How to Find Keywords for a Website

How to Find Keywords for a Website

As a website owner, it is necessary to your search engine success to understand how to find keywords for a website.  Most people that start off building a website lack the knowledge on the proper techniques for finding keywords for a website.  This page will detail the proper way to go about researching keywords.

The 3 Main Facts of Effective Keyword Research

(1) Low COMPETITION.  This should be your first priority when doing keyword research.    I don’t even consider using keywords that have too much competition.  The reason for this is that without being able to rank (and do so efficiently), you will lack the traffic necessary for a successful online business.

No rankings = No point!

When I look for competition, I look for a specific metric call QSR (known as Quote Search Results).   There is only one tool that I am aware of that provides this piece of data in an efficient way, and that is Jaaxy.   That is the tool I use for my keyword research.QSR allows you to determine the EXACT number of competing pages in Google….which is your REAL competition. The closer to ZERO the better, but I am for a QSR of under 300 (that is, 300 competing pages in Google).

First Keyword Fact: Under 300 QSR

(2) Must get some TRAFFIC.  I don’t go for 1000 visits per month keywords, instead I  will settle for bunt singles all day if I can get ranked.  There is absolutely no sense in “trying” to get rankings under keywords that have high traffic and competition.  Potential for good rankings would be slim, so who cares about how much traffic it could potentially get. Its wise to go for the sure thing.

If a search term gets over 50 searches per month, go for it.  Yes, 50.It may seem low.  Actually, it is quite low but consider the fact that these low volume keywords add up when you start ranking them.  Get 1st page rankings in the search engines under 10, or 20….0r 100 of these and you are going to .

Also, the lower competition, moderate traffic keywords are usually more relevant and convert better which is an added bonus.

Second Keyword Fact:  Over 50 searches per month

 (3) Must make SENSE.  How awkward is it to try to put content together when you are using a keyword that doesn’t make sense.  Look at the title of this article as an example.  The title makes sense and the target keywords fit naturally within the title.   All of your keywords should do the same.  Take a look at this example…how to find keywords for a website vs how to find keywords website

If I tried to make use of the second keyword, I would have a tough time.  It simply does not make sense.  So in putting content together, if I feel like I am forcing awkward content to target a keyword, I simply will not use it.  It must make sense to people because we are writing content for an audience, not search engines or robots.

Third Keyword Fact: Must make sense to a human being

Click here to learn more about  Jaaxy, my number 1 ranked keyword research tool for building your website. I can create successful campaigns because I know how to find a numerous amount of keywords within a niche, because when you have access to a tool like Jaaxy you can uncover things that no other keyword tool can access.


  1. I usually go for keywords with the competition under 100 but I think that is definitely number one priority when it comes to deciding what keywords to use.

    I do also think it is best to go for keywords that have over 100 searches but I might use one around 50 if it has very low competition. I have used Jaaxy’s keyword tool but only for the 30 search free trial and switched to WA’s tool after.

    My question is, would you recommend Jaaxy if I am already using the WA keyword tool for free or is WA’s keyword tool good enough?

    • As you gain more experience online it would eventually be wise to upgrade to jaxxy.  Although you have a free keyword tool within the Wa platform, Jaaxy has the ability to easily find where your sites are ranked in Google, find affiliate programs, and analyse your competitions websites,

      I would advise you to keep doing what you are doing for now, but upgrades and improvements are key to a successsful online campaign.

  2. Hey Max
    This is a great article and very helpful for those looking to get into the internet marketing business. Everything I have read so far has suggested finding the right keywords is absolutely vital to being able to generate any kind of worthwhile traffic.
    With Jaaxy, do you recommend the full Enterprise version?

    • Finding the right keywords is definitely key to generating traffic. I do not recommend upgrading until your site matures and you build trust with google, yahoo, bing etc. I am glad this article proved useful and if you have any further questions feel free to ask.

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