How to Plan for the Future

Accomplishing Financial Stability

how to plan for the future

With the COVID crisis that has rocked the world and has changed the course of how we go about our daily routine, it is important to know how to plan for the future.

This is not a survival article as this is about setting and accomplishing your goals for financial stability.

Whether you are a business owner, professional athlete, travel agent, music artist, waitress, accountant, actor, teacher, fitness trainer, or hairstylist, we have learned that these lists of professions are susceptible to the greatest losses in a worldwide disaster.

Just think about the money that has been lost when it comes to people traveling, and movies due to come out this year in 2020 had to be postponed or become immediately accessible on pay per view instead of the movie theaters.

Of course, these theaters are owned by business owners that have huge capital and may be able to sustain significant losses, but small business owners are struggling to stay afloat.

The reality of an economic disaster is humbling as the only thing essential is the air we breathe, the food we have, and the shelter to protect us from the elements of nature. Accountants are faced with less to count as their services are not essential if businesses are struggling.

We definitely know how waitresses fall under the small business spectrum, and even with some restaurants opening back up in New York and other states that have seen progress, how comfortable are you dining in a crowded setting compared to a year ago. Roaming around Manhattan is still a ghost town in late July, and the city has been that way since March. It will definitely take time to get the economy back to normal, but planning ahead and reassessing your goals will be the best way to combat a changing and unpredictable future.

To go about planning for the future, it is best to look at how you can establish multiple streams of income or maximize your current business by reaching a wider audience.

What Kind of Businesses are Less Susceptible to a Global Pandemic?

essential jobs for how to plan for the future

Law enforcement is definitely a tough field in today’s climate as some bad apples can make pursuing that profession something to think twice about.

If you consider pursuing anything other than the professions from the above list in the future, you must ask yourself how will you be able to do what you enjoy and be able to withstand an economic meltdown. The saying is true that you must save for a rainy day.

Maybe restaurant owners will be able to continue providing outdoor dining which can help these businesses maximize their profits in the future. The trickle-down effect may lead to more employment opportunities for waitresses and other employees that are essential to the restaurant business.

Take the 7 question quiz for your best path towards a career.

Side Hustle

Whatever your goals are, it is time to start thinking about the side hustle that can help you survive a recession.

Here is a list of 15 side hustle ideas that can turn into a full-time income.

1. Blogging– Blogging is a great way to make money on the side which can very well turn into a full-time income. There are a lot of successful bloggers that make six to seven figures a year. When people do their research on the internet, you will be landing on a blog. Think about it, almost everybody in the world surf the internet for information. Although it is a lucrative venture, building a money-making blog is not easy. If you are looking to get rich overnight, then blogging is not for you as it will require patience and motivation.

2. Freelance Writing-While your earning potential might be a bit less as a freelance writer opposed to a blogger, the chances of making a full-time income will most likely happen sooner rather than later. Blogging and making a full-time income might require 3 months to a year, and its usually towards the latter part of this statement.

3. Reselling Sneakers- Many people do not realize how much potential there is in the sneaker business. High Demand Sneakers come out every month that can be resold for 3-5 times the amount of the cost to get them. More experienced buyers will purchase bots to automatically purchase some of these sneakers as soon as it releases. For more information on reselling sneakers, check out this article on the best ways to make a passive income.

4. Social Media Marketing-Social Media marketing can come in different forms. 1. You may get a contract to be a social media strategist for a brand by writing content and designing ads to increase awareness. 2. You can do affiliate marketing and promote products on Facebook or Pinterest. 3. You can do Youtube videos and connect it to Google Adsense to get paid. 4. You can promote your services on professional social sites like LinkedIn and connect with like-minded people. 5. You can be a model, artist, actor, and have a huge following on Instagram. If this is the case you can set up a fan page through Model Centro so people can stay up to date on your activities.

5. Drop-Shipping- Drop Shipping can be very lucrative if you know how to go about it. For more information, you can check out this article on how to dropship with an eCommerce Website.

6. Network Marketing- Most of these opportunities deal with Multi-Level Marketing Companies. While I would not usually recommend joining one of these companies, there is a handful worth looking into if you have experience with marketing online.

7. Sell Ebooks– Selling and publishing ebooks is a lot easier than a physical one. Of course, it is best to make an ebook that can teach something for people to incorporate in their life. Whether it is languages, online courses, or how to budget and save money, there are plenty of ebooks in high demand when it comes to intellectual curiosity.

8. Mystery Shopping/ Merchandising- Companies of all kinds are looking for mystery shoppers and insights on how their brand is performing in stores. Mystery shoppers buy in secret and will report their experience with the retailer. This can be done whether you are shopping at a physical place of business or an online store. If you do a simple search on how to become a mystery shopper, you will likely find several sources to help you. To become a merchandiser, click here to read my review on the best app to start working as a Merchandiser today. You can also contact companies directly for pitching to become a mystery shopper or merchandiser.

9. Wash and detail cars- Washing cars in your area may start out small, but if you promote by handing out flyers in your neighborhood or posting your services on social media, washing cars can become a relatively lucrative business in more upscale neighborhoods.

10. Start a Food Truck- Food Trucks may very well be a better investment than a restaurant, especially in times of a pandemic and social distancing. If you research and pick the right place for planting your food truck, then all you need is a couple of people to keep the business going. Less staff and lower monthly payments opposed to physical restaurants have made investing in a food truck a more recession-proof investment.

11. Give music lessons- If you have knowledge when it comes to playing the piano, guitar, or another instrument, consider teaching others in your area and advertise online to reach a wider audience. This would be the time to make use of a LinkedIn account or the ebook suggestion

12. Write resumes- If you are good at writing resumes, you can also make use of a LinkedIn account to advertise your services. It would be best to provide a few sample resumes for free to lure in some great reviews and as a result, you will see your sales increase dramatically.

13. Teach driving lessons to students- If you are a great driver, then it might be wise to give thought into becoming licensed as an instructor. You can promote your services both online and off, or use a site like CareerBuilder to find part-time driving instructor jobs.

14. Become a virtual assistant- The demand for virtual assistants is high, but it will require organization and a lot of free time to make it a worthwhile venture.

15. Create a smartphone app- I have a banging idea for creating an app, but the thought is easier thought than done if you know what I mean?

If you have an idea for creating an app, study how to monetize it without including initial fees. Nowadays there are plenty of valuable apps that you can download for free. If you think about charging per download, your services must be unique and extraordinary. What I have in mind would fit the bill if I act on it before someone else thinks about it. If you have the right idea, the fruits of your labor can be very rewarding.

Set Your Goals

It is best to look into a goal planner to stay organized and have a comprehensive list to go about accomplishing your goals.

The benefits of a goal planner includes the following list.

1. Set Your Intention

2. Choose Your Number 1 Goal

3. Select 4 Mini-Goals

4. Plan Your Year

5. Crush Your To Dos

6. Review Your Goals and Where You are from the time frame you set forth towards accomplishing your goals

A goal planner provides direction to help guide you to where you ultimately want to be in life. You will have a clearer focus on what is important to you by reflecting on your hopes and dreams. This goes hand and hand with the decision you make (Party or accomplish goals) (Party and put goals to the side and past the deadline you set) (Accomplish your goals to meet the timeframe you set forth and then party after)

Making a goal planner will also help you take control of your future, as without it you may drift away aimlessly and tend to go with the flow. Planning ahead will provide motivation as you have something to strive for. Once you have clear written goals, your mind will be consumed with focusing on your endeavors. You will definitely have a sense of personal satisfaction as you will know your capabilities and have an idea on how to reach your full potential.

After everything is said and done, accomplishing your goals will give you a sense of purpose in life. Instead of going through the motions and living day to day, having goals keeps you motivated to get up in the morning and look forward to a progressive day as you strive to live a life you always wanted.

If You have any advice or feedback from the article, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.


  1. All in all, planing to success is the most integral thing that we can do because it really is the good thing. Just like this pandemic has happened now, being able to curb everything can really be the best thing for us in the long run. I actually value what you have shared here and thanknyou for sharing all the information’s and also things that we can do as sside hustle to bring in the cash.

  2. Great to see all the details that you have given on this post. I really enjoyed reading this just as much as you have written it. I’m glad that I came across this post. You know, this is a time when we need to be able to accept that the world is no longer the way it was before and things have seriously changed. If we still want to be able to live life the right way then we need to accept this changes and pick up new skills and work as well. Tour recommendation are all good. Currently I do freelancing but I don’t mind adding another side hustle.

    • I have been interested in freelance writing as well, but I will remain focused on my blog for now.

  3. Hi, yes in this world hit by COVID-19 we need to adapt and find side-hustles. I’m positive about this and I feel this will be the beggining of a wonderful journey online. So many people are passing away and I have to be grateful I enjoy good health.

    I like writing and I want to start an online blog. Thanks for the encouragement. I give it my first try today.

  4. For me,I think every move we make should have the betterment of the future infused in it as only in that way can one really get much out of the next 5-10 years..but this can’t be achieved if there is no proper its always said u can never get what u haven’t seen…one thing it to see and another is to plan how to achieve what you have seen…thanks for this awesome information.

  5. This is a very great topic Infact I really love it, this Covid 19 pandemic is an eye opener for everyone that just a means of living isn’t the best way to life, this period collapsed lots of businesses some lost their jobs. Whereas their are numerous jobs out their we can alwasy add to our side hustle In planning well fr our future, such as affiliate marketing, blogging, vlogging, creating online contents and many more things to fetch us an income 

  6. Wow, there would be so many people that this article would be of help ton and all they need to do is just be aware that such article exist and that is why I am willing  to share it on my social media accounts for wider audience. Planning for the future can be conflicting some times but once you are in such situations get time to rest and get back to it. We will have a reason to smile at the end 

  7. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is How to Plan for the Future. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about the future plan. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Blogging.
    I’ve read and enjoyed your article and I’d like to share it with my friends by posting it in the Facebook community so everyone knows about your article and gets to hear about making money.

    • I am lost for words as this is the second time in a row someone would like to share the article. I appreciate your support and I am glad this information proves useful for you.

  8. what a great article! And unfortunately, it’s so true that there are just several professions not being impacted by the global pandemic. Several professions that will have job no matter what. 

    I am in the theatre/movie industry as a graduated actress and it’s been very tough for all my colleagues. 

    For the last 8 years, I have been working for the cruise line and now when the ships are not sailing, many people are on hold or some even lost their jobs. 

    Blogging and building an online business is what is a future, I believe as a lot of that change and many people are actually looking for the ways to make money online. That’s why I am more than ever into online business now so that I can help others find the job as well. 

    I think that you provided such a nice list of the options for everyone seeking for some opportunity and I also like the advices you gave on the path of success. 


    • I am glad you enjoyed the article and the list of options for self-improvement.  I am really wondering what the future will be like for the restaurant industry.

  9. Hi Max

    Thanks for sharing a great article to learn more what we all can work on when the world is going through these hard times and everything is changing.

    As I’m looking for a new way to work from home, I was looking for some information that helps me to know what steps to do and start working from home, so I’m glad I found your website.

    After reading your article is clear there are some business fields that will need to make some changes while other fields will gain in business productivity, and I understand this as these fields are related to the issue we all are dealing during the stay at home this 2020

    But I would ask you if you have some recommendation for artist? I would love to create my online business as an artist (watercolor painting) do you have some ideas for me?

    • Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate?  The teaching will give you the logistics on how to build an online business for whatever niche you decide. If you join the community you can follow me at Maxamillion3 and message me so we can go through some ideas. 

  10. This is an awesome post, your previous post was great too, i enjoy reading them, it is really informative and comprehensive, Indeed the covid-19 has rocked the globe and the economy of most country is suffering, so involving in any side hustle you listed is really an amazing idea and even if one cannot do any of those, the person can as well learn any of them and master them, planning is really great but not just that but also going through with it..Thanks for the great idea

    • Thank you for the compliment I am glad you enjoyed reading a few of the articles.  I definitely hope things will get back to normal so people will not be struggling in the future. 

  11. This was a great article that hit home for myself and many people I am sure. These tough times make you really think about how you can provide for your family and what routes are available! Knowing there are plenty of options out there, for those with the fortitude and perseverance, its refreshing. With that, I am definitely going to try and attempt one or more of these as a side hustle!

  12. Fortunately, at least this time around, my job was considered essential, but what about the next round? I wonder about that. Also, as a newspaper, a business which relies on advertising, if businesses are closed, then who will be advertising? I have often thought about doing a blog or freelance writing. From what you say, the blog would make more in the long-term, but that freelancing could make money upfront faster. Perhaps I will need to try a combination of the two to make my break into the side hustles.

  13. planning for the future isn’t something to actually get a book and biro for, I’m. Oh disputing the fact that it has a lot of planning but it requires more of actions that talks. A well planned future is one with a given agendas and with a purpose, most people just live in uncertainty and no assurance.

  14. I do agree with you on the topic of your article. Covid 19 is here and it’s not going anywhere, no time soon. As you mention our daily lives are going to change and we have to plan for the future.

    I was glad to read all the different plans and goal setting to making money on the side. You have crushed it on tip people can do to make money on the side if nothing else, at least they can start setting some goal for the future.

    It does make you feel good knowing you have a plan in motions during this pandemic time of our lives. Thanks you so much for sharing an eye opener for all of us.

  15. Hello, Just read your article “How to plan for the future”. Quite interesting read. In this pandemic we need to adapt and find
    side-hustles. I’m positive about this and I feel this will be the beggining of a wonderful journey online. So many people are passing away and I have to be grateful I enjoy good health.

    I like writing and I want to start an online blog. Thanks for the encouragement. I give it my first try today.

  16. Hey there,

    Thanks for sharing with us this great article. We are still in the pandemic but I wish I had read through it sometime back, perhaps I would be far by now. Having a side hustle seems to be a great way to go for me, as jobs tend to be more affected during the pandemic. The staff is being laid off to cut company expenses. It was a great one and thanks for sharing,



  17. Lots of interesting ideas you give there. With the toughs times we live in at the moment many people will turn online to find new ways of making money and one has to be extra careful as there are so many fakes and scams out there. Also as you say it’s of great importance to plan ahead. 

    If you don’t know where you and what you are doing then there is no way you will manage to have the financial freedom you are looking for. Planning is one of the founding pillars for financial freedom. And while many people don’t know how to start I would say your article provide an excellent starting point for those that are looking to do so. Great work!

  18. It has truly been a mind-opening change for all of us; the people who are professionals with a certain degree on their hands as well as those of us who have been bumbling from job to job. These are difficult times, the world has seen this type of chaos happening, but our generation has not seen the full blown crisis that an economic outburst may take on us. It’s good to have a plan A as well as a plan B to have a secure future ahead of us. 

  19. Hi Max, 

    Nice article on how to plan for the future. I too am into affiliate marketing and i believe it is the way to go. There is something very compelling about free income that drives people to the internet, but it is those who stay on and stick with things, are the ones who ultimately make something here.



  20. I think your topic, how to plan for your future, is great.  Of course, I am a little bias as I am also promoting healthy living which involves planning and goal setting.  The information on the site is well presented and is needed during these times of uncertainty.  I have subscribed for your mailing list as I really believe that it will help me grow in my online business.  You site has everything I am looking for at this stage in my business.  I also requested for a copy of expert secrets.   Thank you.

    • Thank you for your support but if you are a member at WA you can follow me ar Maxamillion3 and I can help you with your endeavors.

  21. Hello, 

    I really enjoyed reading your article. 

    As you say the world has completely changed this year and we need to rethink our goals. 

    You provided lots of useful tips and I will certainly be trying to incorporate these into my life.

    One problem I do have is when I make a list of goals that can be as far as I get as by writing them down I feel as if I’ve done them when I haven’t!

    Have you got any ideas on how to overcome this? 

    Best wishes, 


  22. Your post inspired me to put my goals in writing. Before Covid many of us had a hard time having a goal but somehow had a carreer or a job, after Covid many of us don’t have an option but to change our goal set. The Pandemic for sure brought instant changes but it will modify our lifestyle for a very long time. If we are smart, we set our “new” goals today, as you say, and plan for the future. Your article is for sure an eye opener to what is going on today.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the article! I hope the economy will recover soon because a lot of people are suffering and I hope the articles can provide resources to help people get through these challenging times.

  23. You’re right, things have changed and we need to think about what we can do instead of thinking that we’re going to go back to what it was before. Your list of ideas is helpful because sometimes it’s hard to think about what you might be able to do. There are a lot of online courses that you can take for low prices to improve your skills during this time in lots of different fields. However, if you want to make an income which is what we really need then we need to look into ideas like the ones you’ve written about here.

    What do you think are the top two best ideas from your list as far as creating side income?

    • Being that I like writing, I would say blogging or freelance writing.  If I didn’t like writing, I would probably resell sneakers.  I also do merchandising/ mystery shopping already.

  24. The pandemic caused many people to lose their jobs and messed up all of my plan for 2020. It makes me realized that we should probably looking for another job that could create us another source of income or even passive income. I think I am going to set up new goals and reschedule my plans for 2020, even though there are only few months left. Better late than never, right? Wish me luck.

    Thanks for sharing such amazing article. It’s a great topic and you really did encouraged me to pick myself up.

    • It’s always great to have a backup plan by establishing multiple streams of income. I am glad you enjoyed the article and I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.

  25. It’s definitely wise to have more that once source of income in today’s world. You’ve given some great ideas here; some which I had never thought of.

    I work in the education field, which is very questionable right now. I have thought about virtual tutoring those who can’t go back to school. I know that this will be a much-needed service this school year.

    I never heard of reselling sneakers before. I’ll have to check into that.

    Ultimately, goal setting is important for success. Set your eyes on what you want to do, and channel your work into meeting your goals.

    • Virtual Tutoring is a great idea. I have a friend who resells sneakers and makes quite a good profit every time he makes a sale. I might incorporate that into another stream of income in the future.

  26. Very good article and very good website! I really liked the fact that you highlighted the jobs that are less vulnerable, even during a pandemic or any other type of crisis. Marketers are among the professionals in that category – in fact, during the pandemic affiliate marketing is among the most required jobs. The skills needed to be affiliate marketers are always useful!

    • Thank you for the compliment  I am glad you enjoyed the site! Affiliate marketing is definitely a way to recession-proof your income in the future.

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