The Best Ways to Make a Passive Income

Ways to Make a Passive Income

Making a Passive Income is something that can change everyone’s life for the better.  There are multiple ways to earn a passive income, but when reading articles based on the subject it does not usually provide ideas that haven’t been thought of.  So I will provide a list of some of the best ways to make a passive income and I hope this information would prove useful.

Some of the things mentioned on this list might be something you already thought about as well, but if you have an idea that is missing in the article please leave a comment after reading.

1.  Online Business– I might be biased putting this at number 1 as a blogger, but the simple fact of the matter is that it takes little to invest and can boost your income dramatically.  This can be the start of establishing multiple streams of income as freedom and flexibility can help you focus on other endeavors.  There are different goals you may have in mind for marketing online.  Reviews within the top menu will walk you through different website builders and which one is best for you depending on your needs for an online business.

2. Reselling sneakers– There are people getting rich or making a full-time income from buying sneakers and reselling them for double, triple, four times, or maybe 5 times the amount of the original cost.  Sneakers brought for $300 and resold for $1,800 is really happening.  Not to say you can make that kind of profit from every sneaker you buy, but if you know what’s trending and what the people want then you will be successful.  You can buy and hold on to them and watch the value increase once it’s out of stock.  Some Sneakers drop and sell out in one minute.  If this is something that interests you then I would recommend looking into the following apps.  Nike Sneakers, Goat, and StockX.  Some sneakers sell out so fast that experienced sellers will purchase bots to automatically buy certain sneakers when they drop.

3. Invest in Gold–  Gold should be an important part of a diversified investment strategy because the price increases every time there is an event that causes the value of paper investments, such as stocks and bonds, to decline. Although the price of gold can be volatile in the short term, it has always maintained its value over the long term.  Invest in gold and you can be literally sitting on a gold mine.  Just don’t brag about it or let your neighbors know…Seriously

4. Financial Markets– If you have money to invest in stocks, just like gold you will see the value increase with time.  Investing in stocks is trickier than gold as the value of a stock may decrease as outlined in the previous section.  Making smart investments can definitely yield a nice piece of change over time. When investing in the financial market, you can look into stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

5. Insurance Agent-  I don’t exactly know if you can make a passive income as an Insurance Agent for Geico, but if you are selling Life Insurance then there is an opportunity to make a residual income from people buying and maintaining their policies.  I worked for a year as a Life Insurance Agent for Nilico (National Income Life Insurance) before deciding it was not right for me.

6. Real Estate/ Landlord– Everything mentioned before this can build you up to purchasing buildings and collecting rent from tenants at the end of the month.  Sweet.

7. Multi-Level Marketing– This is last on my list because these kinds of businesses are a numbers game and the majority of people won’t succeed.  However for those few that breakthrough and get to the top of these pyramids will indeed feel like an Egyptian Pharaoh.

Benefits of Establishing a Passive Income

1. Travel- There is no secret to this benefit of establishing a passive income.  A passive income will provide the means to go places you always wanted. From Paris to the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands, you will be able to explore the world at your fingertips.  Just book a flight and go! You got the money and more is coming!!!

2. Relationships-  There might be a lack of time to develop and progress in your relationships due to a hectic lifestyle you may have to keep your head above water.  Whether it is a spouse, parents, kids, or friends the chances of you having time for all is slim. Some individuals got to get the short end of the stick when it comes to your valuable time.  If you don’ t have enough time for your spouse then you really have to rethink life decisions.

3. Mental Well Being- Keeping your head above water and relying on a check to check can be stressful.  Having a passive income will give you peace of mind because you know you will be getting paid no matter what.

4. Physical Well Being- Working so much can breakdown your body and your lack of time will prohibit you from building yourself up.  The physical stress you were putting on your body will convert to a physical well being if you make use of that free time for getting fit.


My top two recommendations to start out if you lack the money or good credit for a thing like real estate is to start an online business or get into the sneaker game.  It takes little to start and the opportunity to earn is faster or more legitimate than some of the others in the article.

In contemplating how to start an online business, there are a variety of ways to make money online but learning how to promote products through affiliate marketing is the most passive way in doing so.

You can become a freelance writer which requires you to work for clients.

You can start a dropshipping business online, but that requires more of a hands-on approach when dealing with customer transactions.

Or… you can promote affiliate products by building a website

or without building a website.

Wish Your the Best and any other ideas people?


  1. I will never regret working my butt off to make money by working online.  I have no problem talking about making a ton of mistakes on my journey to be successful online.

    You write a great article about passive income and pretty much an inverted blue print to show us the journey and how to get there.

    Thank you for putting all this information together and thank you for sharing it with others like myself.

  2. Just when you think you have seen it all, I find out that people are reselling sneakers. What a cool concept.  Where do they buy the sneakers for for less so they can resell them?

    I know many people are looking to get a bit of cash on the site and your posts gives some new ideas of how to do that. Very good ideas. What a good post. Thank you for sharing your ideas. 

    • People usually buy off the Nike sneakers app and resell on Goat.  I’m not sure about Stockx but I know its used in this kind of entrepreneurial venture.  Thanks for the compliment Wish You the Best! 

  3. A passive income is such a blessing.  One thing I think is helpful is that at first, it is small and not always reliable, so whatever we do with it, we appreciate that it is extra income that we have earned, but we can’t yet depend on.  So we’re careful with it. This makes more of an impression on your subconscious mind and you want more of this kind of income.  You are willing to work at increasing your efforts.  Your mind is working in the background for your new secret income.  You want to groom and grow it.  You know it can grow!

    Your suggestions were interesting and some unusual as well.  Thank you for your ideas shared.  

    • No problem I am glad you enjoyed.  My beginnings came with the same thought process and actions just like you mentioned!

  4. You provided some awesome new concepts to earn a passive income, thank you for taking the time to share this with us!  I never knew you could resell sneakers to earn a passive income stream, amazing.  My brother in laws best friend is all about buying sneakers.  He has bought my nephew some of the most incredible shoes.  I know he would be stoked about this opportunity so I’m going to bookmark your page to share with him. 

    Also, I thought it was great you spoke about the benefits when you do achieve a passive income like being able to spend time with your loved ones and create memories when traveling which is priceless.:-)

    • Thank you I am glad you enjoyed the article.  I have found these benefits to be quite fulfilling towards living a happy life.

  5. Selling sneakers Max – perhaps I’m getting old but I didn’t know it was a thing. I’ll check out the suggested sites (Apps) but can you give me a rough idea of what sort of money you would need to set aside to do this? Are you actually buying, holding and then selling the physical shoes or is it more of a virtual marketplace where the stock, storage, sales etc. are done behind the scenes? I’ll check it out but sounds really interesting.

    • Yea you actually buying the sneakers.  Its best to buy off the Nike App as they come out with the sneakers at the lowest price.  You will then be able to resell for a profit at a later date.  If you have $300 then you can buy one of the sort after sneakers that will sale out fast.  You’ll have to do your research and keep up with trends on Instagram to know whats coming and what sneakers will have the potential to make a nice flip.

  6. Passive income is living the dream if you can get enough of it. It’s great to have multiple streams of income and diversify the portfolio, so I like that you provide a comprehensive list of passive income ideas. Sneakers don’t naturally seem like they would be something to provide passive income… do you not need to keep up with trends and constantly be buying and selling for this venture to work?

    • Buying sneakers can be just like buying stocks but you will see a dramatic increase in value faster.  Like anything you are involved in, it is best to keep up with what’s trending.  Experienced sellers have methods to buying multiple pairs of the same sneakers that they know they can make a profit on.  Usually, 1 to 3 sneakers drop every month that will be highly profitable.

  7. Wao, this is really interesting. I didn’t know that we could actually make a living online. I had checked a couple of survey sites and have also heard about a bunch of people being scammed. Neither ways enable us to make a living. I’d like to establish a passive income and travel the world, as you mentioned at the end of your post.

    • If you are interested in making money online I have a post under the important pages section which details the best ways to make money online.  It is definitely a great choice for establishing a passive income and traveling.

  8. Max, Very cool article. Like many of your readers, I was unaware that reselling sneakers was a thing until my co-worker kept bringing in boxes to ship out for her son. She told me she was shipping them for her son who was making thousands of dollars reselling sneakers. Who would have thought?

    You mentioned gold, I agree it is a good investment especially when the economy goes bad, but another suggestion is investing in a gold stock such as GLD. This wouldn’t give you physical bars of gold but one can be invested in the same precious metal through the stock market. Check it out. Great article.

  9. I love it! I would like to earn a passive income and many people would like too. I am starting with my online business and I agree that it needs a little investment to obtain earns, I hope this idea will work well. On the other hand, the ways that you mentioned look interesting I didn’t have any idea about that. I would like in the future to buy sneakers for reselling it, it sounds great! 

    Thanks for this article! I think it is going to be helping a lot of people finding ways to earn passive income.

    • No problem I know that the economy will not be the same after the Covid 19 crisis and people will need to be creative in finding ways to make money.

  10. Max, Very cool article. Like many of your readers, I was unaware that reselling sneakers was a thing until my co-worker kept bringing in boxes to ship out for her son. She told me she was shipping them for her son who was making thousands of dollars reselling sneakers. Who would have thought?

    You mentioned gold, I agree it is a good investment especially when the economy goes bad, but another suggestion is investing in a gold stock such as GLD. This wouldn’t give you physical bars of gold but one can be invested in the same precious metal through the stock market. Check it out. Great article.

  11. Thank you for such a detailed list on the ways on how to make passive income online.

    Personally out of the seven list that you mentioned , I still prefer online business most.  The main reason is because online business is easy to be set up.  It is also direct in terms of presenting your products to your customers.

    Last but not least, although passive income is a dream for many people who are just standing out, it still takes patience and planning before one can see the fruits of their labour.  

  12. I love your list of ways to make a passive income. I am especially interested in #2. We used to sell quite a few pairs of shoes on eBay, but I am guessing you are talking about something else when you are referring to reselling the sneakers rather than nickel and diming it on eBay of old.

    Where would one buy the sneakers cheap and sell them high and why don’t the people who are buying them at so high a price not buying them from the cheaper place?

    I also like the investments in stocks. I have only recently began this and thanks to COVID-19 I lost quite a bit, but I am hoping that things will start to bounce back up soon.

    I will have to try a few more of your suggestions as to develop multiple streams of income.

    With 2020 vision,
    Karin 😁

    • People would try to buy them low on Nike Sneakers app to resell on goat but some sneakers sell out so fast that at the same minute it drops its sold out so everybody will not have a chance to buy certain sneakers due to a limited amount being made. 

  13. Great tips on online business. I especially like the sneaker idea but wonder if it’s saturated now. Regardless, there are definitely a lot of new startup opportunities online now with people staying at home and changing their daily habits. This means more online work and people are online searching more now. Since you seem to be an authority what niche do you think is a hot business online? I believe there’s  never been  a better time to get in the online marketplace than now.Well written blog and informative. Thanks a bunch

    • Making money and food niche is two things we will always need.  Thank you for the compliment and Best Wishes.

  14. Interesting article.  I have tried several of the things you mention, but the one that interested me was “Insurance Agent.”  I believe in California you have to have a license to be an agent, but I am not sure of the process.  All of these ideas are good, but often, it is up to the person to make it work by treating it like a full time job.  Its tough for some people to find the discipline to work without a boss or rules, etc.  Thanks for the article.  I am going to look into the insurance thing.

  15. I’ve been trying out several ways to earn more as a passive income.  The article is very useful and provide me with some interesting options to take on. I can agree on the benefits of passive income. At this stage, I’m just trying to get additional income, but hopefully in the medium-run, it can be a viable option to go full time.

    Thanks and keep on the good work!

  16. Great post! Who wouldn’t want to earn some passive income? I have a friend who is into the sneaker business  – currently taking a sabbatical from work and living off his profits from selling sneakers. It’s ridiculous the amount people pay for shoes. Do you resell sneakers too? 

    Love your other ideas as well! And the benefits of earning a passive income is why I chose to start blogging as well. Much success to you!

    • No I do not resell sneakers but my best friend does.  Thanks for the compliment and I agree it is ridicoulous how much people pay for some of these sneakers.

  17. Thank you for the great list of passive income options and resources. Right now, I’m a typical broke college student and hardly have any money to invest, so I’m trying my hand at affiliate marketing. I’m brand new, though, but I hope to go somewhere with this soon! You’re completely right here, it’s the peace of mind that I’m striving for. I already know I’ll need to go to graduate school for my profession, and that far out, I can’t be sure I’ll get any kind of scholarships. I’m just trying to be prepared for whatever expenses may come my way.

    I’ve looked into other options that you’ve presented here in the past, and some of them sound so appealing. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the assets to back up that kind of investment right now. The dream is to someday own rental houses (I love architecture and real estate). Until then, though, what would your best advice be to a new blogger? How do you think I could best create content to drive more traffic towards my site like you’ve done here?

    • If you want my best advice send me a link to your site through the WA platform and I will give you some feedback.

  18. It is no secret that making money online these days has become so vast. There is a lot to do online to make money that even kids are making money online. One of my favorites is through youtube. 

    There are people playing games online on youtube and making money through it. When I say money I mean lots of money. It is truly amazing. Also if you have a skill you can create a course and sell it online or even create a membership site whereby people pay monthly to be a part of.

    I can continue listing and I won’t run out of ideas. I really love the internet as I think the opportunities online are more than those offline and in most cases, they are also easier to start and require less revenue.

  19. Awesome buddy, the best feeling ever is when one earns living from home and online. You have provided some great concepts to earn a passive income online. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with us. I had now idea and never knew one can resell sneakers to earn passive income. 

    In addition, I thought it is really awesome when you mentioned about the benefits of achieving passive income like being able to spend time with family and friends while creating memories traveling.

    I wish that many will realize this secret of living like us.

  20. You have really opened my eyes to a whole new ways of opportunity when it comes to making a passive income. I’m barely getting by, but blogging seems like a great fit for me, especially since I love writing. You mentioned that this position can include some marketing strategies for my advantages, what if I don’t know anything about marketing? How can I start a blog?

  21. Interesting article with some great tips on sources to achieve passive income. I was surprised to see that re-selling sneakers are big business. But thinking about it, it is not a bad idea.

    I agree with you that gold is a solid investment. You will always be redundant if you invest in gold, especially in turbulent times like today with the pandemic at work.

    To me, the best ways of passive income are the sneakers’ business or online business. In addition, I would highly recommend buying gold no matter how small the amount of money you start with

  22. If I had written such an insightful article, I would have surely kept “online business” as number 1 as well. The opportunity to impact people’s lives all over the world while staying at home was unthinkable back then but the internet has made it possible and simple. I liked reading about “The Best Ways to Make a Passive Income” as it enlarged my scope, now I have more to consider when thinking about investing.

    What is the best way to invest for you?

    • The best way to invest is to focus on 1 thing at a time and build yourself up to where you are able to invest and grow within other opportunities.

  23. Web site outline is well structured. Topics chosen are good. You provide information about Affilorama, Wealthy Affiliate and Solo Build It. You gave nice link to ebook publishing. Posts are well written, images are good. Offered are Magazine subscriptions. You direct to few web site builders.

    In future you might want to organise or neatly describe connections of your choices, so that topics you have chosen runs neatly.

    There are space for improvement. Chosen images are good.

    I wish you success in further writing.

    Best regards,

  24. I’m working on affiliate marketing and came across your site. The online section didn’t surprise me; I believe it’s the way to go at this time. However, I was a bit surprised by two that you mentioned: gold and sneakers. I know gold is valuable, but had not thought it was still a good investment, especially given the current economy. Or is that possibly why it is a good investment?

    And sneakers? Why sneakers? It seems like a random item to purchase and resell. I’m not doubting your research on the topic, but rather I’m interested in how you came to recommend sneakers. Does it require a large investment to earn a decent income from them?

  25. Passive income is definitely the way to go in this day and age, for the main reason that one doesn’t have to solely rely on your salary cheque to get you through the next month. It is a comforting thought when you know you are earning enough to see you through the bad times, even if you do lose your job.

    Passive income can come in many forms, including investing any spare monies you do have in some way or other, and having your money working for you is the ultimate aim for most people by the time that they retire.

    For those in a bit more of a hurry, there is of course online marketing and various other side ventures or businesses one can startup. I was interested to see that people make money out of buying and selling sneakers. This sounds like an interesting thing to do on the side. I was wondering if it is best to sell the sneakers that you do buy via your own website, or are there better ways?

    • It is always to have multiple options when it comes to earning and sneaker sellers have different platforms they can use to resell sneakers.

  26. This is a very interesting list of passive income methods. Online Business definitely looks like the best option for me. It’s definitely the most promising one in the long term. I also like what you wrote about the benefits of earning passive income. It definitely makes your life better and you don’t have to depend on any company or job giver to have a steady income. 

  27. Hi, Max, thank you for the comprehensive information on the various options to make a passive income online. I have heard about some of these, but there are a few that you discussed here which I did not know until now, like reselling sneakers, really? This is interesting, my brothers are who I can call sneaker collectors, I am sure they are not aware they could as well make passive income through it. I am sharing this post with them straight away. I am also interested in investing in Gold but doesn’t really know how to go about it without getting scammed. Please can you provide direction in this regard?

  28. Hi Max

    Thanks so much for putting this information all together, I agree with you, working to build up a website is a good idea and I’m already getting some good results from it!

    I never thought about Reselling sneakers as a passive income idea, but after reading your article it makes sense to me, a few weeks ago I heard about the Terry Fox new edition shoes. This new edition came up to the market and it was sold out in just about a few minutes!! I guess many people will pay good to get a pair of this new edition!

    But this might not be the best example of passive income as you need to watch the market all the time, do you have some tips about how to do it?

    • Its not like stocks where you have to constantly check up on how things are going.  There is usually a set date people are made aware of for when one of the hot sneakers will be released.  You just gotta win the race and get em before others get to it.

  29. Interesting post, about Passive income, which peaked my interest as a blogger.

    Passive income sometimes can be seen as ‘magic money’ in so much as it comes in when you least expect it

    Looking at what you have listed as Passive Income earners, well though biased, Blogging is one to consider, as long as you choose the right host. For example, leaving bad examples out of it such as bluehost and hostgator

    The Wealthy Affiliate Hosting platform with its compensation plan for managed hosting is right up there as a good significant earner

    Gold yes is a good one, will always rise

    Financial Markets, with Stocks, yes as long as you choose the right stocks then these cvan be very lucrative, I have personal experience of this and know this to be true, to confirm your post

    Landlord, is another way you can make good passive income

    Multilevel marketing is a good example, though this takes time to build up, which means your income can dip as you show others what to do

    It is surprising that you haven’t listed an autoresponder as a means of earning passive income. I have this on my own blog and it pays well and monthly

    However I did enjopy reading the post and also the benefits that come from this, which can be just as sweet as the passive income itself

    • I really don’t know much about autoresponders but Thanks for sharing as I will definitely look into that!

  30. Hi Max Edwards, 

    chancestolive has been coming up with very interesting articles lately. I am a regult visitor to your site and love your content. 

    I cant even imagine making 400% profits off reselling sneakers, but your research is always sound, so i will believe you. Do keep up the fab work and keep writing interesting stuff.



    • I am glad you enjoy the content and I will be posting another article to help marketers get more familiar with Pinterest soon.

  31. I just fall in love when people talk about passive income. It just gives me good Goosebumps.

    Passive income is life’s secret. You have listed the there all the best ways to make a passive income Online business, property, gold and multi-level marketing are my favourites there. Every body wants to be able to work anywhere and to be earning money doing absolutely nothing. It’s the most ideal lifestyle like you stated. Most importantly i see every day is people don’t have time for themselves or their relationships which makes me so sad. We don’t need to work a nine to five job and then when we get home we just complain about how bad work is. 

    We definitely need to get this message out to more people!

    Thank you 

  32. Thanks ofor this wonderful article. ..reason being it opens up the minds of people out there to the many possibilities of investements. I have decided to succeed online and am hungry for more information to enable reach there. Number 2 on your list caught my attention and wondering how I could start…Would it be best to outsource them online? 

  33. I have been trying new things ever since I read Rich Dad, and I’ve been through a lot of passive income idea’s now, as I’m quite sure most people reading this article may also have been. All I know is that I am quite sure now that passive income does not really exist lol. Every passive income idea I have come across involves a lot of work. Including Rich Dad’s advice on property etc. It all requires hard work and patience. So the best thing is to just get started on something, you learn something from everything you get involved with, so it’s far better than doing nothing and expecting results. 

  34. Passive income is a concept that every individual has to learn and apply to earn more to support their primary income received. This information is indeed proves useful. Focusing on some ways on can earn a passive income, that is from point one which says” Online business”. From your article, you should have provided the some ways readers can use online business and moreover, some online businesses you have come across which seems useful.

    Again,with reference to point three on some business for passive income. From my point of view, i think something that was not useful to you should not be recommended for others to try and later,repeat you final statement ”…before deciding it was not useful for me” But above, this is a great piece everyone should have and read.Thanks.

  35. You have given some original ideas on ways to make a passive income.  You mention sneakers.  I wonder if jeans might also be viable.  I know that when I went to garage sales all the time, the Phillipino ladies bought up all the jeans they could find and sent them home.  Maybe the market’s just for used jeans, but would be worth a try.

    I was involved in the stock market for a couple of years and made about $10,000 over the two years.  Not too bad, but there is so much to learn about the stock market and it is a high-risk endeavor.  You have to be very careful so you don’t lose everything.

    I do believe passive income from multiple sources is the best way to go.

  36. At the end of the day, I think everyone goal is to be able to have a passive income so we do not have to worry about money all the time. Just like from what I read from rich dad poor dad. I heard that a lot of people make really good money from insurance company. You basically get the commission as long as that person you sign is still in the program.

    I am currently already investing in stock market but I like to out my eggs on many basket, just to be safe, I think I am going to give an online business a try. However, reselling sneakers is interesting though, did not know that you can make that much. I head that socks make a lot of money as well, is it true? 

  37. Good day

    I had a good look at your article. The layout and design is great. The following are a few things that I have noticed

    The main image at the top of your article doesn’t have a link or description attached to it. Currently it only says ( Untitled design (6) ). Maybe look at renaming the image or attach a link to it with your relevant keyword. There is also a image on the right side of the page (of a guy standing by a car ). As there are no link attached to this image it is a bit confusing to why the image is there. Seeing that you promote the selling of sneakers, maybe but a image of a cool pair of sneakers. ( Just a suggestion )

    All other images and affiliates you have incorporated along the article are great. You make use of external links ( in the form of affiliate links ) You can add a external link to an authority too . You can maybe add at least one internal link within your article ( a link that directs the reader to another post within your website. )   

    Your descriptions of the various ways to make passive income are fine on the surface , though it would be nice to have a little bit more depth to each. The only one that jumps out is the selling of sneakers. All the others need more detail. 

    The benefits you concluded with are great. You can add one most important one ( in my opinion ). Getting out of ” the rat race “. No longer chasing you tail day in and day out, going around in circles and never getting anywhere. 

    I hope you find this as constructive criticisms and that it has not offended you. 

    All the best. 

    • I can not find where it says untitled design.  Ok I’ll connect the image to my about me page thanks for the advice.

  38. Thank you for sharing your 7 ways of making money online which i really enjoyed reading. Most of these I have looked into doing myself and as you quite rightly mentioned some of them do cost quite a bit of money to get started. I would one day like to invest in Gold but i need to build a business up first which I am doing through affiliate marketing which I enjoy. An MLM company would definitely be the last on my list.

    I am so pleased that you have shared this information to others as I think so many people will want to know and help.

    Greatly appreciated

  39. I love this article man! My question is how stable is the the market for gold? Does the value slowly increase overall throughout a long period of time? Or is it more of ups and downs? I am looking into investing myself and I might consider investing in gold. Keep up with the content!

    • The value of gold is usually stable.  Bars brought for $30 last year have a value of $90 now.

  40. I work as an affiliate, and though I have heard of most of the income streams mentioned, I would never have thought of sneakers! The benefits of the passive income, yes, it definitely makes you more free in many ways. Great content, keep it going!

  41. There is no messing around here, just the information that they want to convey presented in the simplest way possible. 

    Great layout with the ad placement.

    It makes you feel comfortable with the site because you don’t feel overwhelmed by information.

    It is extremely easy to navigate this site because all of the links are easy to access, which is excellent.

    The color scheme is effective but should be used more around the site so you can show it off and also liven up the site a little bit.

    The content flows well because everything is in the appropriate place and it is very easy to read- the less huge chunks of text, the better I feel. 

    The design is very consistent throughout.

    Well done.

  42. Do you believe you can earn a living from blogging solely Or would you need to do paid advertising to make this work? I find it very interesting reading articles such as this very well written one. You have given great examples of different ideas. How many of them have you tried out for yourself? Which gave you the most success?

    • I’ve tried multi level marketing, Insurance Agent, Stocks and Online Business. Now I need to try gold and sneakers.  Blogging gave me the most success!

  43. Hey; Passive income is a game changer in the lives of many people I know. On the other hand that’s the quickest way for those who want to become millionaires. Seekers among other on demand products are sensible investment to kick start a business if you are good at selling products. One reason you will not sell for the price at which you purchase. You desire your markup price! The market will be online, don’t it?


  44. This is great advice on a passive income salution. I never knew about the sneakers game that was great advice. Who knows I might try it. But everything you talk about in your blog is all very informative. The different ways to make money you line it up in a way that is very easy to follow. There is so much out there as far as making a passive income and maybe getting to a point in it all that you really start making good money like in the real estate or finacial end of business. And you give food for thought to those who have the credintials to explore that end of it. Awesome blog. I really enjoyed it. Deborah

  45. The idea of earning passive income has indeed changed my life. I hope to be the queen of passive income one day! I’m currently working on the title of Ecommerce Entrepreneur and plan to have multiple money-making websites. Since online business is your #1 pick for earning passive income, what do you think are some of the best online businesses to look into, other than affiliate marketing?

    Also, thanks for recommendation to invest in gold. I have never heard of gold as a source of passive income. I will definitely be looking into that.

    • Dropshipping is a lucrative way to make money online and I was doing that before becoming an affiliate marketer/blogger

  46. This article is so very on point because of the state of finances in our country, the worst being the loss of income. Many are looking to work from home in order to generate an income by opening a new revenue stream. Others are looking to supplement an income for various reasons, the main one being perhaps the loss of a partner’s income or the need to stay home to provide in home child care. Residual income is most appealing. Thank you for this article!. I can totally understand the freedom and flexibility obtained from an online business after the initial work has been put in, worked, and reworked until something happens. I’m familiar with the Thrive website builder, I know there are many others, just find what works best for you. I read an article earlier this year about teenagers reselling sneakers at alarming rates, bringing them to school in their back packs selling them to classmates. I gave this article a chuckle until I read your article. WOW, sneakers! I now totally understand what I before dismissed with a chuckle. Sneakers are a hot commodity and some are difficult to obtain. Just watch the lines and waiting lists for the latest arrivals. Your main impetus appears to be patience and long term holdings when it comes to gold and financial markets. I’ve made it a point not to watch my market investments during today’s climate, electing to revisit in a few months with a peek. Owning property and being a landlord can be a sweet deal but it is also a lot of work, just make sure you have an awesome team. Experience speaking! I love the benefits of passive income listed in your article, so pertinent to a happy life. Yes, an online business is a lucrative, safe, relatively easy way to start one’s goal towards a passive income. Thank you again for an informative article.

    • I am so glad you enjoyed the article and yes sneakers are legit. I hope one day I can get advice if it comes to it with your experience as a landlord!

  47. Passive income is the only way to be financially independent and enjoy time freedom. It is the best way to focus if one is interested in overcoming financial stress. This involves making an investment today that will bring returns tomorrow.

    Online business is the best way to start with little or no cash and compensate the little start-up cash with a personal commitment to building it to success.

    What about writing a book and creating royalties from it?

  48. I have been looking into passive income opportunities and find value in some of your suggestions here. I am setting up an online business, early stages and I am active in financial markets. The challenge with financial markets is that you have to understand your own risk tolerance and work within limits. I have tried but did not like MLM, nor insurance. I have never thought of sneakers projects, and real estate can bring in good money. Thanks for your tips.

  49. Thanks for sharing this, Max.

    Two topics that captured my attention was reselling sneakers and investing in gold. 

    In yesteryears, my mother and grandmother actually bought gold accessories such as necklaces, earrings among others when the gold price goes low. And when the price goes lower, they will trade-in for other heavier items or sell them all together. Though not too sure what you invest in gold means I am guessing the same principle. I do need to find out more. Seems interesting and enticing. 

  50. Thanks for sharing this, Max.

    Two topics that captured my attention was reselling sneakers and investing in gold. 

    In yesteryears, my mother and grandmother actually bought gold accessories such as necklaces, earrings among others when the gold price goes low. And when the price goes lower, they will trade-in for other heavier items or sell them all together. Though not too sure what you invest in gold means I am guessing the same principle. I do need to find out more. Seems interesting and enticing. 

  51. Making a passive income is a target of many.  Hence, this article comes handy for anyone looking to build one.

    And then Reselling Sneakers is really which catches my attention. If this works, wow we are all set to make a passive income. But one question here is – how and where to source it? Is it serviceable globally? Nike Sneakers, Goat and StockX are keywords to remember. I will definitely try one of them.

    Oh what a ligitimate and informative article. Would love to hear more on this subject.

  52. Making a passive income is a target of many.  Hence, this article comes handy for anyone looking to build one.

    And then Reselling Sneakers is really which catches my attention. If this works, wow we are all set to make a passive income. But one question here is – how and where to source it? Is it serviceable globally? Nike Sneakers, Goat and StockX are keywords to remember. I will definitely try one of them.

    Oh what a ligitimate and informative article. Would love to hear more on this subject.

  53. I realy enjoyed the article and I myself Am probably 2 years into my online buisness journey partly due to my job shutting down and having to explore new opportunities and it’s a lot of hard work that is realy rewarding when you start to see the results start happening you have given great tips and advice thank you for sharing this with everyone-Jonathon

  54. I agree with you that an online business is the best way to start a business in 2020. But whatever you choose it is hard work. So the income is not so passive after all.Online business can be many things – Having an online shop with your own products or services or selling other peoples products and services (affiliatemarketing). Real estate is not easy if you are a starter, but can be very lucrative. Stocks and cryptocurrencies are more unsecure. So do you think online businesses are especially attractive for millennials? And why do you think so?

    • Millennials are the generation of entrepreneurs with big ideas.  Technological advances has made it possible for us to have more opportunities compared to previous generations.

  55. In the end, a consistent, passive income stream must be the dream for many people who are tired of the daily grind of a “normal job”. I’m particularly interested in the freedom passive income affords you. I have recently started an online business and I can’t tell you how good it feels when I check my numbers and see that I’ve made some money while I wasn’t actively working. That is so cool and so rewarding! What kind of sneakers are going for $1800? That’s crazy!

  56. Passive income seems to be what so many people are interested in because of the many benefits it offers. This kind of lifestyle is a great way to beat the nine to five and to live the kind of life you always wanted. Those listed areas that you mentioned are great ways to earn that kind of income. Passive income can and does make life a lot easier. Thanks so much for sharing a well-detailed post that has good information.

  57. Good Morning,

    Everyone like a site 

    good site layout –good information– I’m new to all this Affiliate Marketing/online business stuff–lots of information out here on the Web —

    but hopefully I will lean all and Process it and Put to Progress

    I’m here to Learn–and Not only here to help myself to Prosper but to Help others do the same 

    you have spent a lot of hard working creating your website Keep up the Hard work Please feel free to reach out if i can help in anyway 



  58. Thank you for a concise review of the possibilities. The information out there can be overwhelming, and together with the shiny object syndrome can result in jumping from one thing to the next without really giving it proper time and attention. 

    I agree that starting an online business is the easiest, most financially accessible solution to extra income and independence to do the things you love, with the people you love. I started my journey when I realised how hard I was working for someone else… It just hit me that if I put a fraction of that effort into creating my own business, I would be financially much better off, and have all the benefits that come with it – better relationships, better health etc.

  59. I would love to travel while making a passive income, but right now I need to be at home to look after my kids so that is a goal that I can work on once they finished school in 12 years time! Wow who thought you could add such a huge amount on selling sneakers!? I wonder though if that really is true passive income because you would have to do quite a bit of admin work to that wouldn’t you? 

    I wonder what is happening in the financial markets now with COVID-19 – that must have taken a huge knock right?

  60. The review was pretty good. I more interested on the sneakers business. I have seen someone online who sold sneakers and made lots of money. This review just reminded me of the business and I’m already getting convinced go give it a try. Thanks a bunch for sharing and I would like to know if those companies who produce sneakers ship their products to any part of the world.

  61. Is it possible to make passive income flowing to you in just two to three weeks of working in your website?

    I asked this because, I have a website but not yet making good money. The sad thing about this is, the bills are piling up, and my debts are on my neck now. There should be a miracle to pull me up of this desperate situation. And being one of the experts in creating passive income, I’d like to seek your advice on how to create passive income in no time.

    Is there a way I can make it? If I choose one of the ways you have given in this article, what should I do to see results in a matter of two to three weeks?

    • There is no get rich quick scheme.  It took me a year before I started making consistent money. Some people start doing good in 6-8 months of blogging.  Google will not even trust your site until it matures and you add enough content to make your site enjoyable for visitors.  Sneakers can yield income fast but experienced sellers have strategies and tools they invested in to increase their chances of getting their hands on these hot sneaker items.  My best advice if you want to increase your chances of making money sooner online is to make images on Pinterest to link directly to vendors.

  62. You have introduced 7 ways to earn passive income and reasons for making passive income. You provide a good guide for people who are new in aspect of passive income and want to make some passive income. But people may want to know more information about the particular ways they have interest in. You may want to tell them more detail about different particular ways of earning passive income through emails or new post so that people will have more confidence to study the new ways.

  63. One of the best things ever happen to me was working very hard to build an online business for me so yes, I can relate to this article very well. Some of the multiple income streams you listed like, reselling sneakers, investing in gold, insurance agents, investing in the financial market multilevel marketing, and real estate is worthy of checking out.

    And the benefit of passive income is so rewarding especially when you see your hard work start paying off.

    Maybe I should start thinking of diversifying my earning portfolio.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this as I am going to put some of these into action.


  64. Your sharing content is a hot topic for many people who are desperate to look for safety income. Thanks for sharing your seven excellent ideas to earn passive profits. Needless to say, online business investment is the least risk to invest, and the success rate is high. 

    Reselling sneakers is a new idea to me, but the Principe is simple – buy low sell high. Research on the sneaker’s price trend is essential for a smart investment. 

    Invest in Gold is my preferred choice because the gold price has a chance to spike whenever the stock market is falling. Plus, many countries start to increase their gold stock to support their currency – making Gold in a rising trend. 

    Your content is great to help many people making the investment choice that is fit for them. Thanks for sharing the gold investment to me, which I still hesitate to proceed.

  65. So many ways to make that passive income, thank you for sharing. I have chosen the online business path. However, I must admit, it is not a walk in the path. My question is, does it get any easier? Are there things that can be done differently to make it easier? 

    • Like anything in life with more experience and training it becomes easier to do what you like.  Whether it is playing sports, acting, being a musician all takes time to perfect their craft.

  66. Hello there! This is an amazing article you’ve got here. I must commend your efforts in putting this whole ideas together to help anyone who sees it. For me, I would prefer investing in crypto currencies and also engaging in various online businesses as it’s less tasking and can be done from anywhere.

  67. Hi,

    The topic was very interesting and learned a lot about the different ways to earn. it is true that some minerals are getting scares and investing in them is very important not only gold not yet started but hopefully, soon I will start investing in my self with ornament because a brick of gold is way too much for now. Not a fun of sneaker but if I was for sure that would be my hustle. I hope soon my online business will lead to a much more passive income.

  68. well, passive income is the dream of everyone i guess. still generating passive income is not easy and need a lot of work and investment. from all the ways you noted here, real estate, stock market and online business is the most attractive for me. regarding selling sneakers – that’s interesting and never thought about it. how you can sell sneakers? where do you find them in cheap price ? i would like to hear more about it if you do have an experience with it 


    • You can buy them on the nike sneakers app for the low and sell on goat or other platforms for the high.

  69. Hello,

    I really enjoyed reading this article and finding new ways to make a passive income. The benefits of passive income are the ones that attracted me the most into getting into online  business and you have summed them up very nicely. I have started my online business recently, what advice would you give me as a newbie to succeed online?

  70. You have a very great content by just the title I am already attracted on it because you started with passive income, where almost all people in the world is so interested of. Thanks for reminding me about investing in gold, because I never heard that gold’s value is depreciating it is keeping on getting higher in value, so if we have money to invest on it, I believe it so profitable. Yes! you are right that being busy with our sort of lifestyle specially in the business when it requires travelling, you will be losing a lot of time from your family. Yes! Keeping our head above water can be very stressful, so it’s so wise to choose in a passive income. Thanks for sharing your valuable content, and you have a nicely chosen niche. I am so happy to have been given the chance to read your helpful content that is giving me more ideas about the advantage and the disadvantage of every business.

    • No problem I am so glad you enjoyed the content and I wish you the best on your online journey!

  71. I already have an online business which generates some revenue and I agree with you that it has its very good sides. It took quite some time until constant revenue came in, but it for me it was totally worth all the efforts and time. 

    I was actually thinking about the idea to invest in gold just some days ago. Mainly because of the pandemic and the uncertainty what will happen to our money. If there is a lot of money pumped into the economy, will our money keep its value? An investment in gold seems like an idea..

    Thanks for the blog post! 

  72. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities. Passive income is certainly the target I pursue. Even though I think about the passive income, but I never take time to do the research.

    Here comes your article, which provides a lot of info on passive income. I never think about invest in gold and financial market. I do have some cash in my bank. Based on your description, I could invest in stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies. It is nice that there are so many opportunities out there. I am going to dig deep in these investment. Do you have good book on investing on stocks?

  73. Max,

    Love your blog and article. I truly believe in developing passive income and enjoyed your article. So many people work their whole lives at a job trading hours for dollars barely keeping their heads above water. In order for them to make more money they have to trade more hours when time is so precious. Passive or residual income gives us the freedom to do the things we really enjoy and spend valuable time with loved ones. I was in management with the largest wireless carrier and I worked so hard but it was never enough. I determined that I need to work on my on building my own asset since I couldn’t possibly work any harder. I’m thankful for WA and thanks for sharing your article.

  74. Max,

    Thank you for this very succinct article about passive income. Earning while I am living my life is an ongoing pursuit for me and your article gave me quite a lot to think about.

    The re-selling of sneakers was an eye-opener. Is that REALLY a recognised method to earn passive income? Would you recommend it as a legitimate and sustainable option?


  75. Hello, 

    This is an amazing article as you have clearly done a great job, especially during this time when everyone is at home starting or getting into passive income earning is a very good idea.  

    This was very helpful as it has helped me to see certain opportunities for more passive income ideas.

    I think Affiliates marketing is also good too, Best wishes 

  76. Hi Max,

    Thank you for sharing the seven way to earn passive income, but there are many more do you think?

    The ones you have selected are certainly quite achievable for many people, Its just committing to the ones you are comfortable with in regards to risk.

    One thing that can make you passive income is to come up with an invention or improvement to a current item that could be marketed by someone else and you can collect royalties.

    Thank you for your article 



  77. Thank you for the suggestions on passive income. Some of my friends used to buy and sell textbooks to get through college. I even tried buying and selling video games for a while. Your tidbit on sneakers was intriguing. What types of sneakers are selling for more than $1,800? Are these shoes worn by famous players or are they just in high demand? 

    Regardless, your first paragraph is spot-on. I have always advocated for a passive income to supplement the primary. It can provide some good support for the household. What kinds of passive incomes have you had that have been successful? Your input is valuable here.

    • I have made a passive income in blogging and stocks and my best friend sells sneakers so I will eventually try my hand in that.  Life Insurance could of yielded a passive income had I stuck with it.

  78. This article is informative and easy to comprehend. I understand the bias of putting “Online Business” at number one on the list. Its the most practical and famous way to make passive money. I’m trying to do that myself. The other methods that you mentioned are good ideas too. Also, all the reasons behind making a passive income is so accurate and universal.

    Good article.

  79. I would never have thought that reselling sneakers was a way of making passive income. But I guess it will have to be the pristine ones still in the original box, rather than the discarded ones. 

    Gold is an interesting one and you need a lot of money to invest in it. The price is high and it is subject to market volatility, as with any stocks and shares. The best way to invest in gold is through an etf. Unfortunately it does not supply you with passive income as it does not pay any dividends. Yes I know as I have done it. 

    So how would you propose to invest in gold to give you passive income?

    • If you click on the link in the article “invest in gold” you would be directed to my number 1 recommendation.

  80. I have been working for years as a welder and don’t mind doing that kind of work, but since I have been into the online world of marketing, I have taken a great fondness to it and look forward to many more years of it to come. Especially with the way things are going these days with many jobs lost and insecurity, there couldn’t be a better time to be involved in running your own online business.

    It really blows my mind to know that something of the nature as sneakers can be resold for as much as 4-5 times the initial price, but if their popular and stock runs out, I guess there are actually people that are willing to pay that kind of money. Thanks for providing some sound advice on building a passive income.

  81. Awesome  article on how we can make a passive income online. I have only done toe of the methods you described, and at the current time I’m mainly focused on building an online business.

    Which of these methods have you tried before? And if the ones you have tried, which ones have you enjoyed / profited from the most?

    • I’ve tried stocks, life insurance and multi level marketing.  Of course I now do online business which is the best!

  82. There’s money to be made online and I am dabbing into it myself. I had no idea you can make a fortune selling Sneakers. Well my friend, I learned something today. Stocks give me anxiety just to be frank with you. Thank you for this article, it made my day.

  83. It’s easy to think of passive income as money earned while sitting on a beach sipping mojitos, I tell you there is lots of work involved, says financial coach and retired hedge fund manager Todd Tresidder.Still,  passive style of income can be a great supplementary source of funds for many people, and it can prove to be an especially valuable lifeline during a recession or during other tough times,…my question is what is your recommended source for passive income?

    • I plan on following things in that order God Willing. But I would exclude myself from multi-level marketing.

  84. Holy… I had no idea reselling sneakers was a thing. More than a grand in profits for just a single pair? That’s busted. I’m sort of surprised they’re managing to pull this off. But I guess the demand is significantly higher than the supply.

    Also, definitely agree about gold. In the long term, it does seem to maintain its value quite well. Financial markets is a classic one. What’s not classic, I was totally unaware there is a form of passive income for insurance agents. I do think the other ones listed also make sense. My favorite of them all definitely is the No. 1 of yours. I’ve been at it for quite a while and I wholeheartedly enjoy it.

    Cheers, and have a Great One!

  85. Well I never thought I would read about sneakers in a passive income review. Having said that I know people who collect them and are passionate about that area so I wonder if they have ever thought about it in terms of passion income. I love blogging so totally get that and again the range of ways to create passive income really got me thinking. I guess gold never goes out of date. I often think about the 80/20 percent theory in that 80 percent of your income comes from 20 percent of what you do. Would you say this was true for you? A really good point on motivation as well such as travel and being able to work from anywhere, this really appeals to me. Thanks for sharing.

  86. I really like your article, that gives some really options, like a menu to consider.
    I do like your top 2 recommendations.  With the sneaker reselling and competing against bots that buy, do you see this as an “active” or a “passive” way to make income?
    I just wonder about online business and blogging, how long does it take to earn passive income?  It seems to be a long term and so much competition in many niches such as make money online, health and others.
    So how long do you realistically think it will take to make passive income in the make money online niche?

    • I would say 6 months to a year.  You can speed things up through social media to drive traffic to your website.

  87. Hey, really liked your article. I would also agree with what you said about online business being the best at the moment. I mean in the stock market there is so much to learn and real estate is amazing but takes effort too. But wouldn’t building a business be a source of passive income too? 

  88. These are some interesting ways to make a passive income.  The sneaker business of buying and reselling for huge profits sounds extremely interesting. Would this be going to brick mentor stores and buying the sneakers on clearance marked down and then reselling them online for a higher price? If so what selling platform would you recommend selling these sneakers on? Would it be better to sell the sneakers on your own website or use Amazon or eBay? 

    • To start out you can buy sneakers for the low on the nike sneakers app and resell for the high on goat.

  89. Hey there,

    I tried to invest in stocks and shares on numerous occasions but it never seems to go well for me in the long term. I’ve never heard of selling sneakers for more, is it quite a popular thing and would you recommend selling them on EBay? I might have to try this method out as it looks doable from my perspective.

    Thank you 🙂 

    • You can sell on whatever platform is best for you.  You can post it on Goat or Ebay and sell to the highest bidder.

  90. Your list of how to make some tangible passive income is very impressive. My Partner has been investing on Gold and never regretted it. Online Business however is a better way to start off as very little financial capital in required. Sneakers Apps is very convenient but required some skills and time consuming but I would loved to try it out. Thanks!

  91. I had never heard of this deal of buying and selling shoes in this manner. Looks quite interesting and I think this would be a great way to make some money as I have e a Nike sneakers niche site that I created and I’m still working on it. Today I was also reading about investing in the stock market and seeing that idea here as well maybe this is what I’m supposed to try out as well.

  92. Hi There,

    Great post even though you have a lot of comments I guess lot’s of people are interested in your work. Gold is by far the most profitable of course it’s running out but then again so is oil. Electric for me is the way forward but making money be it shares or making vehicles into electric is something to look at. BTW I work for an energy business.

    • Making vehicles into electricity requires skills and training.  How Long did it take you to learn how to do that?

  93. Good article. Most people today are looking for ways to create passive income. Those are good ideas you have mentioned. Does it cost a lot of capital to get started reselling sneakers? Who are the labels that offer the opportunity to resale their sneakers?

    This article gives a few options and thoughts to consider. Today, many people are experiencing loss of job and income so as a suggestion consider options that people could start with low start-up capital. Investing in gold would take a sizable amount of money to start. Property management is a good way to get going in that field, but how saturated is the industry? 

    Passive income is great and can lead to opportunities that will offer freedom. Thank you for your insight.

  94. Thank you for your ideas on passive income.   I have found that the best way is to find a way to monetize your passions. A blog is a good starting point as long as you learn to grow a list of followers.   As you may know the larger the list the easier it will become to predict your own income.   Once you know what your average conversion rate is and your average profit, then you just need to drive the required amount of traffic to your site to generate whatever amount of money that you want. 

    As far as investments, I don’t feel that is passive income because you have to rely on your strategy and as you mentioned there are market fluctuations.  

    What ever people do, it will not be working for someone else.   The opportunity to create your own business for nothing has never been more abundant in history.  Folks could even start by writing reviews about products that you like, or making video reviews with your phone.   

  95. Investing in gold is a good idea. I am interested in gold and silver. But there are some problems with gold and silver.
    First of all, carrying them with you is not as easy as cash or credit cards. They are heavy and in case of silver, bulky.
    Second, where do you treasure gold and silver?
    At your home? I don’t think this is a good idea.
    There are companies that provide secure vaults. You give them your gold and silver and they keep it for you.
    The question is: In case any financial crisis happens, how much do you trust these companies to be there to give your gold back?

  96. Thank you for putting together a great list of how to make a passive income. I think it’s good to know your options and then decide for the one(s) that you know you can be good at. I know that multi-level marketing is not for me, so I won’t even loose time with it. On the other hand, having an online business is something that sparks my joy and does not make me feel uncomfortable like multi-level marketing. Do you invest in gold or stocks? I plan on doing so after I start earning my passive income through my online business. 

  97. Thank for your review on how to make passive income, now days, especially with COVID people, are desperate to find different forms of income. Love your article, very simple, easy to use information. Selling sneakers. love that have to take a look at this opportunity. Any specific sizes you recommend or is that not the point LOL

  98. Finding ways to make a passive income is definitely the thing to do for freedom from a 9-5 life. As a full time RVer we took this to heart last year. I worked hard for 20 years in the U.S. Navy so I have a small pension and purchased a couple of homes between 2007 and 2015. My father passed away in 2018 so we use his home as a rental for passive income. Last year we sold our primary home and bought our RV and hit the road exploring the country. The passive income really helps us live a lifestyle we enjoy. We have also started a blog and affiliate marketing but haven’t made much on it yet. 

    You mentioned you worked in insurance for a bit, what other passive income streams do you have going now?

  99. Thank you for sharing this article with us! I just have a question, do you think it’s wise to invest in gold at this moment? Even though it’s quite stable over time, with the crisis going on at the moment a lot of people might be investing in it cranking up the price

    • With the economic crisis the value has most likely gone up and those who invested in it before the Covid Outbreak have seen the value increase.  The value will most likely stay the same or go up so my answer is it is always a good time to invest in gold if you have the funds.

  100. I’m always learning about new, interesting ways to make a passive income online. I never thought about re-selling sneakers before! I think for me, the best thing to do is keep working on my affiliate marketing website. 

    My dream is to make enough passive income to quit my 9 to 5 job! I’ve never considered getting into the whole cryptocurrency/financial markets game, seems like too much of a risk to me. Would you say they are worth taking a look at?

  101. Being able to make a passive income is a very rewarding skill. I find the benefits of a passive income you mention inspiring so thanks very much for this article.

    I wasn’t aware of reselling sneakers and will endeavour to get more information. 

    The price of Gold is increasing but like stocks I don’t know very much about this so would be a little wary of making a quick decision.

  102. Excellent tips. I have been thinking about the stock market, but do I need to invest large amounts of money or can I start with a small amount? And what would be good places to start for someone like me who knows little to nothing about stock markets?

    Reselling sneakers is new to me. I did not know people did that, but it seems to be a very lucrative business. 

    Renting is also a good way of making passive income; the only thing that may be difficult is when you get unpleasant renters or renters who trash your home. A contract can usually prevent any unpleasant experiences, but are there any other ways to handle that?

    • I do not have experience as a renter to be able to give you advice on the subject, as far as stocks coca cola and waste management have been doing good.

  103. Great overview and post!  Are you involved in all of these?  I’ve gotten into affiliate marketing, buying gold, and also getting into day trading with cryptocurrencies.  It is certainly a journey that’s for sure.  I think there is a confusion between passive income and having to work for it.  If you have a lot of liquid cash, then maybe it can be passive but for the rest of us folks lol.  Great post!

    • Thankyou I am glad you enjoyed and I was involved with stocks, mlm, online business of course, and life insurance.

  104. Almost all of your choices to make a passive income involve having capitol to use. Gold, real estate, financial markets all need lots of capitol to start to get a dividend payment or passive income. Of the others you mention I like MLM the least. But I do love putting up an online business. It just takes some time to build an audience. Are you involved in any of the other business models? I am pretty sure that you have an online business.

  105. Hi Max,

    Thanks for posting this. I totally agree that putting your efforts into building passive income is worth all the hard work. The other thing it gives you, is the opportunity to create other income streams. This gives you financial security, as you are not relying on just one, like you would with a regular job. If one income stream starts to suffer, you are still making money elsewhere, while you fix the failing one.

  106. Hi. I love your website. It is very easy to navigate and your topics is very interesting. I love how you put everything together. I love the images that you put in. Everything is put out nicely. People will love your website. Keep on doing what your are doing. I love your work. 

  107. It’s the first time in a long time I read a passive income article that actually offers ideas that are not already re-hashed all over the place. I would’ve expected to see a few more of the trendy suggestions but I’m glad you actually included more niche options. I would be extremely careful of including “multi level marketing” in “passive” income. Those schemes are A LOT more active than they are passive and most people end up losing money in them even after being super active. The stats for people making passive income from MLMs are very low. Are you sure it’s good to recommend these schemes? What are you thoughts on them?

    • MLM is last on my list for a reason.  If you have marketing skills you have an advantage over regular people that join and try to sell to people in person.

  108. Making a passive income online is a very important subject than can help people become financially secure and have a much better quality of life. There are many different areas that a person could gather information for people who would gladly pay money to find out about. Making a passive income is a good way to help people recieve extra money for travel and retirement. It helps you to help people so you can help yourself.

  109. Being in the beginning journey of my online business (being a blogger as well!) I appreciate your list to a passive income. It is a long process and takes time but im in the belief that those that work hard, get a bigger reward!
    Keep the information coming!

  110. Making a Passive Income is something that can change everyone’s life for the better. However, it requires a lot of work and research to get there where the money is. But you need to be dedicated and consistent to reach your goal.

    Give it a try if you think it is safe and deliver what you want. I wish you excellent luck and success.

  111. I liked that the topic gave pointers on how to get a passive income but also what you can do with that income to make even more. That was a smart little tag on. The clear way you wrote was great as it was greatly understandable.

    I love the first picture at the top, it was eye catching and made me what to read to rest. Great job and thank you for your time in writing such a piece!


    • I am glad you enjoyed the article along with the images. Thank You for taking the time to read it and have a Great Day!

  112. I’m all into online business these days, not really earning that much at this point, but slowly building my presence and hopefully earn enough later, for me to work from home and go travelling with my family.

    I have heard of a guy who sells sneakers. I wonder, maybe this involves a lot of money as capital, right?

    I have also read that sometime in the near future, half of the population will be working from home. So better start now and gradually earn passive income.


  113. As a fellow blogger I am also biased toward your number one way to make a passive income!  I, like many others, have tried pretty much everything on your list and I can honestly say blogging is the most fun and rewarding!  I did not know that reselling shoes was that big (I had heard about it of course but I thought just weird collectors did it!) and I also did not know about selling life insurance!  Thank you for your article and keep blogging! 


    • Thank you for the motivation and yeah life insurance can earn you a lot if your constantly signing people up and right now might be the best time to be a life insurance agent.

  114. I am glad i found this article. As you said there are many fast enriching opportunities out there but many of them don’t provide  different strategies. I am glad for the list of the passive income schemes you have have. I have tried the gold mining or forex and financial marketing. But I am happy to know that sneakers are good business too. Online income marketing is wonderful too but it is somewhat overwhelming. I believe it is a wonderful scheme, only if one could have the patience and dedication to work. Thanks so much for this educative post.


  115. your Article really gives good reasons to try to make money online there are so many ways to I didn’t even know or thought about using the internet to make an income but you have to be careful. Sometimes people use you trying to make a better way for you against you by tricking you or lying so you have to be careful because you might end up paying for something that doesn’t help you out. 

  116. Wow, I had never heard of selling sneakers online or as a passive income.  But it would definitely require having some start up capital.  I also know that building any online business requires time and learning how to put the structure into place.  Starting an online business I think like affiliate marketing would require less start up costs.  So I would have to go with your number 1 recommendation and I agree you can develop several different income streams.  Thanks for the details in your article.  I have traded on Forex and still watch the market.

  117. Thank you Max for your post.

    I like the idea of selling sneakers! It is a coincidence that my friend and I were talking the other day, his daughters and himself were also planning to do a small project with getting special editions of sneakers and reselling them later on for profit. For example, a pair of Nike SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry’s Chunky could be sold at $5,000 from an original price of below $200. This sounds crazy! But it is a real thing.

    Great post Max!



    • Smh and I am glad you enjoyed, That comment makes me feel like getting in the sneaker game today.

  118. That was a great insight on how to make a passive income, mainly in the aspect of buying and reselling of used items like sneakers and so on. Secondly, the beneficial aspect of it is quite amazing, for instance, it talked about been independent, that is also quite inspiring because most people are tired of this 8-5 job system and want some freedom so they can indulge in some meaningful activities like travelling and going for gym in the process the business is still on. Nice one.

  119. Hello. I use to hear about Pinterest but I had no idea a person can use it as a business site. How ever I love working from home and earning my own passive income online. Am so happy because your website has giving me all the information I need. But my question is how can I use Pinterest as a business site? 

  120. Learn something new every day, I guess! I had no idea that you could buy and resell sneakers online via an app as a way to earn a passive income!

    Are these sneakers viewed as potential collection items, that’s why you can sell them for 2 to 5 times their original cost? Do they have a rare defect, which makes them a must-have for collectors, and they are willing to pay the price to get those sneakers?

  121. I liked the clarity and conciseness of your article, like many I didn’t even know that sneakers could yield so much! Crazy! 

    In the online market there are so many opportunities to make money, the important thing is to find the right method for yourself and not be discouraged by some inevitable failure

  122. Hi,

    Thanks for compiling this interesting list on – The Best Ways To Make a Passive Income. It will definitely help everyone looking into passive income generation. 

    I have always believed in the idea that instead of you working for your money, your money should work for you. and this is only possible with the sources you mentioned to generate passive income. 

    I will definitely share this article with a few people I know who would surely benefit from this.

    Thanks for the great work 

  123. To earn passive income, it will depends very much on how much you willing to spend first before earning your first dollar.

    Some of the methods which you have highlighted here will benefit us if we have large cash  on hand, like investing in Gold, reselling of sneakers. Money make money as most people would have agree with us. 

    For me personally, I like Online Business the most and would definitely spend more effort on this market. In fact, I have started few Online Business and this method is proven by me. Therefore, your suggestion here is good for people who just started and will not hurt them much as they move along the learning curve.

    Every business start with a tough journey at first, and the Online Business model will allow us to learn and earn at the same times. It will build up our foundation to withstand any storm coming into the near future. 

    All your suggestions are good option for us to pursue our dream.

    • I like to post about ways to elevate people’s lives because when I look back and I am older, I want to say I did or experienced everything I wanted to do.

  124. Hi Max.

    I’ve just taken a tour of your site and its great! very informative, and seems to cover the very many bases around Affiliate Marketing/e-commerce et-al. I like that you share your own experiences at different points when pitching the various ideas to the visitor. However, I’m not sure if pop-up’s for relationships or relationship blog content belongs here? I also noted some grammatical errors which you should look to fix. Try obtaining the services of a good proof reader for example who can identify any errors with a fresh set of eyes by reading through the details. This will professionalise your site in a more impacting way. It would be a shame to attract visitors with this great work, but then lose some to this in the process. I hope this has been helpful?

    Great job!



    • Thanks for the constructive criticism I will look back through some of my articles and improve them.

  125. Practicing a new normal means finding ways how to survive and thrive! Your article contributed a lot especially in creating a sustainable income! Passive income is a sure way to earn money without really working physically. I surely share this article to those people who are striving to work hard. Learning new ways to diversify your income provides us a sustainable way to survive financially.

  126. Thanks for posting this great review.  These days I think many people are looking for ways to make more money.  I know that I am.  For me the ultimate is to create a massive passive income.  The kind of thing that makes you money while your sleeping or enjoying time in some exotic location.  I’m continually learning about new opportunities from reading posts just like this one.  Sneakers is a new one for me.  Apparently they have some sort of irresistible fashion appeal. 
    I am from Canada and we get taxed differently based on the source of the income we make.  Therefore, it’s important to understand how you are being taxed and maximize the income streams that get taxed less.  Every country will have different income tax laws so make sure you understand yours.

  127. A passive income is a dream for anyone who knows what it means. I like the order in which you have stacked your suggestions. Stocks and insurance agent are some of the most challenging I think. There’s a lot of work involved in the insurance industry and my experience is that it can be a dog eat dog opportunity. But if you reaise that it’s a fit for you by all means, go ahead.

  128. Thank you very much for explaining the ways to earn passive income. I was almost got laid off from my current company and just realized now the importance of having passive income 🙁 I’m not sure about MLM and stock investment, si I may want to start with Gold. Any basic tips for starting Gold investment? Thank you

  129. Hey! I enjoyed the article. Never gave much thought into investing into gold. Have you done this before?

    I also noticed you linked up to Robinhood. I have been really interested in using the app but was not sure how it works. I have a few friends who use it. Do you use Robinhood or have you thought about doing a review on the product?

  130. Some excellent advice, it really sounds like you know your stuff! I’ve actually heard of someone making loads of money buying and selling sneakers so I absolutely believe you when you say it’s a great way to make a passive income, this guy is my friends son, he’s only 17 and made 500’000 in his first year! amazing! I wouldn’t know where to start.

    blogging is another great suggestion though, something anyone can do if you have an interest you can write about and provide value to people when anywhere you want! I guess you just have to put in the time and effort.

    Any further suggestions on how to get started with the I’m really interested?

    • What part of the training your at and if you want you can send me a link to your website and I’ll dm you some feedback ?

  131. Hello and thank you about this article! I never knew I can re-sell sneakers for much more than what I paid for. Well I guess because I am not into sneakers anyway.

    But the options you outlined for the best ways to make passive incomes is very good and interesting and I really like how you presented it. 

    But of course, when you are still building upon your passive income, you should still have a stable income source until your passive income gets stable, you gained a lot of experience to make it stable, and your earning much more than your present job. I never regret those times I worked for a company for 11 years because I learned so many things and then until I discovered affiliate marketing.

  132. Thank you for sharing your 7 ways of making money online which i really enjoyed reading. very interesting reading articles such as this very well written one. You have given great examples of different ideas. quickest way for those who want to become millionaires this is yours opportunity reading every word. Every word like a million dollars

  133. Hey Max,

    Thanks for writing this very comprehensive article.

    I have heard of gold and stocks, even insurance, but the sneakers thing really surprised me.  And when you say people set up systems to automatically buy sneakers as soon as they “drop”, you mean come available for sale right?

    Can anyone get into the sneaker game?  I don’t know anything about them, but I can learn.

    Please let me know when you have a chance.


    • Yea anyone can do it if they have the capital.  And yes drop is when it’s available for sale lol

  134. Thanks for sharing all this. I must admit reselling sneakers is something new to me. It is interesting to see this field even has some of its own terminology – sneakers drop for example.

    Here is a question though.

    One of the main principles and attractions of passive income is that once you have done the work, the income comes later. However, after you get past all the great-sounding promises you realize that you need to actually invest your own time effort and skill and learn new things and apply them. Then once your source of passive income is set up, it will need some maintenance. Don’t you think that since so many people will be able to continue working remotely even after COVID is gone or at least better managed, therefore in some respects if you are able to hold down a job and work on your laptop from the poolside, that isn’t all that much different than lounging at the poolside on your laptop managing and maintaining your online business?

  135. As a blogger and website owner myself I must second your number 1 method. I didn’t know that sneaker reselling was a thomg though, so I found that quite interesting. I suck at multilevel marketing, though I know there are people who thrive and do very well with it. I’m just not good at recruiting people. Totally agree with the perks of a passive income and hope that some day I will also be able to be a stay at home mom through my online business. How long have you been busy with your blogging and online business? And how long did it take before seeing any results? 

    • My first sales came around 7 months and It took 2 years to generate the income I wanted.  Everybody experience will differ.  I had a lot going on and did not dedicate or put all my effort into blogging because of all the distractions.

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