How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest to Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Tailwind For Pinterest Review

Tailwind for Pinterest

There are plenty of social media platforms out there, but a less talked about platform that can contribute to the success of affiliate marketers is Pinterest. Pinterest is the platform that affiliate marketers should definitely look into because the rewards can pay off.

If you have a website, then you would increase your traffic and that is the most important part of having a successful website. The thing with Pinterest is that you do not necessarily need a website to succeed on Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing. Of course, you have a competitive edge and the potential to earn more opposed to those individuals winning on Pinterest without a website. With that said, the purpose is to make money online so Pinterest needs to be a top priority.

To market and grow on Pinterest can be a bit time consuming by doing it manually. Fortunately, I have found a platform that helps build my following and increase my traffic while I continue to work on my website. Tailwind is the smartest way to manage your presence across the visual web. Over 500,000 bloggers, brands, and agencies rely on Tailwind as their visual marketing co-pilot for winning on Pinterest and Instagram.

The best thing about Tailwind is that it is designed for internet marketers that are beginning their journey to building a social presence. They offer a free unlimited trial so you will have insight and know everything you need to know until you are ready to upgrade. It is possible to use Tailwind for months and watch your following and traffic grow without spending a dime.

As a member of Tailwind, if you click on the link to join as my referral you will also get a free month of Tailwind Plus by the time you are ready to upgrade. I don’t think I signed on through a referral promotion so I missed out on that opportunity. So think about it, you will have a tool that will build your following for months for free, and by the time you are ready to upgrade you will have an additional free month.

Tailwind can do this because they know their tools are an absolute must if you want to be successful with Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest. Now after using Tailwind for quite some time, I will provide the details on how they help you win on Pinterest.

How Tailwind Helps You Grow?

Tailwind tribes offer a variety of groups that you can join based on your niche. The purpose of these groups is for members to reshare pins. This is valuable when beginning because most likely your following is low, therefore the impressions your pin has may lead to a couple of clicks if any at all. With other members resharing your pins, you increase your audience and the chance of getting more clicks on your pin which will direct viewers to your website. My favorite tribe is Blogger’s Helping Blogger’s go VIRAL. Members of this tribe do a good job of resharing each other pins. The tribe is also open to all niches which are great for me because I create content on different topics and promote a variety of brands.

To get beautiful templates to customize and upload to your Pinterest account, I recommend looking into Canva. I started customizing images to upload on Pinterest through a platform called Place it, but Canva is a better alternative and you will also get the first month free. These platforms allow you to create your own beautiful images to put on Pinterest to entice viewers to click on them and connect to your site or wherever you want the image to link to.

Smart Loop-Smart Loop allows you to place some of your best pins to a folder and it will automatically repin your content at the best times. No more worrying about when you should repin anymore. As it schedules your most valuable pins, it brings me to another cool feature.

Scheduled Pins– This feature allows you to add pins on a schedule. You can basically take a few hours to make sure you have a constant flow of pins appearing on your boards by scheduling pins for the week ahead or longer. Between the Smart Loop and Scheduled Pins, you will have everything you need to keep your Pinterest boards active with a wealth of quality content.

Besides all these features, Tailwind provides insight into your growth in terms of followers and website traffic. You will be able to see how your boards are performing and your top pins that are being reshared.

Conclusion OF How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest

My last piece of advice is to create quality content. If you want people to reshare your pins then make your content worthwhile because when you start getting traffic, you want people to not only enjoy the article but view it as a place they can always come to for quality information.

I hope this article will help affiliate marketers beginning their journey towards making money online. If you have any questions or experience with using Tailwind, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

P.S I am still in the stages of building a following on Pinterest and would appreciate it if you follow me at

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  1. I would be able to use pinterest, but I have never used it before. I feel like joining would make me confused and I would get frustrated very quickly. Do you have any advice for pinterest beginners? In addition, I feel like pinterest is a great opportunity to make money on a social network that I feel is underutilized.

  2. Wow! This is really nice to see here and I must say that I really fancy this post out here. To be honest, getting such offer to help boost my affiliated e marketing business is really massive to see here and thanks so much for sharing out here. Personally, I feel that Pinterest is really growing so much as a social platform and it is only a matter of time before it usurps those other platforms. I like what tailwind does and thats really worth giving a try.

    • Yes, it definitely is worth looking into.  I’m glad you enjoyed the article and I hope this will help in your efforts to earn online

  3. I’ve been in the affiliate marketing business for a while now and with the work from home order in place, I’ve been able to capitalize on it and devote more time to my affiliate marketing gig. However, I had no idea one can use Pininterest as a tool to grow one’s affiliate marketing business. Tailwind has some really good offers and I’ll look more into them and see how I can utilize them best.

  4. Make use of social media platforms to two your business, have seen a very good idea which we all really want to do an only a few can actually say they are into it for real. Pinteresr is one really nice platform with a high number of users and taking your business there. Just like everyone else would help boost the level of awareness of the site. Cheers

  5. As you said quality content is key! No matter what method you use to get the content out there if it’s good people will share it. Really interested by the use of Pintrest to grow an Afilliate buisness. I use it to find Tatoo ideas so that article really opened my eyes to different applications of the site.

  6. Since the invention f pintrest, it has grown to become one of the biggest social media platforms online having a very good number of members as well which can be good for any afiiliate maekerter. It is the first time that I am learning about Tailwind but seeing that I can use it to magnet more pins, I should like to give it a try too.

    • Yes, you should definitely give it a try. Tailwind will be beneficial to you if you’re involved in the affiliate marketing business.

  7. Wow! A great article you have there!

    I believe it is agreat platform for affiliate marketer but what I don’t understand is is there a registration fee? ,how does one make money from it and is there any form of monthly subscription? I want to be cleared on that.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • There is no registration fee.  The purpose of tailwind is to increase your following on Pinterest and drive more traffic to your pins.  If you have a website then more traffic equates to potential revenue.

  8. Hi Max,

    Very recently I started to focus on Pinterest and switched to a business account. For the past few months, I am hearing a lot of good stories about Pinterest and how it increased many blog’s traffic. So it got my interested and I am in the initial stage just set up 10 boards and started my pins.

    I also read about Tailwind and how it can be a greater help and time saver. Your post provided me with helpful insights and I have realized the importance of Tailwind and it’s huge benefits.

    Tailwind is on my list now and I am not aware of the free unlimited trial and for sure I am going to try it. I was afraid whether using Tailwind might cause any problem to my Pinterest account and I am really excited when I came to know Tailwind is an official Pinterest and Instagram Partner.

    I have registered for the free trial using your link. Thanks for the helpful information.

    • I was in the same stages as you. I did my 10 boards and will add more soon. The next step after that is to join some group boards.  I’m glad this gave you more clarity on tailwind and wish you much success.

  9. This is a very opportune post as I recently started sharing more of my blog posts to Pinterest. And with that I have started using Canva to create posters, rather than just photographs. 

    Great tip that about the tribe “Bloggers helping Bloggers go viral”, so I will certainly join them. I didn’t realise that Tailwind has an affiliate program, so thanks for highlighting that. Are all the extra features like Smart Loop for free? I will make a point of exploring Tailwind more as they certainly seem to have cool features that can help my marketing. 

  10. Hi, I enjoyed reading your article on Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business on Pinterest with Tailwind.  There is a lot of helpful and exciting information about Pinterest and Tailwind.  I am new to Pinterest, and this article helps enlighten me about it. 

    I think I would like Tailwind because you can use it for months and watch your Pinterest following growth.  I have never heard of Tailwind, but I think I will give it a try.

    Thank You for a great article,


  11. Thanks for this information and the timing is perfect for me! I’m just beginning to use Pinterest. I will check out Tailwind today. I’ve used Pinterest for sharing recipes and just recently have been looking into launching some boards to help me reach more people in my Wealthy Affiliate business. Thank you for sharing this!

  12. I just saved the link to your website for your promotional code so THANK YOU so much for providing that.  I also just checked out Tailwind and will be signing up for an Instagram and Pinterest account.  I just launched our affiliate marketing website less than a month ago and am getting our social media platforms up and rolling so this article added so much value on how to help put our social media platforms on autopilot.  Definitely gives me peace of mind so we continue on creating valuable content for our users.  Thanks again, wonderful post!

    • Thanks, I appreciate the compliment.  It has definitely given me a peace of mind knowing that I can build conveniently on Pinterest and focus mostly on creating content. 

  13. As someone who studied Pinterest and all things relevant to that, (I wanted to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant) you definitely address the bonus for working with Tailwind. I think it’s interesting that you provided information on a company that people neglect to talk about revolving Pinterest. I think a lot of people think Pinterest is just the pins. It is a highly marketable company that helps small businesses. 

  14. This eactly what am looking for to take make business to the next level. I am interested in the Tailwind, since members have each other’s success in mind but sharing their products . My question now is after am done with the free canva one month offer, what is the amount  I am to pay in subsequent months  or the entire year ?.

    • There is a free option, a pro option at 17.99 a month and $46 monthly for an enterprise membership.  You can pay a yearly membership for Canva that would reduce the price to 13.99 a month.

  15. Tailwind seems to have earned your confidence.  As a marketer who had become disillusioned with FB, Pinterest is where I am working now.  It does take a bit of time and as I understand your article, there are several automatic options for Tailwind.  Time is such a commodity that has to be watched closely.  For a beginner, if you can remember back when you started, do you recommend working with just one pin, or do you load up a bunch.  Will I be able to keep them separate?  Do I have to get back to the Tailwind dashboard or are there automated notices of what is going on?

    Do you use the throw notices out there and see what sticks, or do you plan and release on a schedule of sorts?

    Thanks, Sami

    • You never work with one pin, Pinterest is about pinning a variety of content to different boards you create.  A lot of us try to avoid Pinterest because platforms like Facebook is easy to understand. 

      You have a lot of questions and no matter what I say in this reply, experience, and taking time to learn and research Pinterest is the only way to get used to it.

  16. Hey Thank you for this informative post

    I had no idea that you could have such a great tool to help you with your PInterest account. I think you made it very understandable and informative.

    Is smartloop and Scheduled Pins free or you might only get them if you upgrade on Tailwind ? 

    • All the features are free for you to use so you will have an understanding of everything Tailwind has to offer before upgrading.

  17. That was a really interesting article.  I had no idea that you can do affiliate marketing on Pintrest.  It is certainly something I’m going to look into.  I’m new to all this affiliate marketing and am grateful that I have found your page which was most informative.
    Also a good thing that Tailwind has a good free trial as I end up spending heaps and not getting anywhere on other sites.

  18. I would love to use Tailwind, but my website niches right now are not visual-oriented which is why I don’t use Pinterest and Instagram. Also, seeing that the tool can only benefit you by reciprocating with other bloggers, there’s still effort involved in promoting pins to grow one’s traffic. But do you think people will engage with your content if originally, you were just trading pins with each other? Shouldn’t bloggers and influencers promote your content only if it’s truly remarkable (and ignore it if it’s not)?

    • Pinterest is different from other social platforms. A reason why it is good to reshare pins is that your content will go but so far without much of an audience, but resharing increases your audience. Repinning your own pins over and over again will get marked as spam. Using other content will keep your boards active with a variety of content opposed to a nonactive account will not see much growth.

  19. Very important article especially for affiliate marketers in this lockdown period. Affiliate marketing is the future, as it is significantly affected by many crisis. One can stay indoors at the comfort of his home as nd make tremendous income. This article provided by you will surely help affiliate marketers beginning their journey towards making great money online. Very useful piece of information. Thanks for sharing. 

  20. Wow am really glad I came across your site am new to pinterest never thought it could be used to to grow ones affiliate marketing. This has really open my mind whereby creating a way to help market my business. And like you said quality content is the key. Am really glad you shared these with us

    • No problem.  It can be difficult when beginning and trying to earn with affiliate marketing, and I would Like to see people being successful in accomplishing their goals of making money online.

  21. Wow.!  What an intriguing article, I believe its a great platform for affiliate marketers…… I have heard alot of interesting stories about pinterst and how it increased many blog’s traffic and I also read about Tailwind and how it can a greater help and time saver………. I have realized the impotance of Thailand and its huge benefit …..All thanks to this wonderful article. 

  22. I just created my first website through an affiliate marketing program and i can say that this was my best decision i ever made. Until I read your article, I didn’t realize how important Pinterest can be for my online business. I only focused on the google search network and I would have liked to enlarge my area and take it to Yahoo as well. However, reading your words I think Pinterest is the best solution and Tailwind can offer a great advantage for my business. As you said, it’s impossible to don’t make money on Pinterest if we write quality content and do it every day. Thanks a lot and wish you all the best !!

  23. Intriguing. I placed Pinterest as the last effective social media platform, but I did that without any substantial data. However, I have heard of the popularity of Pinterest and your article gives me something to think about. It is definitely a platform for the more creative types… especially those who like to dabble in a bit of design. Perhaps it’s time to give Canva a go…

  24. Hey Max, I have heard a lot of good stuffs about Pinterest and I am 100% interested as an upcoming successful blogger. I am currently working on my website and will soon launch. Without good traffic, business will not thrive. Therefore, I’d take Pinterest seriously plus Tailwind will also make my life much easier. I am so excited that it has a free unlimited version too.

    • Being that you have just started building your site, I would advise you to just focus on creating content. I wish you the best!

  25. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! I am currently in the process of creating a Pinterest account, creating boards, and using Canva to pin all of my blog posts. I have heard that Pinterest is much better for affiliate marketing than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I am convinced and am definitely giving it a try. I will definitely report back with my results! God bless you!

    • As I have learned more about Pinterest, I have found out that it is more like a search engine as opposed to a social media platform. People come to Pinterest for information and having boards with a lot pf pins make it easy for people to do their research. I wish you much success in your online journey and God Bless you as well.

  26. I thank you for sharing Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business On Pinterest With Tailwind, I do use Pinterest but not nearly as much as I should. I also have heard of Tailwind, but I never really know anything about it before reading your article

    Thank you

  27. Thanks for sharing these tips. As a newbie in blogging, I think I will need help to get attention in pinterest by using tailwind. Like you say, create a good content is important so that others will likely to share your content. Thanks again.

  28. I have been using Pinterest a lot lately to promote my website. I have gotten a few traffic from it, but it is still early. I am certain, over time it will grow. great post.

  29. Hey Max, this is awesome. Never heard of Tailwinds before and never thought of using Pinterest either. Thought that’s because my niche is finance, money and online business, so I wasn’t sure how that would fit into Pinterest’s whole philosophy as they seem to be more geared towards image orientated niches?
    Any tips or advice?
    Much appreciated!

  30. Hi Max, for sharing this valuable post. I have heard some good stories about Pinterest. But has been hesitant to 

    give it a try. But with the insisted provided on this post and the usefulness of Tailwind I’m going to try it out. But I’m curious to know how much the cost is after the 1-month free promotion? All these marketing programs are becoming very competitive and are springing up daily. I believe that it will require time, patience, and good research to make sure we are investing wisely. I will also like to found out more about the 10 pins. But what I want to do now notwithstanding as my fellow

    Wealthy Affiliate member, I will go ahead and sign up so that you don’t miss your referral if I do it at a later date.

    Thanks for your good content!


    • I recently upgraded my plan for the year at $89.  I appreciate your support and if you want to know more on Pinterest I will be publishing an ebook with special prices for WA members.

  31. This is a very sought after topic. The features you have mentioned make tailwind a very useful tool to have in your belt. I can see it would be very beneficial. I have joined Pinterest and I confess I don’t understand it. I have watched hours of tutorials on it but I cannot get it to sink in. Would tailwind be able to help with design or what to write on a pin? 

    I’m very interested to know more.

    • Use Canva for designing your pins.  After you designed your pin you will be able to add pin descriptions on tailwind before scheduling it to be pinned.

  32. Thanks for the Post Max. I’m still in the early stages of my Affiliate Marketing life so a lot of this is new to me.

    I set up a Pinterest account last week actually and have created two boards with about 15 pins so again still very new. I’d love to get a greater online presence but I’m really sceptical about all of the additional options that continually come my way. I’m also conscious that at some point I will need to spend more on developing my online presence so there will be extra costs involved.

    Based on your experience, what sort of traffic could I potentially generate throughout the free period that you have referred to? What was your experience like when you started out on the trial as I’d like to know more?



    • I don’t know how to answer what kind of traffic you will get as traffic is traffic.  My experience was detailed in the content of the article.  My best advice from your questions is that investing in things to improve your site is an investment in yourself.  You must be all in and do whatever it takes if you want to be a successful blogger.  You are just starting out so continue building your content.  If you don’t mind me asking when did you get started?

  33. I haven’t tried tailwind yet, but I have been trying to figure out how to tap into pinterest advertising, so this seems like the perfect solution. I appreciate that there is a free trial and a way to get a free month of the Plus account via the referral link. I definitely use Canva and have found that although it took a while to figure out (and still learning), it can really help produce great looking art for marketing. Thanks for sharing the detailed look at Tailwind and how it can help out with Pinterest strategies!

  34. I have thought about using Pinterest to get more traffic to my website but I haven’t gotten around to it just yet. I’ve never heard of tailwind, but it seems like a great platform to market your content on social media.

    Now when you say it’s time consuming to do market on Pinterest manually, how long would you say it usually takes?

    • I can not pin point how long it takes but I can say that it is an incovenience as you have to monitor your blog and worry about pinning at the best times.  It will feel like a job or something you have to be constantly aware of so this eases the most vital task when it comes to Pinterest which is pinning. 

  35. Thank you for this! I was ready to give up on Pinterest because I didn’t know where to start. I will check out Tailwind further. 

    I love Canva – thank god that exists because I’m not a creative techie, but it brings my ideas to life! 

    I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed with all the social media platforms while creating content on my site as well – if you had to choose one only, which social media platform would you choose – FB, IG, or Pinterest? I’ve given up on Twitter – I can’t keep up:(

    Thanks for your informative post! I learned something new today:)

    • The saying Jack of all Trades but master of none.  I just focus on Pinterest and when the time comes I will build up Facebook.

  36. I personally use Pinterest a lot. I’m visual and I enjoy the platform very much. But I didn’t know we could use Pinterest as a marketing tool. And that there were even platforms as Tailwind that could help us publish out content out to social media. I’m definitely in. Thanks for this post!

    I have 2 affiliate sites. Can I use 1 Tailwind account to publish for both?

    • Yes you can publish content to link anywhere you want and take other people pins as well to schedule on your boards as Pinterest is all about sharing pins with each other for maximum exposure.

  37. It is interesting! Tailwind sounds great to grow my online business. For a long time, I have been searching how to achieve increase the traffic on my website, now I am glad to read this; I will take it! I am going to download the Canva App to get beautiful templates, with this, I will create images to put on Pinterest; I am sure that this strategy will allow to entice viewers and to connect to my site.

    Many people would like to know more about this topic, so, I will share this article with my friends.
    Thanks for the info.

  38. Wow, your article is like a lifesaver for me.

     I was struggling on my Pinterest’s growth lately. I know Pinterest is a very powerful platform that could bring massive traffic to my website, but I just don’t know how to grow it organically. 

    All I can think of is using paid ads, but they might be expensive in the long term. 

    Tailwind might be the service that meets my needs, and I already signed up for it through your referral link, thanks for sharing, my friend!

    • No problem I appreciate the support.  If you have any questions regarding Pinterest or Tailwind feel free to ask.

  39. This article makes me realize how big Pinteres is and how it can help you. Tailwind sounds like a good tool for Pinterest, but I have a question, how do you get going on Pinterest. I have stared at it and stared at it, and the point of what you are supposed to be doing eludes me. Maybe you could give me some advice, I sure need it.

  40. Great article and very useful! I’m still working to expand my social media and the article provides a good alternative to try. I like how the tailwind can help expand our Pinterest and Instagram automatically. Definitely something I’m looking for.

    Thanks for sharing and I’ll be happy to use your referral.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thankyou for the support and if you have more questions regarding Pinterest or Tailwind feel free to ask.

  41. I like this article on growing your affiliate marketing business on Pinterest. I didn’t know much about this before. I also never heard about Tailwind or Place it before. I will have to learn more about them because I just started using Pinterest. I saved those websites as my favorite so that I can go back to them after I truly understand Pinterest. Thank you for bringing light to what you can do with Pinterest and other ways to add pins and templates using external sources. This was helpful.

  42. I have made use of tailwaind in the past and I to say that I was really impressed on how it worked. I can’t really remember why I stopped but it was a really amazing experience. I have not used Pinterest for some time but I intend to get back now and tailwind is going to be a must-use tool for me. The platform is easy to understand and every feature is explained when a beginner registers on the platform for the first time. For those that use Pinterest, this is a must use. 

  43. I started using pinterest few months ago and I am loving it. Even though I  never used it before, it is user friendly and i am now confident of using it. What was your experience as beginner and how is the quality of the traffic you get from Pinterest? I feel like that pinterest is going to be another Google with  great opportunity to make money on it’s network new growing number of users.

    • I have gotten good traffic and my following is building.  It was confusing using Pinterest at first but now its a walk in the park.  And you are right as I have learned that Pinterest is more so of a search engine opposed to a social platform.

  44. Hi max, 

    This is such an insightful article on Pinterest and Tailwind. I loved the content and i am going to try this out for sure. The best part of your writing was on how Tailwind helps us grow. 

    This article will surely be a big help to affiliate marketers beginning their journey towards making money online. i hope you give us some more tips on how to use these platforms more successfully, like a list of tips and tricks. 

    Well written Max.


  45. I have personally never heard of this tool, but again, I rarely use Pinterest for my online business (I know, big mistake) but now that you’ve given me a tool to actually have the chance to grow my traffic and generate more interactions, I think I might give it a try and see how it goes for me. As for editing tools, Canva and PicsArt are the best photo editing and creating in my opinion. I use them all the time. 

  46. Hi Max

    I can certainly  see the importance  of Pinterest  as it can be a good source to get traffic onto your website but as you see you need to create pins regularly and this takes time and effort. A software that can do this and share it will be a great addition  to a toolbox. In general is tailwind bug free, so that no issues are created that take a long time to sort out?



    • I have never had any problems with Tailwind and they are partnered with Pinterest so it is a smooth integration.

  47. Great article about a tool to help you use Pinterest to boost your online business. I am not that familiar yet with Pinterest, but are just starting up wrt online business. The use of Tailwind is obviously a must. I have seen it being discussed in several forums related to affiliate marketing. Your guide here is a good reference on how to start using Tailwind, and I will sign up to try it out. As it is free for an unlimited time, there is no risk of losing any money. 

  48. I am just beginning to integrate Pinterest into my affiliate program and while I had heard of Tailwind, I wasn’t sure what it was all about until I read your article. You explained it well. The free program seems quite useful and I will try it out. However, what is the benefit to moving to the paid option? 

    Also, I have multiple websites so will be using Pinterest accordingly. Does Tailwind function for multiple connections?

    • Yes you can use Tailwind to publish from different websites.  The benefit of the paid option is the scheduling of pins.  They will schedule 100 pins for you and after you will have to upgrade or pin manually but you will still have access to all the other features.

  49. Tailwind sounds like a wonderful solution both for new users of Pinterest and to save time if you have been on a while. I like that you get more shares through this platform and can also schedule posts, as promoting my posts on social media is often something I either forget to do or run out of time to do.

    By signing up for Tailwind, do you get to be a free member for an unlimited time, or is there a time limit before you need to upgrade?

  50. I didn’t even know I could promote my business on Pinterest, I mean I knew but I didn’t know that it could be so powerful, I just added this article to my business opportunities folder so I could come back here and join TailWind.

    “Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business on Pinterest with Tailwind” will definitely help me in the upcoming days as I just turned full-time in Affiliate Marketing. I believe I’ll keep on learning with you as you keep writing quality content for us. This last piece of advice is a MUST-Apply for us affiliate marketers, thank you.

  51. You have no I did just how excited I was to come across this article. We own a nutritional supplement company and have been laser like focus on growing our brand via Pinterest. Having not previously heard of tailwind, this was a great find. I have already registered for an account and made the decision to test it for the next 30 days. Thanks so much for the share. 

  52. I have been hearing a lot about tailwind for more than a year now and I guess from what I have heard and continue to hear only shows that this is a great tool to invest in. I am having trouble building my views and following on Pinterest so I think it is time that I really consider giving this platform a try so I can begin to get the kind of results that I always wanted. Thanks so much for also sharing your views on this platform.

  53. I use Pinterest for long time. Now, I am doing Affiliate Marketing I didn’t know Pinterest can be a great help to make traffic. It’s amazing also to know that there are tools that can he helpful like smart loops and scheduled pins. In addition to this, Tailwind also can be helpful to Pinterest. It’s like a chain reaction to do business well. I will a lot some time to do more research and study on what you have share.  Thank you for sharing. Wish you all success.

  54. Hello Max, thank you so much for these wonderful works. Your article is very helpful to us Affiliate Marketers particularly me because I am new in Pinterest and I barely have any followers. So I believe the Tailwind and/ or Canva is cool for me. I am also glad that there is a free trial for about a month which gives you enough time to study the program before subscribing properly. I have these doubts, can we join two of these programs, for example, Canva and Tailwind at the same time? Moreover, after the free subscription, you never mention the amount of fee for the subscription.

    Once again, thank you and see you in one of these platforms, Max.

    • The canva is $13 a month and I upgraded my tailwind membership at $89 for the year.  Its best to join both at the same time to start building and scheduling pins to build your boards faster.  

  55. Thank you, Max, for the fantastic information. I’ve been using Pinterest for my personal inspirations for over five years now, but have never really gotten deep into the business side of it. Coincidentally, I actually just made a business account for my website today. It’s a “home decor” and “interior design” website, so I knew the only way for me to actually get traffic there would be through Pinterest. Getting traffic on Pinterest seemed just as difficult, though!

    I had heard of Tailwind before but never paid much attention to it as it seems to me that programs are just being flung around everywhere. After reading this article, though, I’m fairly convinced of its legitimacy. I’ll have to check it out and come back to use your referral! I have a question, though. I have no Facebook. Is it linked to another platform to use it, or is Tailwind a completely independent platform? Thanks again!

    • I just integrated my Tailwind with Facebook, but I have not been monitoring or logging on my Facebook account to see whats going on.  I think its best to focus on 1 at a time.

  56. Oooooh very interesting !

    I know about Facebook and Instagram marketing but I have tried Pinterest and Twitter and its something i struggle to market on. I will definetly have a look at Canva to try out that first free month and see if i want to buy into it. Tailwind looks like its full of potential and everybody needs a little more traffic here and there. You are right when you say bloggers helping bloggers is how we all end up succeeding/ going viral because just like giving comments for comments and feedback for feedback. The more people you have flowing through your work the more money you are going to make and the more google is going to notice you and start ranking you higher on its pages!

    Thanks a million for this post.

  57. Hi Max

    I’ve recently been spending time investigating a variety of ways that I can grow my traffic, while still developing my website, so your article is both timely and informative! Do you plan on writing any additional or follow-up articles on Pinterest, e.g. how best for beginners to get started; general usage tips, etc.? 

    • I will post another article to help affiliate marketers on Pinterest within a week from this comment.

  58. This is a good start and way forward for your online business, but you should reconsider changing the Name of the sight because I think that the Name and the logo alone don’t display a direct picture and meaning of the online marketing 

    so it would be great if you have made more research on the Niche and the image to use when using certain images for the Logo to the Marketing website.

    i think with that few word of advice you will work up on improvement.

  59. I’m a huge fan of Pinterest – I’ve been using their services for a number of years now and wow what a different it makes, especially the Tribes which really help to grow your account. What I love most about it is that it is so hands off, I spend a few hours each month scheduling pins and it runs beautifully with me not having to check in all the time. 

    I’m also a Canva user – I was using their free account for a good few years and then upgraded to the Canva Pro account about a year ago and I am loving it.

  60. Thank you so much for your review on Tailwind. I have to say that I am still trying to get the hang of Pinterest but somehow it is just confusing only to me. All these pins. Tailwind will help my pins visible to the potential traffic. I love the fact that I can schedule when to post my pins as well. 

    It is great that I can use Canva for free, I love that app, I made so many images from that app. Anyways, I will give Tailwind a try. 

  61. Thanks for the complete information on Tailwind.  I have it but have not used it much.  Frankly, have been so busy with other things have neglected Pinterest, and now I see I need to get back to it.  

    Tailwind also sends me a report on my total pins and number of followers each month.  That’s also helpful.  Yes, I, too, use Canva to create my pins.  Canva is a great platform, and very useful.  I’ve come to use it a lot.

  62. Thank you for such an interesting article.

    I am not the greatest with Pinterest so I thought that based on your article i would give it a go. I have therefore just signed in via your link and already scheduled some pins. I am just linking to the app and Instagram as we speak.

    Fingers crossed this will prove to be a great thing for my business too.

    Great share thank you again.

    • I will be posting some more articles to help people with Pinterest soon.  Your welcome and I am glad this article helped you get started.

  63. This really does appear to be a great tool.  Your advice of writing good content mixed with this could be a great tandem.

    Tailwind sounds like something that is going to help increase my traffic. I was already using Pinterest but obviously nowhere near its potential.

    I have bookmarked this site as I need a few days to complete some things.  Then I will get signed up for free and see how the product is going to work for me

    Thanks for the review

  64. Okay, first of all I like how you wrote about this and you described it summarily, I really liked it. Going back to the topic I like that idea yeah, I am beginner at this too but I have learned some in the progress as I move on. Now I know I have another opportunity as well which is good but future will show if I am going to get there too. I like the page. The most I like about your page is the logo, love it.

    All The Best,


  65. I never really knew how valuable Pinterest was when it comes to affiliate marketing. I always here about how helpful Instagram is for growing your business. Would you say that Pinterest really is a better platform than Instagram when it comes to affiliate marketing? I’ll have to look into Tailwind to help with gaining traffic as well.

    • Pinterest is designed for affiliate marketers, Instagram is designed for rappers, models, celebrities, and people that dress well.

  66. This website was excellent information. I actually went to the Trailwind site through your link and joined to use for my website and Pinterest account. You have a lot of good detail to your site and it was very easy to follow. I like that you explained it in a way everyone can understand. You made it interesting and made me want to go there to see what it was all about. You give good explainations and step by step instructions. Awesome job I really enjoyed reading your article. Thanks a bunch. Deborah

  67. Thanks so much for this article, I benefited from it. I was not aware of the great potential of tailwind in Pinterest and the concept of tribes. It is a great way to create more exposure. Your article will be very useful to many marketers.

    What is the signup link for bloggers helping bloggers tribe? How many tribes can one join?

    • You can join up to 5 tribes unless you upgrade how many tribes you join which is a separate fee in itself.  

  68. You have no idea how much I needed to read this post. While I knew that Pinterest was a necessary platform for boosting traffic to my website and have heard about Tailwind as a good tool to work with Pinterest, I did not understand how they worked together. I appreciate you explaining how Tailwind “tribes” help with getting your pins seen. I will definitely sign up for an account very soon. I’m sure that I will need Smart Loop and Scheduled Pins too. Are those options available in Tailwind?

    And ditto on Canva being a great service to use for creating pins. I absolutely love Canva! It makes me feel like a graphic designer when I create images for my website. I am able to make images easily, and they look professionally done.

  69. Hello there Max

    Thanks so much for sharing,I struggle with social media and I recently discovered Pinterest and love it because it`s like an introverts place, pin an image and hope someone will re-pin it and it`s been going well up to now.

    But, I had problems growing my Pinterest traffic, and I can`t spend the whole day pinning, that`s when someone in a Facebook group said to use Tailwind. Not knowing what Tailwind is, my search landed me on your site.

    you explained things so well and in a way that someone like me who`s never used Tailwind could go on and start using it. Now I just have to get the cash for the membership.Free trials are always great, but when the free trial period ends and you have no cash to upgrade, you feel like more needs to be done.

    Luckily I can use Canva so I only need to practice Tailwind.

    Really appreciate you sharing this.

  70. Hi,

    This week I started three Pinterest accounts, linked to three respective websites, so three different niches. I am still new to this, but I am beginning to like Pinterest. I have heard of Tailwind and I was considering it. Do you find the groups who share your Pins through Tailwind? And what does it mean to “re-Pin”? Is it similar to a retweet on Twitter? Would it mean I am saving my Pin again, but to a different board, perhaps? 

    Thanks in advance for our answers!

  71. Wow, this is incredible information.  I had no idea anything like this existed.  I am currently relying on SEO but Tailwind looks like a good option to direct more traffic.   I don’t use any of the social media outlets and have heard of Pintrest but had no ideas what it was.   What type of data to they collect?

    • Pinterest is more like a search engine rather than a social media platform.  It is a place people come to specifically for information.  The difference is that Pinterest does not care about how old your website is so it is possible to get found on searches faster than Google.

  72. I will come to the table hear saying I knew very little about Pinterest, and how it works.  This article helped me understand Pinterest a little bit more.  The writer went into detail about how Pinterest works by resharing of pins.  I do have a question though, could you offer me some advice about Pinterest and tailwind work on a more personal level.  I know it’s valuable, I guess being 49 and not growing up on the internet doesn’t help.  I did enjoy the article and I went up a notch in how it works.  I am a neophyte, please excuse the shortness of this post.

  73. As a newbie affiliate marketer I loved your article!  Thanks so much for informing me about Tailwind.  I’ve used Canva and I agree it’s a great place to get creative stuff.  Your article was rather short.  I didn’t count but it didn’t seem like it was close to 1,000 words?  I like that but apparently Google prefers it to be 1,000 words. 

    I’m not at the point in my Wealthy Affiliate training to have gotten to the Social Media part.  I’m going to wait until I get there before I take advantage of your invitation.  I copied and pasted the url to your post so when I’m ready I will definitely come back and join Pinterest via your link.

    I may have missed it but I didn’t see any evidence of key word usage.  So, I’m curious as a newbie, is that intentional?

    Wishing you all the best,


    • Keywords is geared towards writing for the Search Engines which is good, but you have to mix it up and write for people for engagement as opposed to writing for the search engines.

  74. Hey Max– This is so great!  I have just started to get my feet wet with Pinterest using Canva and I have 50 + boards and pins between my two websites, but I haven’t done much else.  Tailwind seems like a next step for me.  I am definitely bookmarking this post as I plan to get back in touch with questions.  Thanks for this opportunity!

  75. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I just started a Pinterest account and post pins manually. I feel it is hard to get traction. Someone told me that there some semi-automatic approaches to promote pins. I think about this, but never take time to do the research.

    Here comes your article, which introduces Tailwind for Pinterest. There are so many ways to use Tailwind for growing my Pinterest business, such as Tribes, smart loop, and timed pins. All these are not possible with a naked Pinterest account. What is more exciting for me is that Tailwind provides insight into the growth in terms of followers and website traffic. I will be able to see how your boards are performing and my top pins that are being reshared. What a wonderful tool!

  76. Pinterest is one platform which has intimidated me and I have not yet used this platform for social following or affiliate marketing. But yes, I have learned that this is a platform which provides you maximum chance of traffic generation. Wow, Tailwind does have a community too to reshare your pins – a great way to increase traffic. Scheduling the pins is a great offer and I have always been looking for it.

    I have never used Pinterest earlier but this post encourages me to do so immediately! Thank for putting up this post.

  77. Dose Pinterest suitable for any niche at affiliate marketing ? I just start learning about the affiliate marketing and I would like to know more about the knowledge how to get the traffic. Could you please advise any tips for it ? What do you think Instagram and Pinterest which one is better to get traffic ?

    • No matter what your niche is as an affiliate marketer Pinterest is where you need to be focused.  What is you niche btw?

  78. I used tailwind some years back and it is true that it is a great tool to help you grow your brand on social media. But what I found difficult was the fact that I have to go and share my pins manually in the tribes. Is there nowadays a way to automate that part? It will really be a game-changer for me.


    • The only way you have to keep on adding manually is if you don’t upgrade after they schedule 100 pins for you.  You will still be able to use their services but you would have to pin manually.

  79. Hi There,

    Really I thank you for sharing such a beautiful article by introducing about Tailwind and which I found as a very important and I think, it will be very useful for online markers. so I recommend to you all that at least to use it once to grow your online business.

    Jeebey Pakhrin

  80. Hi There,

    Really I thank you for sharing such a beautiful article by introducing about Tailwind and which I found as a very important and I think, it will be very useful for online markers. so I recommend to you all that at least to use it once to grow your online business.


    Jeebey Pakhrin

  81. Your post have reminded me of Pinterest, I used to be active there until they decided to regulate pins related to MMO or Make Money Online niche. Since then, I have forgotten about that platform and tried other alternatives like focusing on Twitter. But then, with my rankings in Google not yet taking off after half year of blogging, I am thinking of other ways to boost traffic to my blog. Now, with you sharing to us this Tailwind, I’d like to ask, are they allowing shares like mine which are related to “make money online” or “working from home” blog posts? I’d like to use Tailwind for my blog.

  82. Good Morning,

    Everyone like a site 

    good site layout –good information– I’m new to all this Affiliate Marketing stuff– i sure can use a lot of help myself —

    I’m here to Learn–and Not only here to help myself to Prosper but to Help others do the same you have spent a lot of hard working creating your website Keep up the Hard work Please feel free to reach out if i can help in anyway 



  83. Now as  a Pinterest user myself, this post peaked my interest, espcaiully as it confirms in its opening paragrapsh that its designed for affiliate marketers, a fact I learned iniitally through going through the Academy

    Equally I have heard of Tailwind, but, throught that it had closed or certainly changed slightly

    But reading your post, it would appear not, in fact I actually joined Tailwind through the link in your post

    What I like about it from reading the post is that Tailwind, may well save tijme with both Pinterest and Instagram

    Now in my book who wouldn’t mind that?

    The explanation on how it works is pretty clear

    Can I ask whats your experience of using Tailwind please?

    Overall I enjoyed reading your article and have now added Tailwind to my Chrome Tool bar

    • The experience with Tailwind has been great, but I’m holding on to some more juicy information you should know.  I will post more content regarding the subject soon but this is to give people clarity so they can get started on Pinterest.

  84. Hi,

    Thank you for this amazing article. I recently joined pinterest for the purpose of promoting my blog but I must say its not user friendly. It took me some time to figure out how to even follow others. I am still figuring it out but if this Tailwind is a thing as you say, then am on to it.



  85. I used to think Pinterest had no value for my business at all. After I started using pinterest my business traffic have reached a totally new level not to mention clicks and conversions. How wrong could I be? Now Pinterest is y number 1 Social media tool. Why? Because it does not limit how many can see your pins. Facebook and Instagram algoritm limits how many they show your post too. Another good reason to choose Pinterest. The Smartloop is wonderful- I just love it. Do you use Pinterest for ads or do you just use organic growth?

  86. Hi Max, 

    I am at the beginning of my blogging journey, so I found your advice invaluable. Many thanks for the concise review. 

    I have started using Pinterest but have not got to a stage where I monitor the performance of my pins. Tailwind seems like an excellent tool to gain insight into performance and increase the number of sharing too. 

    I will be subscribing to the service, thanks again.


  87. Great advice. I started to use Pinterest to promote my blog some weeks ago. It’s a great tool and I wished I had discovered it before. I am still a beginner and I have to learn how to harness this social media’s full potential. It also gives me the chance to practice my photo editing skills and create original promotional pins. Thanks for sharing this. 

  88. Hello there! I must confess; your review it’s one of the best I’ve seen on Tailwind tribes. A friend of mine once introduced it to me but didn’t give me full details of how it works, so since then I’ve been reading reviews of how tailwind works.

    Moreover, I will love join those groups for more pins. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  89. Hey Max!

    Thank you for your article as it was really helpful and provided some insights for me. Pinterest is an interesting platform however it kept always a kind of mystery for me. I have never heard about Tailwind and I will have to check it out. What are exactly the differences with the free membership and the Plus? How much is the Plus membership?

    Best regards,


    • After Tailwinds schedule 100 pins to your boards, you will have to upgrade or keep pinning manually. I paid $89 for the year but there are monthly prices you can pay as well.

  90. Hi there 

    thanks for your article. Pinterest is an interesting platform. u started using it recently but not well skilled with it yet. i have never heard about tailwind so this is new for me. it sounds as a good way to grow online business together with the available platforms. 

    I stil do agree with the last paragraphs that the content and the quality of it is the main thing you should focus on. Does tailwind help you with that? do you think it can has something to do with quality content? 

    thanks again 

  91. Hi,

    Very informative, but just to get this straight it means that tailwind free trial is not limited to a few days trial? Once joined and one can use it for free until you want to upgrade? because the website sharing on those social platforms is not easy no wonder for some of us work so hard with little fruits and in the end, we get drained and luck content. hope to get a reply from you soon so that I join, 

  92. Hi, Max.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Tailwind and how we can develop our affiliate marketing business through this program. I am genuinely interested in joining Tailwind and created my Pinterest account as well. How can I learn more about learning on Pinterest and Tailwind? Should I consider YouTube learning or there is sufficient information to learn on these platforms?
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Youtube and Pinterest are the two best platforms for affiliate marketers with facebook at third.

  93. I learned so much from this article reviewing  Tailwind. I will definitely try it in my new online website. I seems to be a great tool and having someone else re-pinning your post can be so beneficial for the growth of my business.  What benefits do you get as a free member ? 

    Thank you

    Kind regards,


  94. Thank you for this review of Tailwind.  To be honest, I have always felt that Pinterest has been the bane of my existence since I’ve started with affiliate marketing.  I follow and I post and I follow some more but, while I get impressions, I don’t get site clicks or saves.  I’m going to definitely give this a whirl and see what happens!

  95. Hi Max,

    Yes, Tailwind is a great product for internet marketers, to get more followers a lot faster. Leveraging on the fantastic tools like Tailwind Tribe, Canva, SmartLoop and Scheduled Pins. I like the product very much. As an online affiliate marketer, the potential of signing up is very high. And the fantastic long trial period too.

    It is a good idea to get more followers quickly, and well manage by the system. It really save up more time, which is crucial in making money online. A great help indeed. How nice if there is such tools when i first started to use Social Media Marketing. I had to do all the work by myself, using the manual way. To follow others followers. Stay in touch and follow them back. Very time consuming.

    Read that it can be use for instagram too. Will i be able to use Tailwind for Twitter and Facebook?

    Thanks for sharing. Appreciated for your time.

    Best wishes,

    David Koh

    • Yes you will be able to use it with Instagram, not sure about twitter, and I actually integrated with facebook but I haven’t been on FB to check if its been posting articles.

  96. This is excellent information. I Pin things all the time, but I never knew how to optimize it. I’ve heard of Canva, but after reading this, I will have to try it. And Loop It sounds like a great tool to use. Believe it or not, I’ve been manually posting every week. I think these two tools alone will save me time and, hopefully, get me more traffic. Thank you for the information, Max! 

  97. This can be a great help to me I have just built my Pinterest profile and I’m not sure how to take advantage of my presence in it. I have heard of Canva but I don’t’ know what does. I’m sure that there are a lot of tools and methods I don’t know about to improve my presence in Pinterest. Are Tailwinds tribes the main way to give my page the upper hand?

    • Three are different communities you can join for free that specifically reshare pins.  I will provide more juicy details soon for increasing your traffic but use tailwind and canva to get started and check out the article for joining group boards.

  98. My opinion is that this is very practical, because I have also set up my own account on Pinterest. I first heard of Tailwind and I am happy to learn to use it, because it is more worthwhile to use Tailwind to attract more traffic and promote affiliate marketing to try things.
    Thank you for the wonderful post.

  99. Thank you Max for the post.

    I do think Pinterest is a great platform to promote. I personally see it as a visually educational platform, which definitely benefits audience who prefer to see pictures and colorful posts rather than just words.

    The community factor is also essential as an affiliate marketer or other types of businesses. And yes certainly, quality posts are always encouraged as it is the reason why people would choose to re-share the posts.



  100. Thank you for your post and I appreciate the information as I am a beginner in the affiliate marketing business and my social media following is not strong and going. I guess my question will be comparing between tailwind and pin interest which will you think will be a great way to start as a beginner in traffic generation ? best wishes

  101. Hi Max, thanks a lot for this article regarding Pinterest with tailwind. I am just starting out affiliate marketing, so I opened a Pinterest account yesterday and I was feeling a bit lost on how to move forward. Tailwind sounds like a great program and I will definitely try it out. Have you tried using it with Instagram as well? If so, which one seems to be more successful in getting more traffic? 

    • It depends on your niche, but Pinterest is usually best for most affiliate marketers.  I don’t really promote my site on Instagram.  If you have a photography website or beauty and fashion items you may want to promote on both.

  102. I use Pinterest for the United States to grow my business.  If you reside in the United States can you target different countries like Tailwind? Also, do you recommend using Pinterest over the other popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? The group features that you can follow with Pinterest based on your niche is an excellent tool to help you grow. Thanks for sharing this information. 

  103. Thanks for this interesting review on pinterest with Tailwind. I have heard so much about Pinterest but I haven’t taken out some time to read a review on it but with the simple insight you’ve given I now realised that I need it. I am also very much interested in the Tailwind. Does Tailwind also works with other social media platform like Quora please?

  104. Really interesting article Max and I had not come across this before. I have only just started using pinterest so this sparked my interest along with the free trial. I guess it’s lots of sharing that drives traffic or do I have that wrong? Also you mentioned the supply of pictures to use but I presume that is an additional service. I firmly believe that content drives traffic so it’s great to see you championing that in your article as there has to be substance behind it all. Certainly really good info so thanks I like discovering new things that can help me.

  105. Hi Max!

    I really liked your post, it was very engaging. I am a long time user of Pinterest, both within my personal account and an account for my website. I had no idea there were tools like Tailwind to boost traffic for your pins. You definitely got me interested in trying it out. However, I have a question about Smart Loop. I know that you can repin content by saving it into different boards and that the amount of repins will increase the popularity of the image. My question is how do automatic repins work? I mean, how can you repin your own content, or how is it taken into account by Pinterest’s algorithm to assess the pin’s popularity? Thanks in advance!

    • Pinterest has recently made changes and I was invited to a forum regarding the changes on the 25th. You repin based on how active specific boards are and you also have options to choose how many times you want the pin repinned within a particular timeframe to certain boards. 

  106. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I have heard a lot about tailwind and the good things it has been doing and I never knew it could work in Pinterest….But I have a question;what is one to expect from using tailwind for a month?

    • In a month you will see your pins reshared and getting clicks to your site as a result, and you will build your boards fast as it will schedule 100 pins till you have to upgrade.  You will be able to continue using the rest of their services and features after that but you would have to pin manually.

  107. Manual pinning versus automated pinning using Tailwind, has been a long standing dilemma!
    I dislike manual pinning with a passion, its so so time consuming.
    In the make money online niche do you find that Pinterest is effective in building traffic?
    If so what are your top 5 tailwind tribes that you would recommend for getting traffic from Pinterest?
    Thanks from a Pinterest newbie

    • Honestly there is something even better than tailwind for resharing pins.  In a couple of weeks I will post and article and video for getting pins reshared, but for now you can start with this information and you should check out the article for joining group boards.

  108. Last time I checked my pin interest account was quite a lot rule ago but lately I’ve been thinking about getting back to it for my new website that is taking me right into my photography passion and tail wind just seems like the perfect help I need to grow. Very informative and short review here, I like it and it leaves me excited about the tail wind tribes at least I won’t be feeling that much abandoned

  109. Hi there,

    Thanks for this fabulous information. I am still learning a little every day about affiliate marketing and really appreciate what you say since I feel that the article is directed at people like me.

    I have only ever pursued facebook as a social media platform but with the information you have given I now think that it is valuable to join Pinterest and see what effect Taliwind can have. To be able to have access to my niche market and for my  presence to be able to grow would be a amazing. All free until for an unlimited time is amazing. 

    Thank you.

  110. I hate Pinterest. This is the worst social media platform I have ever seen. They have a very strange spam policy. Anything you do will fall under spam. Even when you do something quite normal and legitimate.
    If three people report your pins, your account will be suspended. Anyone can make your account suspended just by asking his/her friends to report your pins. And when your pins are shared more than they are normally shared, your account gets suspended. Funny, right?
    Their customer support sucks. When your account is suspended, it will be a long journey to get your account back, or not at all.
    But I agree that Pinterest can be a good source of targeted traffic.
    Maybe Tailwind knows its tricks. I am not sure of that.
    Do you know how Tailwind can create groups to reshare each others pins and still their accounts are not suspended?

    • I’m sorry you have not had a good experience with Pinterest.  Tailwind helps avoid such actions as they work together with Pinterest to make sure you are not pinning to a point where it would be marked as spam.  Other people have brought up these issues but some said they were able to get their accounts back as there are options for unsuspending your account.  I have not had issues with people marking my pins as spam and as long as you do not pin something offensive then I would not see why people would do so.

  111. hello; I have been using Pinterest for some time now and keep wishing there is a plugin somewhere That I can use to help make my pinning easier.

     Is Tail Wind Tribes a Plugin, or what is it really? I want to know as it could fit into my Pinterest and Instagram publishing for me.


  112. I have been trying to learn an effective way to use Pinterest to grow my fishing lure business, but its been difficult.  Tailwind sounds that a fairly simple way to get into using Pinterest.  Because much of my business is pictures of equipment on my website, Pinterest seems to me to be a good way to promote things.  I am going to do a bit more research into Tailwind.  As well, I am book marking this site so that I can register through this page.  Thank for the article.

  113. Great intro to getting started with Pinterest using Tailwind.  I had not looked too much into detail on this but found your post useful.  Especially the parts about joining groups and smart loops.  Great insights.  

    What is a good target or typically traffic you would expect on a typical/average pin?

    Thanks for sharing.

  114. Thanks for sharing this article to know more about how Pinterest works and the benefits of having an account for my website.

    As I have my own website with a few posts on my blog, I think it’s time to start working on sharing some pins, my husband has told me a few time about Tailwind and he thinks it works good and it can help me to drive some traffic to my website, I would love to watch a tutorial, do you have a tutorial I can watch to see how it works?

    I bookmarked your website as I want to come back to sign up with your link 😉 

    • I will make a tutorial video on the best ways to utilize tailwind and getting pins reshared within 2 weeks.

  115. I have heard of Tailwind before and it seems like a good bet for anybody wanting to get more traffic from Pinterest. If it does what it says it will then people should check into this to get more organic traffic to their business. When people start sharing your pins with more and more people, it can really snowball quickly and give your business far more traffic and exposure than you could ever have realized. So if you want more natural traffic Tailwind should be investigated.

  116. I am so glad to have found your article as I have been struggling with pinterest and it’s ability to get followers. I have bookmarked your site for reference and will definitely check out the other platforms. the blogger’s helping bloggers group , is it only for pinterest or have you found that this group can also help on other platforms like twitter and Instagram? 

  117. I have heard so much about Pinterest. And today I have come across it on your website. Wow I use to think Pinterest is just a site to post pictures but I was wrong. Pinterest can also be use as a site for online business. So I wish to ask how does it operate. I need some guide lines

    • The article guides you for getting started and I have another post for how to join Pinterest Group Boards

  118. I have started using Pinterest in the last couple of months to get organic traffic for my website. I had heard about Tailwind but never got the chance to look into it in detail.

    But today after coming across your article, I am relieved that now I know everything about using Tailwind. I will start using Tailwind now and will get back to you if you don’t understand something or get stuck.

    I hope that should be fine


  119. Thanks so much for sharing this post. Actually, I have pinerest but it has been overwhleming trying to get to work with it. I really learnt something new by reading your article, I want to work on my Pinerest to generate more traffic to my website. I want to know what you mean by upgrading the Tailwind. Does the platform work as promotional platform? Do I need to buy premium if i register with the referral? Apart from the month free, is there any other free benefit or must one pay, and how much is the payment for the upgrade?

  120. Excellent stuff! I am not a social media fan but I do want to learn so that I can grow my business. I don’t know how to use Pinterest and I had no idea about Tailwind. I will get my accounts open on both platforms and I will share this content with my friends. 

    Thanks so much for the boost up! (I have bookmarked this post so that I can read more of your ideas.) 🙂

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    I do have a few questions. I already have a Pinterest account, but it is a business account, so do I still get Pinterest for free? If so, for how long? Because you mentioned in your post that Tailwind is free until you are ready to upgrade, but how time is that? And with the free version, are there any limitations?

    • The main convenience to tailwind is the scheduled pins.  They will schedule 100 for you and then you will have to pin manually until you are ready to upgrade.  You will be able to continue using the rest of the features and share content within the tribes.

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    • Growing traffic is still a gradual process but utilizing a platform like tailwind will help you develop a stratergy to build up your pinterest profile.  I have gained around 40 followers a month.

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    • There are no fees to have a Pinterest account and there are some more articles on the site to help you with Pinterest.

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    As your website grows, would you consider upgrading to their premium package? What are the benefits?

    • I have already upgraded.  This is a business and you need to invest and do everything you can to improve your business and help it grow. I used the free trial for close to 3 months before upgrading.

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    How much is the fee after a free months trial? 

    Canva is also a great creative tool for making stand out images not only just for Pinterest but for all media platforms.


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    • I am glad you liked the article and my question is would you like more trafffic or no. The free trial is till whenever you are ready to upgrade!

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