How to Make $300 in a day taking photos: U.S & Canada Residents Only

How to Make Money Taking Photos With Your SmartPhone

How to Make money taking photos

If you are looking to make some extra income and reside in the U.S or Canada, you can make money today taking pictures from your smartphone. There are two mobile apps I use and sometimes make over $300 in a day depending on the time I put in.

This opportunity is great for college students, people that want to build a business and need some flexibility in their work schedule, or people that just want to make some extra income every month. The best thing is that it does not even take a full work day to do this.

I must admit that there are more opportunities to earn depending on where you live. If you reside in a place like New York City that has an abundance of retail stores in close proximity to each other, then you can earn this kind of money in less than 6 hours.

For more on this opportunity you can continue reading or check out this video regarding how you can make money today taking photos on your phone.

Before detailing the opportunity, there are 2 simple things you need to maximize your earning potential.

  1. A portable charger is necessary for maximizing how much you can make in a day. As a mobile device is required to take photos and perform tasks, it is important to have a portable charger because if your phone dies that will prevent how much of these easy projects you can perform.

2. Reliable Transportation- You must travel to various retail outlets to perform these projects. Some times the project takes 10 minutes to do and can pay on average $15. If you can finish 3 or more projects in 1 hr you can easily make over $50. If the the walking distance is not too far from one project to the next you can also click here to download this app that pays you for walking.

Things You Can Do to Maximize Earning Potential

Depending on where you live, you might be the only one to know about this or do these simple tasks in general. If you wait on these tasks then the payout becomes higher if nobody claims them. You can also request higher payouts or you will be presented with special offers that pays higher than the original payout amount.

Sometimes you will see projects on the map that pays $9 and if you wait a few days you will be offered $18 to do them. So sometimes it’s worth waiting than simply performing tasks as soon as you see it.

How Much Can You Earn In a Month?

As stated before this comes down to where you live. If you live in a big city you can make over $3,000 to $4,000 in a month depending on how much you work and how far you are willing to travel. That type of money can be earned doing these projects 20 days out of the month.

If you live in a small town you can make a decent amount as well, but there won’t be as many projects compared to a place like Manhattan.

What Are These Projects

These are simple photo audits you do in supermarkets, regular bodegas, big stores like Targets and Whole Foods, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, 7 Elevens and more. Basically, almost every store that sells something can be a place where you can take photos of various brands and earn money. This is actually considered essential work and you will never have a way where you can’t make decent money every month.

Brands like Coca Cola, Frito Lays, Colgate, JUUL and more want insight on the products they have carried in stores and will pay you to do simple photo audits of their brand. Sometimes it’s as simple as going in the store, taking 3-10 photos and earning $15-$20. Count how many seconds it take you to snap 10 photos and minutes to walk around the store and your job is complete.

Sometimes you might have to do a bit more work and just include wether or not the products are well stocked or not by clicking yes or no. I can say having a flexible job like this allowed me to build an online business which now makes me a full time income.

But… I choose to do these still because this is just easy extra money every month.

If this sound like an opportunity you would be interested in then;

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But Wait…There’s More You Should Know

You can also make money doing these three other tasks:

1. Product Demos- Complete in-store sampling events and introduce shoppers to products.  These assignments last four hours at $20 per hour.

2. Introduce new products to store managers and ask them to place orders.  These assignments may take 10-15 minutes as well and usually have a payout of $7 with a $5 bonus if the manager places an order. However you can wait till the payout is higher than $7 and get a bonus on top of that.

3. My least favorite project to do is resets. This requires updating shelves in entire store sections. These assignments usually last 4-8hours at $15 per. The highest I was ever offered on these kinds of projects is $22 an hr. If you have planogram experience and are comfortable updating shelves then you might enjoy doing these more than me.

Now if you ready to start making money today then Sign Up Here and Get Started

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    • I’m glad this site helps you with your goals of making money online and if you have any questions follow me in the WA community so I can assist you.

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  3. Hey Max, I have to say that I’m amazed at this opportunity especially since I’m a full time college student. As someone that takes pictures frequently throughout my outings, this would be a great way to make some extra cash on the side. Would you advise investing in a camera or is it better to just use your phone? Thanks for this awesome info. 

    • I am glad this can help you make some extra cash every month and all you need a smartphone to make money with this.

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