Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme or Good Business Opportunity?

what is farmasi mlm about
Farmasi Review: Quick Summary

Name: Farmasi

Description: Famasi is a network market company in the beauty industry. It doesn't cost much to become a member and they seem to have a generous compensation plan for it"s distributors. This might be one of the better MLM companies to consider joining with its low startup costs. Farmasi also places emphasis on selling products which are rare in most MLM companies. However, without any marketing skills, most people fail to succeed as the best way to earn stems from recruiting others into the business.

Price: $19+$49-$200(product pack)

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme?

I wouldn’t label Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme, but their business model is set up in similar aspects. This is not a company I would recommend joining, and the beauty industry is saturated with competition. It seems like almost every business I review is marketing either skincare or makeup products.


  • Has Momentum
  • Affordable Products
  • Focus on Selling instead of Recruiting
  • Low Cost to Start
  • No Sales Quota
  • History in Business


  • Training
  • Low Success Rate
  • Competitive Market

Farmasi is a multi-level marketing company established in 2010.

As this company specializes in promoting beauty products, you may have stumbled on this page because a family member or friend recommended you to join and referred to it as being a GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY!!!

While most MLM companies usually have a heavy focus on recruiting to make money, Farmasi seems to be one of the rare MLM companies where members can make decent money from selling their products. If you are a beauty blogger or have some skills with marketing online then you would be in a position to make the best out of this opportunity.

So as you contemplate joining, this review will enlighten you on what is Farmasi about and all it has to offer. I must share the fact that I am in no way associated with the company and I am in a position to share this review with you because I have past experience with another MLM company called World Ventures.

As I have strived to make a passive income in the past within that MLM company and other past business failures, I have found success with internet marketing which is the best way to go about marketing products in general.

MLM companies will turn you into that annoying friend that harasses everyone you come across to join or buy your products.

It’s a known fact that there is a low success rate for members within Multi-Level Marketing Businesses and if you consider joining it would be in your best interest to learn everything you can regarding marketing online to reach a wider audience instead of being limited to the people in your circle.

If you want to learn how to make money online for the best chance of establishing a passive income and live a more free lifestyle, subscribe and get weekly content and a 7-day course for making money online.

Now it’s time to get to the review of Farmasi and see if it’s the right opportunity for you.

What is Farmasi About?

Farmasi is an international MLM that was founded in Turkey by Dr. C. Tuna who recently passed away in 2017.

Leaving the business behind to his family, Farmasi has expanded its business of operations as of 2019 to 25 different markets. One of those markets includes the U.S with headquarters based in New York.


If you want to invest in a business that can be considered a low risk/high reward then Farmasi meets the criteria. It costs $19.99 to become a member of Farmasi and get your starter kit.

However, the starter kit does not come with any products for you to sell so if you want to become a distributor you will have to look into three of the following kits.

  1. Product pack- $49.99
  2. Activation product pack- $125 ($340 Worth of Products)
  3. Welcome product pack- $200 (Over $500 Worth of Products)

There are no monthly fees or a “sales quota” necessary to keep your membership active.


Most MLMs have a complex compensation plan and trying to fully understand it can be frustrating

In trying to understand Farmasi’s compensation plan there are 6 ways to get paid which are provided below.

  1. Personal sales (50% commission)
  2. Welcome program (incentives to earn free products within your first 4 months)
  3. “Building your team” program ($40 bonus when 2 members join your team and each accumulates 125 PV within one month)
  4. Personal bonus for your downline sales
  5. Group bonus for your team’s sales
  6. Leadership bonus (a huge bonus for your downline sales and your team getting promoted)

Although this details different ways of getting paid the only two things it boils down to are recruiting and selling.

Farmasi Products

Farmasi offers a wide selection of products for different categories which is listed below.

  • Feet
  • Hair 
  • Skincare 
  • Teeth
  • Lips
  • Eyes 
  • Children
  • Makeups and Cosmetics

Most MLM companies offer insanely high priced items compared to alternate options on the market, however, Farmasi surprisingly offers products that are of fair value.

what is farmasi about

Pros of Joining Farmasi

  • Has Momentum
  • Affordable Products
  • Focus on Selling instead of Recruiting
  • Low Cost to Start
  • No Sales Quota
  • History in Business

If I was to recommend an MLM company then Farmasi might be the one. With its low cost to start, decent commissions on sales, and no monthly expenses to maintain your business it seems more legitimate than any other multi-level marketing businesses I’ve reviewed.

It’s only been in business in the United States since early 2019 which is a sign that it is gaining momentum since it started in 2010. If you were to get involved now, you would be a new member introducing it to people in the area that have never heard of Farmasi.

The low price of $19.99 to become a consultant means that even if someone has no intention of doing this to earn an income you will still be able to receive a 50% discount on Farmasi products!

Cons of Joining Farmasi

  • Training
  • Low Success Rate
  • Competitive Market

If you plan on becoming a member of Farmasi to earn an income then you may want to slow down if you do not have any marketing skills.

When it comes to training on promoting and selling products, Farmasi has the same problem as most multi-level marketing businesses. The problem most members face when becoming a member of these businesses is that you are lead to believe their products are GREAT and STAND OUT from the REST and HOW GREAT it would be to INTRODUCE this to your FRIENDS and FAMILY!!!

If you are an owner of any business, especially nowadays with the Covid situation, you need to know how to MARKET ONLINE. Farmasi training methods are a big part of why most people fail. When it comes to beauty and cosmetics, there is a lot of competition in that market. A major selling point is that Farmasi products are made with no animal-derived ingredients, however, well know names like Kylie cosmetics and Sephora has a vegan product list as well.

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme: Conclusion

Farmasi is not a pyramid scheme as it is one of the better MLMs to consider joining.

However, most multi-level marketing methods of teaching members to recruit family and friends can ruin a relationship. It’s a fact that a lot of people that join these kinds of businesses lose thousands of dollars. Chances of this happening are low with Farmasi since prices are affordable to join and there are no monthly expenses to maintain membership.

There are some newer network marketing companies that understand the importance of marketing online and will teach you some social media strategies to promote their brand.

Farmasi does not offer such training to give you advanced knowledge in regards to that. This is not a business opportunity I would recommend but if the person that signs you up really knows what they are doing and can provide you some real training then it might work out.

With that said, there are plenty of opportunities to make an income online which will require less work and can eventually replace your day job.

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Now that you know what is Farmasi about I wish you the Best of Luck In Your Business Endeavors.

If you have any experience with Farmasi or have used any of their products feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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