Best Sites for Paid Surveys

best sites for paid surveys

Want to get paid for your opinions? There are a few legitimate sites to look into for paid surveys and this post will detail some of the best sites to look into.

1. Prize Rebel

With extensive research, Prize Rebel tops the list of best-paying survey sites to look into this 2020. It takes on average 5-10 minutes to earn 60-85 points which can be converted to cash or gift cards as they accumulate. PrizeRebel offers a lot of short surveys for completing and earning points fast.

Payments are made via PayPal, Amazon, gift cards, BitCoin, or direct to your bank account.

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2. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys provide the opportunity for users to answer online surveys in exchange for rewards including cash and gift cards. Membership is available to those residing in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

There is a wide variety of surveys with different topics that can be completed in exchange for rewards. The start of this company goes back to 2012 when it was referred to as MintVine until being rebranded in 2017. The transitioning to becoming known as Branded Surveys would come with a complete makeover and redesign to their website. Branded offers its members tons of different rewards options and issues gift cards within 48 hours of transactions being processed.

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3. Swagbucks

I have joined Swagbucks and have some experience with using their site to earn rewards. Swagbucks offers the opportunity to earn more than just paid surveys. For more on Swagbucks, you can also check out the review I written a couple of years back.

A brief list of the ways to earn is provided below.

  • Watch videos
  • Play Online Games
  • Surveys
  • Sign Up for Deals
  • Shop
  • Search the web

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4. Inbox Dollars

Featured on Good Morning America as a work from home opportunity, Inbox Dollars has been around for over ten years now. Surveys usually take 10-20 minutes to complete with payouts ranging from .50-$10.

Inbox Dollars provides a reliable system for making extra cash on the side. You also will receive $5.00 just for signing up. Similar to Swagbucks, there are numerous ways to earn besides completing surveys.

You can get paid for:

  • Shopping online
  • Searching the web
  • Playing games
  • Grocery shopping
  • Taking surveys

You might get lucky as some surveys pay $10 and will not take long to complete, but it is not something that will happen frequently.

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5. Survey Savvy

SurveySavvy has been offering paid surveys for over 20 years and it doesn’t have any confusing points systems to figure out unlike other paid survey sites. Every online survey is offered for a dollar amount, andyou don’t have to wait for money to accrue with a minimum payment threshold of $1.

SurveySavvy does not offer PayPal as a payment option and they don’t offer gift cards as well. Payments is made through checks that are sent in the mail.

On some occasions, SurveySavvy offers their members the opportunity to win contests in which they can choose a charity for receiving a substantial donation, YouTube video contests for a cash prize, etc.

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6. TellWut

Tellwut is an online community open to residents of Canada and the USA.  Members of TellWut have access to surveys and social media activities to earn rewards while being engaged in the community.

Tellwut has been operating since 2010 and boasts to have 750,000+ members. The community aspect of Tellwut helps it stand out from its competitors.

Tellwut allows you to create your own surveys, answer other members’ surveys and chat about them in a comments section.

Tellwut rewards can be redeemed starting at 4,000 points ($10.00), and more rewards are available at 10,000 points ($25.00). There are a variety of gift card options from Visa, Amazon, CVS, Sephora, Walmart, etc. or merchandise such as a t-shirt or even a Motorola tablet.

It’s also possible to convert your points into a prepaid Visa debit card.

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7. Univox

Univox Community is a legitimate site that has paid millions of members for doing surveys on their site for years. However, there are some issues that Univox has not fully addressed such as members being disqualified from surveys which can make it frustrating when using their site.

A recent review from a member states that “Univox used to be a great survey site. Once you become an Ambassador after awhile they try and lock you out of your account and/or stop sending you surveys”.

You will earn reward points every time you complete a survey. Every 100 points equate to $1.00 so it will take 2500 points in your account to be eligible to request a $25.00 minimum payment threshold or e-gift card. Univox currently offers its members three ways to get paid.

  • PayPal – receive a $25 cash Paypal payment directly to your account
  • Amazon e-gift card – opt to receive a $25 e-gift card
  • Virtual Mastercard – request a virtual Mastercard rewards card that is accepted at any online merchant who accepts Mastercard payments.
  • Reward Links – receive a Reward Link e-gift card, which can then be turned into a gift card from dozens of your favorite stores.

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