Is World Ventures A Scam or Legit Way To Make Money and Travel the World?

what is world ventures mlm about

World Ventures Review

There have been a lot of discussions as to whether or not World Ventures (a Multi-Level Marketing Company) is a scam.

To set the record straight, World Ventures is not out to cheat people’s money (however the people promoting World Ventures makes you believe that you can achieve financial freedom with little work), it is a legitimate business model similar to big MLM companies such as Amway, Avon, Herbalife, etc.

I am in the position to share this review with you because I was involved with World Ventures a couple of years ago before I got into marketing online.

As I have strived to make a passive income in the past within World Ventures and other past business failures, I have found success with internet marketing which is the best way to go about marketing products in general.

MLM companies will turn you into that annoying friend that harasses everyone you come across to join or buy your products.

It’s a known fact that there is a low success rate for members within Multi-Level Marketing Businesses and if I knew what I know now back then…

I would have never considered joining without having knowledge regarding how to market and sell online to reach a wider audience instead of being limited to the people in my circle.

If you want to learn how to market products online for the best chance of establishing a passive income to change your life for the better, subscribe with a question on how you prefer to go about marketing online. Do you like to write and if so build an online business blogging, or would you prefer to market products online without building a website?

In getting to the review, some people may disagree with me on what I am about to say regarding World Ventures, however, this is my personal experience and opinion.  You can form your own opinion of World Ventures and decide for yourself if it is worth joining.

I will first share with you what World Venture is about and the cost to get started before I get into my personal experience.

What is Dream Trips Life

  • Dream Trips Life (The Product)
  • Independent Representative  (The Business)

Dream Trips Life

Dream Trips Life is basically a platform that promotes itself as providing the cheapest travel packages to members of World Ventures. However, these travel packages do not include flights. There is also no way that flights can be included in the packages. Other budget travel websites usually offer an all-in-one option.

World Ventures applies the concept of discount clubs like BJs or Costco and applied it to travel packages. They usually book a bulk of hotel rooms altogether to negotiate a low fee with the Hotel.  I will admit that  SOME of their travel packages are cheaper than anywhere else.

With that said, the travel packages are only available if you are a member and only members of World Ventures can view the prices of the travel packages. This is something that I do not like because non-members cannot compare the prices between the packages offered in Dream Trips Life and other budget travels websites to decide whether or not it is worth joining World Ventures.  There are also some upscale costs involved when you join Dream Trips Life which is detailed below.

Product 1-Time Cost Monthly Cost
DreamTrips Life Membership $199.99 $54.99
International DreamTrips Life Membership $199.99 $49.98
Luxury DreamTrips Membership $999.99 $99.99
DreamTrips U Membership $99.99 $20.99

The RBS Fee. In order to be able to earn money, a representative must be “active”, which means being up to date on paying his or her monthly “RBS fee”. This stands for Representative Business System and covers the following:

  • maintaining the admin website
  • online training programs
  • personalized website
  • sales and marketing tools
  • Representative Marketing Kit

The RBS fee is in addition to monthly Product fees. New reps pay a one-time RBS fee of $99.95, then $10.99 per month in order to remain active, thereby allowing you to make money through your team. If you don’t pay the RBS, you’re simply a vacation club member, which has its own initial fee plus ongoing monthly charges.

So, your start-up cost as a rep is $99.95 + $10.99 = $110.94  plus 199.99+54.95=254.94 for the dream trips life  product which adds up to 365.88.

That will get you through your first month and then it’s $10.99+54.99 monthly to keep going. If you’re good at selling travel packages and have a good network of people with money you can sell to, then the initial hump would not be a problem. Your first Personal Bonus will cover the start-up RBS fee.

People more likely to be successful with World Ventures

  • Have Sales experience
  • Have prior MLM experience
  • Have extra monthly cash to spare
  • Are hard-working and determined
  • Have time to build a full-time business (Part-time will not cut it as MLM (Direct-Marketing) requires a lot of time and attention to be successful. Part-time is advisable for people who have influential powers like a Chairman, CEO or high ranking officers of a company)
  • Have a network of successful people already

People more likely to fail with World Ventures

  • Is heavily in debt
  • If you are expecting to make money without hard-work
  • Do not have the time to build a full-time business
  • Lack sales experience
  • Lack of a network of people with money

My Personal Experience

Upon first glance at World Ventures, I was amazed that there was a network of successful people by actually being involved in that program.  I also thought highly of the person that was presenting it to me.  It seemed like it would be easy to get involved in and it would be something that everybody should want.

I presented the deal to a few people I knew, including family and friends.  What I soon realized is that your family and friends will give it a shot not because they want to join, but to support your business instead.  It is not a good concept because they will be stuck paying monthly bills with no ambition to promote the product. It will eventually be looked at as another monthly bill; which they will stop paying and all the money they invested will be wasted.

The last thing you want is for your family or friends to waste $1000 over the course of a year on a product that they won’t promote. On top of that, they might not use the product either as a member to take a discounted vacation.

When people drop out that you personally signed up, it means you are stuck paying a monthly bill again if the number of people you signed on falls below 4.  I can remember that there was a minimum of 3 months in the course of a year and a half being a member in which I didn’t have any monthly fees.  It is also not easy to sign people up in a limited time span for which you would be eligible to receive bonuses. I signed up 4 people altogether within a course of 7 months.

Now I started out with real hope and presented it to almost everyone I knew.  But most people came up with empty promises to join later. People liked the product and the idea, but when you get back to that person later they are still not ready to join. You start to feel like a desperate salesperson by continuously calling the same person that said later.

Eventually, most of the people you know have already been contacted so you will have to network and get to know more people.  This is not an easy task to sell to complete strangers, but that may become a strategy that will be difficult for most people. If you do not experience success within the first year then chances are you will not make it and I too ended up wasting over $1000 believing in a product that other people were not as enthusiastic about.

What I soon realized is I did not have a lot of successful people within my network.  A network of successful like-minded people is what it takes to become successful within multi-level marketing.  Even if you put in a lot of effort you may not succeed.

In the Income Disclosure of World Ventures, it details how almost 80% of the people who join World Ventures do not make a dime, and out of the 20% who make money, many of them barely earn a sustainable income.

To sum things up for you and to assist you with your decision, below are things that you might want to consider before joining World Ventures:

  • Only some of the Travel packages are cheaper than other places
  • You have to pay a premium to enjoy “Cheaper Travel Packages”
  • Travel Packages do not include Flight
  • 80% of the people who join World Ventures do not make money
  • You might not receive good support from your sponsor or uplines

My Advice to You

There’s much more to lose than gain in World Ventures. You definitely have to put in a lot of effort to make a successful business out of it, however, even with your hard work, there is still no guarantee of success.  If you are still interested in this opportunity here is the link to their official website

If you really want to learn how to make money without paying such a hefty price, I would recommend you check out this list of ways to make money online. With the right knowledge, you can start a successful online business with a broader option of products to market including travel if you want.

If you are looking to save money traveling without paying such a hefty price or you have an interest in becoming a travel agent: click here to learn about a company called Dream Vacations.

As always, I welcome your comments on World Ventures and I will be more than willing to discuss it with you.


  1. This is my first time hearing about this and yes, I could see why it would be hard to sell World Venture memberships, because most people probably wouldn’t get involved for the cost.

    I like the fact that you put in there that this isn’t a part-time deal. I’ve been in previous businesses like this before, one I even quit my job to focus on it, but then got overwhelmed and didn’t have much direction; didn’t know where to go. My advisor didn’t really give me much to go on and really I wasn’t a real go-getter and didn’t believe completely in the product I was selling.

    These things I feel like they should really get into deeply at first, especially if they really want you to succeed rather than just take your money.

    Thanks for the info! I will be on the lookout and avoid World Venture in the future.

    • I am surprised this is the first time you heard of this.  Yeah, it would have been cool being successful within world ventures but it is not easy reaching the top.  I am glad to inform you about it in case you are ever presented with the opportunity to become a member; you would already have knowledge of what it is about.If you would like to travel you should look into this:… BTW….What previous business you did that was similar to World Ventures.

  2. Great explanation. I don’t know how I never heard of this, as I was all over the net searching for opportunities. Actually, the price is high, but compared to what I shelled out for Herbalife, it’s almost free.
    I’ve never had much faith in any program that has you start out by relying on friends and family. Perhaps that’s why almost 100% either quit or do not make a livable income.
    Thanks for the good info.

    • How much did it take to represent Herbal Life?  I knew somebody that was doing that.  Im surprised it costs more to join based on the difference in the product between vacations and weight loss supplements.  That is what Herbal Life is about right?

  3. I really appreciated your honest review. MLM’s are one of those touchy subjects to talk about because so many people get burned with them after going in so optimistically. Some of the points you called out are so important for everyone to know. In order to do MLM’s you have to have sales and marketing experience or be very influential amongst your network and know how to continue to increase your network. No business model can really survive by depending on your friends and family, you have to go way beyond that to get customers. With so many people looking for ways to earn money outside of a traditional job you’re doing a good thing by giving the heads up on this program so people can make an informed decision before investing.

    • I was naive to think it would be an easy opportunity to become successful. I have always been into sales, but I lacked experience within multi level marketing. I am glad you enjoyed the review and I hope it made you more knowledgeable in case you are ever presented with the opportuntiy.

  4. Thanks for explaining in detail what World Ventures is all about. Someone offered me this opportunity a few years ago because I love traveling.

    But when I found out that there’s a membership tag to it, it made me wary. I don’t like to sign up for something that binds me over a period of time without knowing if I want to commit to it or not.

    Obviously, after much research, I came across a few articles that advice people against it. Your article reconfirms that I made the right choice then.

    • I think that the memberships that offer a one time fee are better than monthly fees you will accrue with companies like World Ventures.

      I love traveling as well and I think there are better opportunities that allows you to travel.  There is a company called Wealthy Affiliates that allows you to build an online business which can lead to earning a passive income. A passive income is significant to having more time to do the things you want.

      Here is my personal review:

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