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ROI Unlimited is another home-based multi-level marketing company in the travel industry. Headquartered in Arizona, the company launched global operations in January 2011.  Roi Unlimited provides a lot of components that interest those who have experienced past failures within standard network advertising and marketing firms.

Before I go any further I must state that I am in no way associated with Roi Unlimited or stand to benefit from you joining.

I was once a part of a multi-level marketing company called World Ventures and I have experience in this kind of business. I am in a position to share this review with you because I got involved with affiliate marketing. If you ask me, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money by promoting and selling other people’s products.

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing I have written an article to educate people on the subject.

One of the problems with network marketing firms like World Ventures is that they commonly demand representatives to make a minimum monthly payment in order to be paid payments on their referral and to continue using its services. This is described as an auto-ship which is the main reason most people leave network marketing companies. The amount of money made through referrals must eventually outweigh the money dispersed to keep your business active.

This is where there are benefits to joining Roi Unlimited as opposed to other MLM companies. It is among the few multi-level marketing businesses that do not require members to pay a monthly or a yearly fee to maintain the membership. As a result, when a person becomes a participant they have no motivation to leave the program. People that have actually been burned by MLM companies in the past will certainly be a lot more likely to consider signing up for this method.


Silver Traveler membership is a one-time fee of $250 with no monthly or yearly fees to maintain membership

Members at this level will receive the ROI Unlimited Hotel Card and lifetime access to the ROI Travel Portal.

Not only does the Hotel Card provide access to the lowest online prices for hotels that are provided by hotels.com, (Owned By Expedia) the world’s largest online hotel agency.

The Hotel Card Also Features The Following:

– Over 44,000 Hotels offering Special Internet Rates and over 38,000 additional properties online

– Lowest Rates Guaranteed For Online Bookings

– On any day, the hotel link features 3 or 4 properties that are on sale at additional savings

In addition to all of this, membership at this level provides you with exclusive benefits that are only offered through ROI Unlimited, such as Identity Theft Protection and additional Destination Travel Cards.

Gold Traveler membership is a one-time fee of $1000 with no monthly or yearly fees to maintain membership

Members at this level will receive the ROI Unlimited Condo Card and lifetime access to the ROI Travel Portal.

ROI Unlimited has one of, if not the largest condo inventory in the world.

A the end of 2010 an additional 5200 properties were added to ROI’s already 2 million weeks of inventory. Not only does ROI have arguably the largest condo inventory, but they also have some of the lowest prices.

Unlike any of its competitors such as Travelocity, Orbitz, or Expedia;  ROI provides one of the most comprehensive inventories of over 2 million weeks of availability in over 200 countries of condos, villas, suites, cottages and private homes in the world.

You receive Identity Theft Protection and additional Destination Travel Cards as well with this membership.

Platinum Traveler membership is a one-time fee of $3,500 with no monthly or yearly fees to maintain membership

Membership at this level gives you access to all of the Traveler cards:

– ROI Unlimited Hotel Card

– ROI Unlimited Condo Card

– ROI Unlimited Cruise Card

The Cruise Card:

It offers over 13,000 cruise itineraries with no service fees to book and a call center that has 500 live agents.

Member Only Cruise:

Members have the luxury of customizing their cruises which include destinations, itineraries, lengths and price ranges.

Many featured cruises are below market prices.

Some additional benefits for members only are onboard credits, cabin upgrades, gifts, etc…

You receive Identity Theft Protection and additional Destination Travel Cards as well with this membership.


The more expensive the membership plan, the higher the level of coupons members have access to and the greater degree of monetary compensation members are entitled to.

The settlement plan is based on a 2 by three matrix, meaning each person has 2 people under them, going down three rows. As stated, there are greater payouts based on the degree of membership in which each individual joins.


The company is apparently owned by Fred Schwartz and Brian Spangler, but there is no information about them on the web site. MLM companies do not pay on an advertisement, instead of relying on members to promote their product through word of mouth. If you can market ROI Unlimited effectively and produce leads, you will certainly be successful.  This is a link to their official website https://www.roiunlimited.com/

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As always, I welcome your comments on Roi Unlimited and I will be more than willing to discuss it with you. If you have ever joined Roi Unlimited, feel free to share your personal experience in the comments.


  1. Very informative! I did not know this company existed and it looks like a good deal. I like how you compared to other similar companies and the different membership levels. It would be nice if you listed some well-known hotels that people have a chance to stay at like the Hilton, the Mandarin even the Ritz Carlton if its included just so we can get the idea if its really worth the $250+ membership.

    • If the Hilton and the Mandarin are five star hotels then it is most likely included .  I am not a member of Roi but I think I will consider joining later down the line.  After being involved in World Ventures, it is automatically worth it for a one time fee and then I have access to this for life.  I’m pretty sure that in a lifetimes I will make more use of the membership and save more than $250 just going away a few times.

  2. The Roi Unlimited sounds very attempting opportunity, but I am not sure if it is worth it when travelling occasionally, what do you think? Is it more for people who know they are going to travel every year or so?

    About the Gold Traveler membership, sorry my ignorance, but what does condo actually mean?

    • If its a one time payment of $250 for the first plan, I am pretty sure you will get your money’s worth throughout your life.  This could most likely benefit you even if you do not travel often.  The higher membership is a different story especially the one for 3500.  

      Condos is a place for you to stay on vacation just like hotels.  They are supposedly more luxurious than hotels which is why that membership plan is higher.

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