded Social Boost as a means of providing clients with a way to grow their business on Instagram. There is also effective YouTube training provided for those wanting to improve their results with online videos.

To have a comprehensive understanding of Social Boost, I will detail the Plugin that can be installed on WordPress after reviewing the company that is named Social Boost.

Social Boost-The Agency

Social Boost’s automated services are designed to increase engagement and keep your Instagram account active and up to date. Automated tools are an important marketing strategy for businesses and should be diligently researched before deciding what services to invest in.

If you’re not getting a bit of help or investing in tools to help grow on social media, it will be difficult competing against everyone else out there who is.

There is a huge market for individuals seeking to grow their presence on Instagram and other social platforms, but some companies will scam their clients with fake engagement or provide automation services that may jeopardize your reputation and put your account at risk of being suspended.

So is Social Boost one of those companies?

Below is a customer review and reply from Social Boost to the client on Trust Pilot.

Please do not use this company

Please do not use this company. My account has just been suspended as Instagram identified I was using a 3rd party. Today they followed 200 people in a very short time. This is a service that uses bots despite blurb. Don’t be fooled by the multiple staff profiles and pretty faces. I think it’s a smaller operation.

Reply from Social Boost Aug 15, 2020

Hi Angus,

I’m sorry to hear this. Are you free to jump on a call to discuss the issue? I’d like to get this resolved as soon as possible.

We do not use bots, as Instagram blocks all actions from servers/desktops. Growing manually is the only effective method in 2020. We’ve tried everything and this is the only method that works.

Yes, we do have some pretty faces, but I wouldn’t say we’re a small operation. I only know half of my colleague’s names!

Once again, I’m really sorry your campaign hasn’t started delivering yet. You have every right to feel frustrated, but please rest assured that you are in safe hands and we’ll get this resolved immediately.

I’m available for a call tomorrow. Please reach out by LiveChat and ask any team that you’d like to have a callback from Josh. Look forward to speaking with you and getting this back on track! 👌

Many thanks,
Josh | Account Manager

While they have generated much more positive reviews than negative, there are more customer complaints for their Instagram account being suspended.

Most reviews praise Social Boost for being trustworthy and helping clients grow their business, but there is no telling whether some of the reviews were written by a client or someone involved in the company.

Positive reviews on a company can be suspicious when you have them on the same day. If you go from having no reviews for a week, then get two negative reviews on back to back days, and then get 6 positive reviews 3 days later on the same day, the timeframe of those positive reviews may not produce genuine and authentic reviews from real customers.

It would be wise to proceed with caution and if you decide to use the social boost, give it a month to determine whether or not the results are worth a long term marketing strategy.

Social Boost Pricing

There are three packages to consider for using Social Boost.

  1. Personal Package- Their personal package is priced at $59 a month and it features live chat and the resources to grow organically.
  2. Influencer Package- Their Influencer Package is priced at $99 a month and it provides everything from the basic package along with advanced targeting and weekly reports.
  3. Turbocharged Package- Their turbocharged package is priced at $249 a month and comes with everything you get in Influencer, as well as added growth

My Recommendation

For growing my business on Pinterest, I use Tailwind as an automation tool for keeping my account constantly active with a good amount of quality content.

Tailwind does more than help clients win on Pinterest as they are also used for those looking to grow their social media presence on Instagram.

I paid around $90 for the year to use Tailwind for growing my online business. For more information on how Tailwind helps clients grow on Instagram, I advise clicking on the link below for the review.

The title of the article is Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business on Pinterest with Tailwind, but the same thing detailed in the article can be applied to Instagram and whatever business you are looking to expand, whether it is music, modeling, or selling your own products.

Social Boost Plugin for WordPress

Create Viral Blog Posts

Instantly With WordPress Shortcodes

Take the social features of some of the highest shared websites like Buzzfeed or UpWorthy and add them to your blog posts. Whether you want to Run Referral, Viral Share, Giveaways, Sweepstakes & Instant Win Campaigns, you can add shortcodes on WordPress to get all the social share features you need to have viral blog posts.

Easy to Install

Fast Setup with Accessible Admin Panel

Easy to access all the features you need to customize your Social Boost shortcodes. You can modify the content you want to display and add the shortcodes to different pages or posts.

Collect Email Leads

Add Your Email Auto-Responder Code

Easily integrate Social Boost to email marketing software like Aweber, GetResponse, and others. Social Boost is highly optimized to generate leads when adding to blog posts or pages.

Viral Video Shortcode

Automatically Resized Viral Videos

You can easily add YouTube or Vimeo videos on your blog by implementing the Social Boost’s shortcode to automatically resize the video aspect ratio with a Facebook Like widget.

Add Scroll Facebook Popup

Displays When Users Scroll to Bottom of the Page

You can create your own headline and a Facebook Like Url and will popup when users scroll to the bottom of your blog.

Exit Facebook Popup

Displays Before Users Leave Your Blog

You can easily add the Exit Popup on any of your blog posts using the WordPress shortcode before your visitors leave your blog.


Using Social Boost may prove useful and is something to look into if you have a WordPress Blog. The agency called social boost might be legit, but Tailwind costs a fraction of the price and is a great tool for building your presence on Pinterest and Instagram. If you have experience with using the Social Boost Plugin for WordPress or invested in the company to grow your social media following, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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