Is Tap 2 Earn a Scam Or Legit Way To Make Easy Money?

Is Earn and Go a Scam?
Earn and go

Tap 2 Earn Review

I must start off by immediately informing readers that Tap 2 Earn is a scam as I was scammed by them. I have never come across such a sophisticated scam and as an internet marketer, it kind of caught me off guard. As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. I was introduced to this by a family member as an opportunity to make $500 in a day and something that could continue being a stream of income. Tap to Earn has recently changed its name to Earn & Go and now they are under the moniker of Cash Crates. They will continuously change their name to keep up with their scammy antics. One way to spot this is if you come across a website claiming to be the number 1 earning network as this seems to be the scam’s logo. This is what I went through to give you a breakdown of how I fell victim to their scammy methods.

Getting Started

I simply signed up and created my account. After creating an account and logging into my dashboard I immediately saw a balance of $50 just for joining. When you look into your dashboard you will see a chart of the 4 different ways you get paid.

Clicks-Everytime someone clicks on your link you will earn $2. Get an easy 25 clicks on your link and your balance will be at $100. I posted the link to my social media accounts and went through my phone list. I got in touch with a few people to ask if they can click on the link.

Referrals- Refer 5 people to sign up and create an account. You are supposed to earn $10 for everybody that signs up through your link. Of course, I got the people closest to me to sign up. I signed up for my mother, father, sister, friend, and girlfriend to quickly get the 5 referrals I needed. That is supposed to bring your balance to $150.

Posts and Reviews– This one had me confused, but my brother was the one who referred me and showed me how to do this. I accomplished most of this on Instagram and did 1 on Facebook.

Simply copy the link from your Instagram photos and then go back to your earn and go dashboard. Now go to the $50 submissions where it gives you the option of a Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok post. Select Instagram, scroll to the bottom and paste the link to where it says post link. This is how I realized it was a scam. When I copied the link on my Instagram photo to paste into the Earn&Go Instagram submission feature, I was allowed to continuously do so for the same photo. Imagine if you can just post a link all day and get paid each time you do so. I realized there is no way the company could be profitable and pay people for doing absolutely nothing.

At 15 bucks a post your balance will be at $300 after doing this 10 times. If you are doing this all day then just imagine.

Tasks– This last method is the one that I had the most issues with. I simply downloaded 6 apps on my phone and ran it for 30 seconds. While doing this is as easy as the rest of the things I mentioned, you don’t immediately see the money you think you’re getting accumulating in the account. Some of the tasks simply do not go through after you do it. It claims that it usually takes 5 to 10 minutes before showing you completed, so you would know for sure it did not go through a half-hour later. I did not allow myself to get discouraged because at the time I was under the assumption that this was legit.

These tasks range between $20 to $30 you are to receive just for downloading. Let’s just say on average that is $25 and to times it by 6 will bring your balance to $450.

Is Tap 2 Earn a Scam

If you get introduced to something advertising an easy $500 a day and are under the platform of Earn&Go or Tap2Earn stay clear of it. While you do not lose any money with it, you are scammed of your emotions and you will feel bad for referring others. Their purpose is also to collect data and hack into your accounts. If you have come across this it would be wise to update email passwords and the account that you may have linked to when putting in your information for receiving payments.

It is needless to say that after I met the criteria of things I needed to do before I cashed out I never received payments. They say they will pay you in two weeks but you’ll never get paid. I even wrote a good article on this before realizing it was a scam. I put the article on hold just with the spec of hope that I may actually get paid two weeks later, but after 3 weeks it is time for me to give out this information and hope people come across this if they are ever introduced to Earn&Go or Tap2Earn.

If you are interested in a legitimate opportunity to build a passive income online, Click here to get a review of my number 1 business opportunity.

Avoid this Scam Everyone and although you do not lose money with this scam, it is wise to know you can be scammed in a different way.


  1. I know that what you said is true if it sounds too good to be true it is. I appreciate the warning about this earning online opportunity.  It is embarrassing to refer your friends and relatives and it is a non-legitiment earning chance. 

    I have had enough of those kinds for a lifetime already!  So it was good to be warned.  The set-up did sound good though.

    Sounds like the basics are still the best.  I have looked at Wealthy Affiliate.  Is Wealthy Affiliate the only money-earning site you belong to?



    • As an affiliate marketer, I represent more than just Wealthy Affiliates and there is an opportunity to partner with different affiliates to promote legitimate brands.

  2. I have not heard of taps to earn before. This is literally the first time I am seeing a platform like it but from reading your review, it is very safe to say that it is not a safe platform to join at all. I can see that they do not have a read make money plan. I mean, who gives a person $50 on signup for doing nothing. We all have to learn one way or the other but it’s sad that you had to learn the hard way. Nice post still.

    • Thanks.  As an affiliate marketer, it seemed like a legit opportunity, after all, that’s what affiliate marketing is about is clicks on your ads and links for referring people to a brand.

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for the review here and I must say that I truly appreciate this post out here. This tap2earn is definitely another scam oriented platform that is only concerned with making money off everyone else by playing with our emotions. I wouldn’t Wang to sign for this. Thank you so much

    • No problem I am glad to inform as many people as possible and especially those in the affiliate marketing community.

  4. Hello Max, i love your simplicity and precision with words on this article and i am glad you have come to understand that these quick money sites are all there to exploit poor individuals who registers with them. Tap 2 earn has some really glaring features to show its a scam site and i hope we all are quick in seeing these signs before making the mistake. Thanks for sharing 

    • Yea I feel like I should have known better, but for me to not have to put in no debit card information upon joining made it seem like another affiliate platform.  There were affiliate dashboards and calculated clicks to my link just like all the other affiliate platforms I joined.

  5. Since the work from home order was put in place, I’ve been looking for a source of passive income and Tap 2 was on my radar until I came across this insightful post. The steps to earn on the platform seems quite simple but with the legitimacy of the Tap 2 in doubt, I will take your advice and steer clear of it. It’s be a real shame to invest money, time, and effort into it without making any profit. 

    • I did not invest any time but the emotional aspect was the most impactful.  I am glad to inform you of this before you invested any time into it.

  6. Hi there thanks for the information. I have to come across a platform like this before and it is a good thing to be informed earlier. For me, I think any online platform that says you could earn $500 and above per day is too good to be true. Even if there are they are very rare and requires a lot of time and energy.

  7. Yes, yes they advertise an easy $500 day. I’ll not only stay away from Tap2Earn but will also run away from Earn&Go;. I’m glad I found your post because you have not only showed us these programs aren’t worth joining but you have also given me a certain guideline on how to identify these types of programs. Thank you very much!

  8. Thanks for the heads up.  I agree, if it looks to good to be true it probably is.  It would seem that some of these scams are getting more sophisticated if they are able to rope in someone who is experienced with online businesses.  The reason I found Wealthy Affiliate is because I was looking for reviews on some other $49 opportunity that was supposed to take advantage of internet loopholes to make you money by doing next to nothing.


  9. Interesting. I never heard of this business. From the start of your post it seemed like things were fine and it wasn’t a scam. Did they ignore emails or flat out not pay you? Honestly, it seemed a bit cluttered having to go back and  forth doing tasks etc. I would probably end up burned out quickly. I would like to.see if things turned around and they paid you. It’s sad when you go in with good intentions and end up dissapointed. Sorry that happened but maybe others can benefit from this.

  10. Thanks for the review on Tap 2 Earn. As I read your article, I was quite interested with the site. It is great that you have provided your detailed assessment based on your experience and found various problems. After reading through your article and your final assessment, I will stay way from it. Thanks for the heads-up and keep on the great work!

  11. Thanks for this review! I never heard of this program before but you probably saved a lot of people from signing up for this get rich scam. Sorry to hear that it affected you and your family. Good thing you didn’t lose any money. How is this business still able to do business if they are not legit? Is it just because they change their business names? 

    Good advice that you should change your password accounts in case they hack into any of those. Thank you for bringing attention to this – Steer clear of get rich schemes, they are usually scams. 

  12. This is phenomenal I must say, but as we all know it would all end up in one scenario which would be; this platform stop working that is if it ever worked in the first place…Anyway thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me….but I have a question about this….since this wouldn’t work out there must be another way to get similar services as this platform was carved from another legit platform…. please do you know any??

  13. As you said, sometimes with platforms like this they mostly only aim for you to pay them a certain amount of money for something that you can do for free. Downloading apps has been one of the must-go-to’s if survey sites and they never pay you. I normally don’t believe any company that promises me that I’ll do over $100 every day without minimum effort. It doesn’t work that way. If it did, then wouldn’t we all be millionaires by now?

  14. Thank you for bringing this despitable company into the light.  I know first hand of the scams that are online and yes – they’re not easy to spot!  I hope everyone reads this review and takes the appropriate action of staying clear!  Awesomeness review of tap and go.  I would appreciate if you could keep is updated with their next name change?  This would be a great help to everyone. 

  15. You have done a great service putting a post on it to prevent others getting duped. You have shared your actual experience thinking that it is legit as many of us would have. Usually if something comes for free, there will be a huge cost associated with it later on. Such payouts for doing nothing spells nothing but a scam. 

    Have had enough of such scams but now I am part of Wealthy Affiliates. It demands lot of learning, efforts in writing posts and being active on social media. But nothing to be intimidated about it as there is always help at hand from the owner as well as community to help you out anytime. The courses are great to handhold you on every phase of building an online business. The membership has other benefits too in terms of community programs which has worked for over 15 years as the owners claim.

  16. Thank you for this alert, it will prevent quite a lot of people from falling into the trap. From the onset, it is clear that Earn and go is a scam. I have not heard about the platform until now, but I will warn the people around me about it. It is quite unfortunate that you were victim, however, that has provided you with the opportunity to save many as you have done here. The earning structure looks too good to be true with no commensurate task to be performed. More frightening is their access to people’s data and opportunity to hack into people’s accounts.

  17. Thank God I found this review!! You have saved me from a massive mistake. I am always looking for new ways to make money and I was almost scammed! I am so glad I did my research!

    I am so sorry this happened to you, but I am glad you found out before you got more involved!

    That is beyond frustrating!

  18. It’s unbelievable how much effort these people put into scamming others. If they put the same creativeness and ingeniousness into something productive and useful they’d be making themselves and the rest of the world a huge favor. Thanks a lot for warning us about this scam. After reading this article I’d be very reluctant to accept any proposal or program that resembles this one. 

  19. Thanks for your review on Tap 2 Earn and I am sorry to hear that you got scammed by them. There are so many scams now ever since the pandemic. I will make sure to stay from this program and also Earn and go. I will make sure to share your post to all my friends and family. Thanks for the warning. Sis you manage to get your money back? 

  20. I learned somewhere that time spent has an equivalent to money. So, if you lost 50 hours giving a scam program the attention they ask, then it’s like you’ve lost $500 in money equivalent. 

    In programs like Tap 2 Earn, I’d like to add that people should always remember that “time is gold”. Time should be spent wisely and only for worthwhile opportunities and not for scams. In fact, time is far higher in value than gold, for you can earn gold again and again, but with time, once lost, you can never get it back.

  21. This is so unfortunate that we have to learn from your experience of being scammed by these guys. Earning $500 a day sure sounds enticing and a lot of people would fall for this. I do hope before anyone decides to join this program that they at the very least research on it first. I am sure a lot of information would be found condemning the false claim made by Tap 2 Earn. 

    Don’t they offer a money-back guarantee? Because if they do then a lot of people can get their money back if they find out that the program was not what they thought it was.

  22. Hi Max – It’s amazing how many human parasites there are in this world we live in.  So sorry for your unfortunate experience.  At least you didn’t lose any money.  I was fortunate to run across Wealthy Affiliate early in the game before I crossed the paths of too many wolves.  Thanks for this warning to enable us to steer clear of this scam.

  23. Excellent!  I felt your disappointment from the tap 2 earn thing.  I am glad I also tried one not so hot platform which I now call Rory RicordNOTcom.  I was an insider there for a couple months preserving people who were upset at not getting the help they needed.  I was working 80 hours per week taking good care of the ones I preserved and mentored.  

    His real thing though was MLM Wine business that has since gone under.  There are bad offers out there.  Here we have the greatest platform going thank to Kyle and Carson.  I am thrilled with where this is going for us.  

    I like your straight ahead plain talk style.  Your site navigated very well and I found it engaging.  You are doing a great job.  Keep at it.  Thank you for sharing this comparison with us.  Chris.    

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