sleeping after sex
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Sex and Sleep

There is a direct correlation between sex and sleep. A good amount of sleep will lead to more energy for sexual encounters.  Depending on how these encounters go, the hormones produced and released during intercourse will

top 10 most dangerous sports
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Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

10. Basketball : 4 Deaths This may actually come as a surprise to most people.  Major injuries are more common in basketball than most other sports due to the constant activity and change in motions.

Mor Vacations Review

Mor Vacations Review

MOR (Members Only Resorts) Vacations was opened for business in August, 2008, at MOR Vacations, 9 South Brown Street, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, USA 54501. MOR Vacations is another  MLM Travel business opportunity. I was involved in a similar

the jaaxy review
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The Jaaxy Review

I enjoy using keyword research.   It really excites me when I dive into a niche or a market and realize how much potential it has in driving traffic. Jaaxy is a lot better and

what is roi unlimited about
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ROI Unlimited is another home-based multi-level marketing company in the travel industry. Headquartered in Arizona, the company launched global operations in January 2011.  Roi Unlimited provides a lot of components that interest those who have

How alcohol effects the body
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How Alcohol Effects the Body

Most drugs specifically damage and negatively effects certain parts of your body.  Alcohol is the number one mind alter-er that effects every part of your body.  Consumption of alcohol over a long period of time